Police Report -- November 01, 2007

Published on Thu, Nov 1, 2007
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October 31: A person complained to police that two weeks ago she rented a room from a friend and gave her money up front for four months of rent, but when she came home she found her friend had moved out, abandoning her in the process. An officer investigated and advised the former tenant that the matter was not a criminal matter, and referred her to civil legal process.

October 31: Dispatch reported the fire department was en route to a residence where a fire alarm had been activated. Officers arrived and assisted the fire department in confirming that the alarm was false.
October 31: A business called to report that a cat had been hit by a car in front of their business. An employee took the cat inside the store until the Humane Society could respond to take care for the kitty.

October 31: Dispatch received information that a woman at a pay phone in Blaine was talking about suicide. Officers located and contacted the person. She denied having any real intent to hurt herself or having said that she intend to do so. Officers contacted a friend of the woman, who responded to contact and take care of the caller.

October 30: Blaine Police responded to the 900 block of Boblett Street regarding a semi truck and trailer blocking traffic and using a turn lane for off loading of vehicles for storage at a nearby business. The driver was contacted and issued a written warning by the officer. Driver left the area after contact.

October 30: Blaine police responded to the 200 block of D Street regarding a physical domestic violence fight in progress at a residence. Officers contacted the male half of the assault outside of the residence, and after an investigation determined that he had pushed his wife and made her fall to the floor during an argument. The 24-year-old man was arrested and transported to jail.

October 30: A resident reported to police that a stranger was at his door, asking for a place to sleep. Officers contacted the visitor and determined that he was a transient who had mental issues and became stranded in Blaine. He was given a ride to a relative’s home in Bellingham.

October 30: A parent reported that her teenage son had been assaulted by another teenager. The fight started over a disputed MP3 player. The parents of both teens and the boys agreed they would stay away from each other and intervention was not needed.

October 30: A resident reported that his wife had left the relationship and home, taking with her much of their community property. The complainant was offered information on seeking counsel for help in getting the property legally divided.

October 30: An officer while on patrol discovered a fire alarm going off at a business. The officer contacted the fire department: they responded and determined the alarm was a false activation.

October 29: While on patrol an officer contacted a woman who was walking south on 8th Street away from the border. The woman related that she had been denied entry into Canada and was looking for a hotel. The officer provided transportation to a hotel that had the vacancy sign lighted.

October 29: An officer was dispatched to a report of one truck backing into another truck on private property in the 1300 block of Boblett Street. On arrival the officer found that the damage was minimal. Police completed a report to assist the drivers with their company processes.

October 29: Blaine police stopped a driver suspected of driving with a suspended license and found that his driving privilege was in fact suspended for failing to pay traffic citations. The driver also had an active warrant from Ferndale municipal court. The 30-year-old Blaine motorist was placed under arrest and released with a mandatory court date. He was transported to the Whatcom County jail for booking. His vehicle was released to a relative.

October 29: Police responded to the 900 block of H Street regarding a subject who started a fire in a restroom. A 14-year-old Blaine teenager was arrested for arson and transported to the juvenile detention facility. He admitted lighting a couple rolls of toilet paper ablaze in an occupied building.

October 29: A woman called to report seeing an abandoned infant sleeping in a vehicle, all alone in a car seat. An officer arrived in the area within a minute. The vehicle did have a car seat but it was unoccupied.

October 29: Two boys brought a bicycle to the police department that they found abandoned in the 500 block neighborhood of G Street. The men’s Kalin bike was booked into property, pending recovery by the owner.

October 29: A frustrated parent called police regarding an unruly juvenile who did not want to behave. Officers provided the parent with information on agencies and resources that could be available to help.

October 29: A Blaine resident reported that several signs posted around the community were damaged. Officers investigating.

October 29: A person called the PD to report harassing phone calls. A crime has not yet occurred and the resident was provided information on the process for stopping the calls.

October 28: Officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of the occupants of a residence in the 600 block of F Street after the 911 operator had received a hang up call. Officers determined that a domestic dispute had occurred. A man was placed under arrest for domestic violence.

October 28: An anonymous caller advised the police that they observed a transient visiting the dumpsters in the 800-900 block of Peace Portal Dr. Officer checked the area and was unable to locate anyone inside.

October 28: An officer responded to an activated commercial security alarm. The alarm was activated by an unsecured door and when the employee entered through another door, the alarm was set off. The officer contacted an employee on scene and determined the alarm activation was valid but there was no crime.

October 28: Police contacted a driver and determined that the motorist was driving with a suspended license because of unpaid tickets. The 44-year-old Whatcom County resident was processed at the scene, given a mandatory court date and released. The vehicle was released to a friend.