Police Report -- November 29, 2007

Published on Thu, Nov 29, 2007
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November 27: A resident contacted the police regarding a dog being kept in a vehicle for approximately six hours. An officer checked the vehicle and found a brave dachshund proudly guarding the driver’s seat. The dog was without water or food and was shivering with cold. Police removed the dog from the unlocked vehicle and warmed it in a patrol car until the owner contacted police an hour later. The dog was reunited with its owner.

November 27: A WTA bus in the 1700 block of H Street struck a vehicle. The car’s driver and one passenger on the bus suffered minor injuries. They were transported to St. Joseph Hospital for evaluation. The bus driver was cited for failure to yield the right of way.
November 27: Officers were dispatched to a report of a found bicycle in the 500 block of C Street. Officers took the black bike to the office as found property.

November 27: A caller reported two teenagers smoking behind a church during school hours. Police were not able to locate the unrepentant nicotine addicts.

November 26: A mother reported that her juvenile son was violating his pre-trial conditions. A report was completed and forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.

November 26: A person requested extra patrol at her residence, due to a situation that left her feeling unsafe.

November 25: Officers responded to a reported fight in a trailer park. Each combatant reported he had been innocently minding his own business when the other viciously attacked him without provocation. To avoid troubling police with determining a legally binding version of reality, each agreed to avoid the other.

November 25: Officers arrested a man at Peace Arch POE for violating a Skagit County superior court restraining order by being in the company of his wife – the petitioner of the court order. The man was booked into jail.

November 25: A resident reported hearing a man and woman yelling at one another at a neighbor’s home. Officers responded and met with the female shortly after her boyfriend departed. The woman claimed the argument had not been physical and promised to not continue disturbing the peace. Her promise lasted an hour and 10 minutes.

November 25: At 1:30 a.m. police were dispatched to a report of neighbors acting up in the 900 block of Cedar Street. On arrival they found that the curtain had risen on scene two of a verbal altercation, following a 70-minute intermission. Officers prevented a third act to the noisy play by arresting one of the troupes on an outstanding warrant from Blaine Municipal Court. He was booked in to jail, and the curtain descended on the unwanted neighborhood entertainment.

November 25: An officer was dispatched to investigate an elderly caller’s midnight complaint that she was being held against her will at a nursing home. Officers checked the only nursing home in the area and found no one there who was interested in leaving.

November 24: An officer conducted a driver’s check on the registered owner of a vehicle and found that he was driving while their privilege to do so was suspended. The driver was arrested, and also found to be in possession of a set of brass knuckles, a prohibited dangerous weapon. The driver was cited for the offenses and released with a mandatory court date. Weapon was seized.

November 23: Officers received a report from a boat owner that a 45-caliber pistol had been stolen off his vessel, which is moored in a marina in Blaine. There were no signs of forced entry to the boat. Officers completed a report for investigation and a possible suspect has been identified.

November 23: Officers received a call from a person who complained that the bank, which was foreclosing on her house, had taken possession of the property too early. The former resident, who now lives out of the area, wanted police to allow her son to break into the house. Officers advised the party that this was a civil matter best handled by an attorney rather than a crow bar.

November 23: A man was arrested at Peace Arch Port of Entry for driving with a suspended operator’s license and operating (a vehicle) without ignition interlock. The 44-year-old Kent, Washington man was cited and released. His vehicle was impounded.

November 22: Officers observed a man carrying an open container of alcohol. Officers determined that the subject was carrying the alcohol between two different houses and not consuming it in public. He decided to dump the booze and throw away the bottle in lieu of being cited for the offense.

November 22: Border Patrol agents alerted Blaine police of a vehicle, which bore two different license plates. Officers contacted the driver. His explanation, that he had absent-mindedly forgotten to take the California license plate off the front of his car when he placed a new Washington license on the back, seemed plausible given the reeking odor of burnt marijuana emanating from his car. The driver was given a break on the license plates and arrested for possession of the marijuana which he had not inhaled before police descended. The 23-year-old Seattle man was processed at the scene.

November 22: While on a traffic stop with a suspended driver Blaine police identified the passenger in the car as a person wanted by state adult probation and parole authorities who escaped from community custody. The 28-year-old Bellingham resident was arrested and booked into the Whatcom County jail.

November 22: Blaine police stopped a suspected suspended driver on Peace Portal Drive. Computer checks confirmed that the 49-year-old Bellingham resident was in fact driving with a license, which had been suspended, to unpaid tickets. She was arrested and processed at the scene, and then released with a mandatory court date. Her vehicle was released to licensed driver.

November 22: Border Patrol agents came upon a man sitting in the roadway in the dark beside his vehicle on Marine Drive very late at night. Blaine police responded and found that appearances were deceiving – the gentleman only appeared to be non-reflective. Actually, he had parked himself in the road for just that purpose and was hoping to shed light upon some personal issues. He declined all offers of assistance, but decided that he wasn’t going to be able to get any serious thinking done until the police left, so he appeased them by getting out of the street and back into his car.

November 22: A 17-year-old gent borrowed the family SUV for a late night drive down Marine Drive to the public pier with a couple of young ladies. He did not realize that it takes a vehicle approximately twice as far to brake to a stop on ice-slackened wood as on pavement. In this case a park bench, a big thick light standard, and two 12-by-12 inch retaining posts occupied that extra distance on the pier. These fixtures were all worse for wear following the SUV’s passing, as was the vehicle itself. Fortunately no one was injured, and everyone was able to vividly recount the incident to arriving police officers. Blaine Public Work crews closed Marine Drive at the entrance to the pier until repairs could be made by the Port of Bellingham.

November 21: Since the winter night was dark and colder than a police officer’s heart, they gave a stranded traveler a hospitality ride to the Lighthouse Mission where he could get a hot meal and a place to rest.

November 21: Officers responded to a report of a car/pedestrian collision in a business parking lot, with a person down. On arrival the police contacted the driver and victim. Both of them declined medical attention. The vehicle’s driver did not see the pedestrian as she was backing from a parking stall, but heard him loud and clear when she ran over his foot. A state collision report was completed.

November 21: A woman called to report a group of young teenagers loitering behind her home during school hours. Officers were able to locate and corral the group. One teenager was arrested for burglary and first-degree theft as a result of a crime he had committed the previous evening. Officers returned the other kids to school.

November 21: A woman called police to complain that a former friend was spreading false rumors about her. The complainant wished for police to know that the allegations were patently false. Case closed.

November 20: A person reported an attempted theft of crab from his vessel while it was moored in the Blaine Marina. The person had reported the incident to Washington State Fish and Wildlife, and was advised to file an information report with Blaine police for forwarding to the state. Officers assisted him with completing a report. All Blaine patrol officers were advised of the attempted theft and the suspect as well.