Police Report -- November 08, 2007

Published on Thu, Nov 8, 2007
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November 7: Dispatch reported a 911 hang up call that came from a house at an address on Harrison Street. Officers arrived and checked the home. After several knocks, a sleepy eyed resident came to the door. Apparently everything was fine - other than the noisy police officers on the porch that is, and no one had called 911 for wake up service.

November 7: Police responded to the 9500 block of Semiahmoo Parkway regarding an incoming 911 call from an anonymous motorist who stated she was at a marina, and had hit something with her vehicle which was making her car’s tire deflate. The caller was either unwilling or unable to better describe her location or other specifics to the dispatchers. Officers checked areas at Semiahmoo and Blaine Marina without finding the evasive motorist or other damaged property.

November 6: A resident at Semiahmoo reported that two packages left near her mailbox had been stolen in the last few days. The victim realized the loss upon finding the discarded empty delivery packages lying near the street. Officers completed a report and are investigating. The victim will be contacting the U.S. Postal Service to report the theft as well.

November 6: A business employee asked a visitor if he needed help. The transient declined, and explained that he was just looking for a car to steal. She thought he was kidding. A short time later the gentleman found what he was looking for, and stole a van, which had been left unattended and running momentarily in a nearby parking lot on Peace Portal Drive. Investigating officers placed a countywide watch-for on the vehicle. A few minutes later the Washington State Patrol stopped the vehicle on the freeway near Bellingham. The undamaged van was returned to its owner, and the man was arrested by WSP on the I-5 in the Bellingham area. The 52-year-old California resident was booked into jail. He will likely be extradited back to Los Angeles, to take care of his multiple outstanding legal problems over other vehicle thefts.

November 5: A Whatcom County resident received a business check by mail from (allegedly) a Vancouver, B.C. based business. The man deposited the $2850 check and spent about $2400 of the funds before his bank in Blaine determined that the check was counterfeit. The matter will be investigated by the bank’s fraud division. The victim will also supply the U.S. postal inspection service with the fraudulent material.

November 4: A resident reported that someone had entered his residence and stole items valued at over $1,000. The residence was unlocked at the time. Officers are investigating, but there are currently no suspects in this case.

November 4: U.S. Customs & Border Protection reported detaining a subject found to be in possession of steroids. Anabolic steroids are a schedule III synthetic drug. Blaine officers investigated and arrested the subject. The 26-year-old Canadian was booked into jail for possession of a controlled substance.

November 4: A Semiahmoo resident reported that someone had entered his unlocked vehicle and stole his XM radio, valued at about $300. Officers completed a report and advised patrol units for extra patrols.

November 4: An officer took a report from a man who was visiting relatives on Wood Duck Way. Someone entered his unlocked truck parked at the home during the evening, and stole a wallet, credit cards and cash. Investigating officers found that over a dozen other vehicle prowls had occurred in the nearby Birch Bay area over the same period. An investigation continues.

November 4: A Blaine police officer assisted a Border Patrol agent in contacting two individuals. During the contact it was discovered the pair were minors and were in possession of alcoholic beverages. A citation was issued to the young lady for being a minor in possession of liquor. The adult male was arrested on other charges.

November 4: U.S. Border Patrol agents requested assistance with a male subject giving them trouble. Upon police arrival the agents had gotten the subject under control. While being searched for officer safety issues the subject was found in possession of a white powder that tested positive for cocaine. He was also in possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and alcohol. The subject was processed and booked into jail. A female with him was cited for MIP and released.

November 2: Officers were dispatched to the 1700 block of H Street to contact the victim of an assault. Statements were obtained from the victim, the suspect and witnesses. As the victim and suspect were female juveniles, the information will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor. 

November 2: A neighborhood resident called police to report a relative yelling and pounding on their front door. Officers spoke to the man (again) and advised him that one more disturbance would result in his spending the night in a warm, well lit, sturdy structure with lots of company but a limited menu. No more disturbances were reported.

November 2: A motorist was stopped for a traffic violation. The driver was contacted and told the officer that she was in a hurry because her daughter was having a medical emergency at school. The officer released her and called the school, to find that there was no medical emergency involving the driver’s child. The individual will be charged for the traffic offense and is being investigated for the offense of providing a false statement to a public servant.

November 2: A man called to report a baby crying in a nearby motel room for over a half hour, and was worried the infant might be unattended. An officer checked the motel room and found the child to be OK. The baby’s mother said the child was crying because she would not give him any more candy.

October 31: An officer on patrol was flagged down by a teenager who complained that a friend’s ex-girlfriend got mad and assaulted him, knocking a lens out of his eyeglasses. The victim did not want the girl arrested, but asked police to talk to her about her anger problem. An officer located the 16-year-old girl and interviewed her about the complaint.

October 31: Officers contacted a subject who was wanted in warrant for lewd act. In 2005 the gentleman had been cited by police for urinating in a public place. The Blaine resident was arrested on the warrant.

October 31: A resident came into the police department to report that someone had stolen his debit card and over $1,100 by making fraudulent withdrawals from ATMs. The victim did not know where or how his card had been stolen. Report taken only for bank purposes.

October 31: A passerby advised police that two men were sitting alongside I-5 quaffing a brew. An officer contacted the duo and determined that no alcohol was involved in their leisure. The gentlemen were given bus tokens for a ride to a place where conveniences like chairs and a table were available.