Police Report -- October 18, 2007

Published on Thu, Oct 18, 2007
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October 17: Blaine police officers responded to the 500 block of D Street to assist a resident who was locked out of her home. The problem was of some importance, as her lunch was in flames on her stove inside. Officers and responding fire apparatus made entry. The caged Cajun chicken was pronounced dead at the scene.

October 17: Blaine police observed a teenage boy on the Blaine school campus after having been expelled and trespassed from the property. Officers contacted the teen, who thought his transgression was pretty funny. Officers forwarded a trespassing complaint to the prosecutor to get a judge’s opinion on the hilarity of the situation.

October 17: Blaine police responded to Pipeline Road regarding a deer that had been killed, skinned and butchered along side the roadway. Fish and Game was notified and also responded. They and Blaine police are investigating the criminal poaching incident.

October 17: An officer contacted two students who admitted to cutting class. Police gave them a ride to the high school’s principal’s office

October 16: A woman called to report that her husband had been missing from their Blaine home for over four days. A report was taken and investigation initiated. Officers located the man safe at a friend’s place where he had been staying. He did not want to return home. His wife was advised by police that he was safe – at least for the time being.

October 16: An officer attended an industrial accident at a business. A worker received a cut nose when a tongue of a trailer struck him in the face. He was transported to the hospital by a specialized vehicle

October 15: A citizen reported that his bicycle stolen while it was parked outside a tavern. There are no suspects to the theft of the blue and orange specialized brand mountain bike. 

October 15: A resident called 911 to report there were four people in her back yard with weapons, trying to break into her house to kill her. She also thought they had broken into her car and put an animal inside. Responding police found that there were no criminals in the area and no critters in her car. 

October 15: A Blaine police officer arrested a 28-year-old Blaine man on a felony warrant for trafficking in stolen property. The man was booked into jail on the warrant.

October 15: A Blaine resident was stopped for a traffic infraction. Investigation revealed that he had no Washington license and he was driving under a suspended or revoked California driver’s license. The person was arrested and issued a criminal citation. The vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

October 15: A person reported that someone had attempted to break in to his pickup truck during the night in the 1000 block of Garfield Street. The truck sustained minor damage. Nothing was taken. A vehicle prowl report was taken.

October 15: Police were notified of repeated incidents of malicious mischief in the Harbor Hillside development of Semiahmoo. Forced entry is being made into the neighborhood through a gate. Extra patrols are being provided.

October 15: Blaine police responded to a business in the 500 block of Peace Portal Drive on a report of a theft of gasoline that occurred a day earlier. A suspect in Surrey, B.C. was identified and police are investigating.

October 15: A resident reported two men and a woman were trying to break into vehicles and her house. An officer and four Border Patrol agents responded within 60 seconds and no suspects were located. The officer investigated the incident and discovered no evidence of prowling. The suspects left no footprints in the wet grass or on her dry wooden porch. The resident called in a second report a few minutes later that six suspects had just broken into her neighbors residence and fled in a flatbed truck. Officers helped the resident realize that she had been hallucinating.

October 14: Officers responded to a report from a caretaker that thieves had broken in to a detached garage in a residential neighborhood and stole a John Deere riding lawn mower, a wood chipper, a Craftsman heavy-duty brush cutter, antique sewing machines and some silver plate. The value of the loss is estimated at $2,800. Police are investigating the crime.

October 14: A county resident accidentally left her passport on a copy machine at a Blaine business after making copies of the document. She returned later to find the passport gone. It had not been turned in to store personnel. Police officers documented the loss. 

October 14: A motorist entering the U.S. from Canada was found to have a suspended drivers license. The person was arrested for the crime, issued a criminal citation and a promise to appear in Blaine Municipal Court. His vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

October 14: Officers were dispatched to a report of a transient inside a church in the 4000 block of H St Road. A passerby had spotted the man sitting on a couch looking out the window and contacted him. The sojourner complained he was hungry, but left on a bicycle by the time the Good Samaritan returned with food. The pastor did not wish any further action taken since the visitor had left everything in order after the intrusion. The transient was described as a man about 50-years-old with a short scruffy beard, wearing a blue and white jacket and brown pants.

October 14: A resident reported that an intoxicated drunk 70-year-old man was trying to get in to her home through a back door. Officers and Border Patrol agents searched the area. They found no evidence that anyone had been in the area. Extra patrol was provided to the area.

October 13: Police were dispatched to an argument between family members at a residence. On arrival officers found a young teenager outside cooling off. The youngster was polite but unapologetic about his mom’s complaint that he was smoking in the house and leaving his cigarette ashes on the table. The officers provided mom with some options in handling the problem, and provided the boy with information about the laws regarding juveniles and tobacco.

October 13: A business requested officers contact an unruly customer. Police contacted a woman at the motel who had become intoxicated and had locked herself out of her room. Officers assisted the woman get back into her premise. No crime. Case closed.

October 13: A man reported that six people were causing a disturbance in front of his residence. An officer contacted the noisy group and found they were upset because someone had beat up a friend of theirs nearby. Police contacted the victim: he didn’t know who had punched him. Everyone agreed to conduct their discussion at a lower volume and left the area.

October 12: A neighbor called police to report a possible domestic dispute in an adjacent apartment. Officers contacted three adults at the offending apartment: they were all rooting for NASCAR on TV. They agreed to quiet down and no other calls were received. No crime. Case closed.

October 12: A grocery employee contacted a teenager outside the business, after observing that the youth appeared to be extremely happy to be leaving the store. Closer inspection revealed the young man had a stolen sub sandwich stuffed in his shorts. He was detained and arrested by police. The sandwich was declared a total loss.

October 12: An officer contacted two 11-year-old boys. One had slugged the other and then shot him with an air-soft pistol. Police investigated the incident. The victim sustained a minor injury, but refused medical attention. Parents were notified of the assault and a weapon was impounded.

October 12: A flagger working on SR-543 reported a motorist had driven quickly through a construction area on a closed road. The driver was contacted by police. He stated that he misunderstood the directions he was given. He was warned to pay closer attention to the flaggers, but not cited.