Police Report -- November 15, 2007

Published on Thu, Nov 15, 2007
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November 14: Officers and fire personnel responded to a medical emergency at the Blaine middle school campus. A patient was transported to the hospital for further evaluation..

November 14: A 16-year-old Blaine teenager was arrested by officers for possessing alcoholic beverages on the high school campus. A prosecution case report was forwarded to the Whatcom County juvenile prosecutor’s office and school authorities are handling the administrative issues surrounding the violation of campus policies.

November 14: An officer was working traffic enforcement within the school zone. A violator was stopped and a subsequent investigation revealed the man was driving on a suspended license. The 31-year-old Granite Falls resident was arrested and cited for multiple offenses. He was then given a courtesy ride to the Blaine municipal court for an unrelated charge.

November 13: A man contacted the police department to report hearing rumors about a threat of physical harm to him from relatives who are upset with him. He requested a report be made.

November 13: A person reported that sometime within the last week, someone entered his vehicle parked on E Street and stole a CB radio. Some stereo equipment in the pickup truck was damaged during the theft.

November 13: A woman reported her children being taken away by their father while she was at work. The father was located and it was learned that he was taking the youngsters bowling in Ferndale and had no evil intent.

November 13: Officers responded to a report of a verbal domestic. Further investigation revealed that an assault had occurred as well as serious threats, which constituted a felony crime. A 15-year-old teenager was arrested and booked into juvenile detention center.

November 12: A parent called the police to report another girl had assaulted her teenage daughter. The victim, suspect, and witnesses were interviewed and the matter was referred to the juvenile prosecutor for charges against a 14-year-old Blaine youth.

November 12: Police were dispatched to a Semiahmoo business, to meet a person who had found a bone on the beach after a heavy storm. An officer familiar with edible animal anatomy was able to confirm that the remains were part of a deer’s hip. The bone was disposed of properly.

November 12: A Blaine police officer contacted two storm chasers walking in a residential neighborhood in Blaine near the border, beers in hand through the midst of the tempest. Both budding scientists were from Canada had strolled cross-country into the U.S. to see if the windstorm here was any more fierce than the one at home in Surrey. Since they had forgotten to use a Port of Entry when they crossed the line, the duo was transferred to the custody of Border Patrol agents.

November 12: The Whatcom County Sheriff’s office request mutual assistance at the Pacific Highway Port of Entry, where customs officers had apprehended a man in possession of marijuana. A 33-year-old Seattle resident was arrested by Blaine officers and cited for the misdemeanor violation.

November 12: Officers conducting traffic enforcement on Peace Portal Drive caught a commercial cargo van on radar traveling at over twice the posted speed limit. The driver was stopped and cited for negligent driving due to the hazard presented in the largely residential area.

November 12: While on patrol, a Blaine officer located a city light pole that had been knocked over by high winds and snagged in a nearby live electrical line. The pole was hanging over both lanes of travel of Peace Portal, and presented an immediate threat to motorists, so officers closed the roadway. Blaine City Light crews responded immediately and were able to restore order.

November 12: Blaine officers and the Blaine K9 team responded to help sheriff’s deputies who were searching for a domestic violence suspect who had fled from a residence in the county. Officers and the K9 team assisted with the apprehension of the suspect, and the K9 team searched the area.

November 12: Police responded to the 600 block of E Street regarding a crazed person beating on doors in the neighborhood at 6 a.m. Officers located the woman causing the commotion. She was at the end of her wits and determined to discover which neighbor in her apartment building had taunted her all night by broadcasting a high pitched screaming noise through the wall of her home. Officers investigated and were able to relieve the frantic lady’s fury, by showing her how to change the battery in her dying smoke detector.

November 11: Officers were alerted to a beach party and bonfire near the railway tracks below Cedar Street. The teenage attendees tried to run from police, but 11 hardy partygoers were rounded up. Those over 18 but under 21 were issued citations for being minors in possession of alcohol. Those under 18 years of age were released to the custody of their parents with criminal reports forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.

November 11: A resident on Boblett Street reported he woke up this morning and found someone had gotten into his pickup truck overnight and ransacked the interior but did not steal anything.

November 11: An officer discovered graffiti on the interior and exterior of an abandoned residence. The graffiti was photographed and documented.

November 11: While out for a walk, a person found a stereo faceplate on the side of the street. The person turned in the faceplate to the police. It was placed in to safekeeping and is believed associated with a string of area car prowls.

November 11: A person reported that someone entered her unlocked vehicle and stole her purse. A resident out for a walk found the purse and turned it in to police. The victim advised that the only thing missing was her social security card. Officers, who are investigating, took a report.

November 11: A citizen reported a man wrapped in a blanket walking on Marine Drive clutching a small child. Officers contacted the pair and made sure they were OK and did not need assistance. Officers cleared with no action taken.

November 11: A resident reported seeing a man breaking into vehicles on Mary Avenue. Officers arrived, located the man, and pursued him on foot when he fled the area. They apprehended the teenager and recovered property, which had been stolen in several car prowls in the neighborhood. The 19-year-old was intoxicated. He was booked into jail for the thefts and three warrants which were outstanding for his arrest.

November 10: An officer responded to a report of a gas drive-off. A driver left the station without paying for $29.93 worth of fuel. The driver was identifiable in the station’s surveillance video. The Burnaby, B.C. registered owner of the vehicle was issued a notice of a criminal investigation and asked to contact police or the service station.

November 10: Officers responded to a report of a vehicle fire in the Cost Cutter parking lot. Passersby prior to police and fire personnel arriving extinguished the fire. The Dodge Daytona suffered minor damage and was towed its owner’s request. 

November 10: A person called police complaining that kids were climbing trees in his apartment complex. Tree climbing is not yet illegal, but in the interest of keeping the peace an officer went out on a limb and spoke with the children’s’ mother. She had no idea the aerial antics were bothering anyone and promised to bring her starlings to ground.

November 10: A 52-year-old Blaine resident apparently became enraged upon hearing that a neighbor had kicked his dog. The 37-year-old neighbor was unable to convince the pugnacious pet owner that no canine kicking had occurred. The older man ignored the victim’s explanation of innocence, and slugged the victim in the eye before fleeing the scene. Officers were unable to locate the attacker at the time, but he was later cited into court on a charge of misdemeanor assault.

November 10: The routine of a police officer’s patrol was disrupted when a nearby car veered off Peace Portal into the ditch and crashed into a telephone pole. Three teenage passengers were found inside, chaperoned by an intoxicated adult driver. None of the occupants were injured. The 18-year-old Birch Bay driver was arrested for investigation of driving while intoxicated. His damaged Honda Accord was impounded. 

November 9: A mother reported her son’s brand new $1,000 Yamaha trumpet was stolen from the band room at Blaine middle school. School officials are aware of the crime. Officers are investigating, but there are no known suspects or witnesses to the theft. Local second hand dealers were checked, and the victim is checking other businesses as well.

November 9: A parent came to the police station seeking help locating his teenage daughter. Officers went to a residence where the father thought the girl might be staying. She was not there, but 15 other kids were, without any parental supervision. They all decided to all go to their separate homes, and officers continued looking for the daughter. She ultimately talked with dad and got permission to stay with a friend.

November 8: Officers were asked to attend at the Peace Arch Port of Entry where a motorist was being detained for occupying an undersized vehicle. Officers found that the man was under a court order to not be within 100 yards of his girlfriend following a domestic violence incident. His girlfriend was also in the car, and the car’s seats were less than 300 feet apart. The Granite Falls man was taken into custody and transported to a Whatcom County jail cell, which had more interior space, and government approved restraints.

November 8: Police responded to assist Border Patrol agents who were enroute to the Swift railway siding on a report of a subject hiding on a freight train. The suspect was located and taken into custody for immigration violations by the federal agents.

November 8: An officer contacted a motorist who wished to complain that patrons were standing outside a bar in the 600 block of Peace Portal, shouting foul epithets at passing vehicles. The bartender was contacted and was told of the complaint. Follow-up revealed that the pedestrians had been passing profane judgment upon the choice and punishing volume of the one single motorists’ music.

November 8: A motorist complained that another driver had thrown a bottle at her car, narrowly missing her borrowed car and smashing broken glass across the residential neighborhood street. Investigating officers were provided a license plate for the suspect vehicle and are following up on the incident.

November 8: Police officers responding to a theft at a grocery store and made contact with a security guard. A mellow 15-year-old had stolen a 99-cent cookie. Officers discovered that the teenager also had a heavily used pot pipe and $10 in his pocket. He was not able to explain why he had money to buy drugs but not snacks and seemed pretty unconcerned about the incongruity. He was arrested and released to a parent after a prosecution report was prepared. 

November 8: A store security guard contacted a furtive teenage patron to see what he had up his sleeve. It turned out to be a $1.49 fruit pie. Officers separated the youth from the purloined pastry and prepared paperwork for prosecution. The 14-year-old was released to his mother.

November 8: A citizen reported having observed commercial trucks blocking the intersection of the truck route and H Street for three consecutive afternoons between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. The citizen was encouraged to call immediately upon observing these violations, as officers do respond and will issue citations to offending drivers who block the crossing. The caller’s information about the times of violation was passed on to patrol.

November 8: An officer observed a vehicle with expired tabs driving on a public roadway. The vehicle was stopped and the driver contacted. A DOL check showed the drivers status as being suspended in the State of Washington. The 28-year-old Glacier man was arrested and processed at the scene. Another licensed driver arrived to take custody of the vehicle.

November 8: An officer observed a driver on Boblett Avenue near Blaine schools, and recognized him as someone who had just a day earlier been given a criminal citation for driving with a suspended license. The officer confirmed that the driver was still suspended, and stopped and arrested the motorist. He was transported to the Whatcom County Jail and his vehicle was towed.

November 7: Blaine police responded to a 911 hang up call at a residence in the 500 block of 9th Street. The arriving units contacted a very impressed 4-year-old, who had not realized that nine plus one plus one equaled two police officers. Mom agreed to provide a supplemental applied mathematics lesson to her youngster.