Police Report -- December 06, 2007

Published on Thu, Dec 6, 2007
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December 4: A woman reported she was giving a friend a ride to the hospital because he requested a ride, but when the friend became very aggressive in the vehicle, she stopped and got away from the man. Officers arrived and met with the friend, who was intoxicated and in pain from a medical condition. Officers contacted medical personnel who transported the man to a hospital.

December 4: A person entering the U.S. from Canada was found to have a small amount of marijuana in his possession. The 21-year-old B.C. resident was issued a criminal citation and released. 

December 4: An officer was advised by Customs and Border Protection of two individuals admitted into the U.S. on foot. Both people were in a suspended driving status, and probably walking to their car, which was parked at a Blaine business. The officer spotted the vehicle and stopped it and arrested the driver for the suspended license violation. The driver was later released after she was given a criminal citation.

December 3: An officer was advised by an off duty officer to check the erratic driving of a vehicle heading into Blaine. An officer followed the vehicle and stopped it after noticing the vehicle swerved onto the centerline twice. The driver was contacted and found not to be under the influence of alcohol but rather an elderly gent who was having difficulty driving in the dark in very rainy conditions.

December 3: A woman brought her young grandson into the police department to have a police officer speak with him regarding the stealing of public library books. The grandson was appropriately counseled. The young man was compelled by family to return the books and pay for his misdeed. Case closed.

December 2: An officer observed a young man throwing snowballs off of the H Street overpass. The boy was detained and given a warning about how serious accidents could result from his play. The 10-year-old youth assured the officer that he would never be caught committing the act again.

December 2: A parent on F Street reported their child’s My Space internet account was hacked and tampered with by another person. Officers are investigating the computer trespass

December 2: A white ‘89 Honda Accord was reported stolen from Blaine. The info was entered into the system and a watch was posted on the vehicle.

December 2: The mother of a 40-year-old man called the police department about noon to report that her son was missing, saying that he was last seen 40 minutes ago when he left home to walk to the mini-mart. The mother then called the dispatch center to complain the police were not doing anything about her complaint. The fact she was on the phone to 911 explained why it was taking her a little while to get to the door to answer the knock of the police officer standing there. A complete investigation then ensured, aided by the victim’s clean set of shoe prints in the snow leading away from the residence. As the officer was setting out to track this lead, the son appeared from the storm, lugging a full case of beer. The investigation culminated in a finding that it does indeed take about 45 minutes to take a lunchtime walk to and from the mini-mart in the snow to buy booze.

December 2: An older gentleman attempted to use his credit or debit card at a gas station to purchase gasoline at the pump. He didn’t notice that the pump declined the card, but still allowed him to fill his vehicle with $43.66 worth of fuel. The patron then drove off westbound in his white Camry; apparently oblivious to the fact the service station was calling the police. Officers searched for but did not locate the car, and the station was not able to provide a license number for follow-up.

December 1: Blaine police were dispatched to the 600 block of F Street on a report that a fight was in progress there. Upon arrival officers found an intoxicated 28-year-old who advised that the other half of the altercation had fled. Neither he nor the witnesses wanted to help police identify the other party. 

December 1: Police responded to a report that a pedestrian had been shot by a paint ball cartridge fired from a passing vehicle in the 1400 block of D Street. The 18-year-old victim sustained a minor head injury but refused medical treatment. He believed three shots were fired from the pain ball gun, but only one struck him. He described the suspect vehicle as a small red car, possibly with Washington license plates. Officers did not locate the suspect vehicle in the immediate area.

December 1: A resident called police concerned about kids playing in the snow slickened roadway. An officer spoke to the intrepid duo and suggested they play over in the snowy grass off the roadway, where only the inexperienced motorists were driving. The kids accepted the suggestion and moved to higher ground, where they had a better view of the approaching enemy.

November 30: Child Protective Services received a report of a father who lived in Blaine possibly abusing his adolescent son. Police officers investigated and determined that the abuse report was not founded. CPS will be providing additional services to the family.

November 30: A parent asked officers to check on his children, who he believed were damaging his home. Two family members were contacted at the residence on Cedar Street. They admitted a verbal dispute occurred but denied damage or assaults. The dispute was over one sibling not giving the other their allowance. It wasn’t clear whether it was a case of attempted extortion or a failure to pay a just debt due, but it appeared parents would be a better arbitrator than police.

November 29: U.S. Customs reported a 49-year-old man had been ejected from Canada by Immigration officials there, and would be wandering homeless in the Blaine area. An officer responded to the port of entry and gave the man a courtesy ride so he could catch the last bus of the night to the Lighthouse Mission in time for dinner.

November 29: Blaine elementary school reported two truant students. The pair of fourth grade boys had slipped away at lunch. The pair were found and returned to school by a parent. Case closed.

November 29: Officer responded to a report that a truck was leaking fuel on C Street. The fire department was called to initiate a HAZMAT response. The truck’s driver responded to the scene as well: he was unaware of the leak. The trucking company was contacted, and it turned out they had known about the leak. The incident was referred to the prosecuting attorney for charges.

November 29: A woman called to report a loss of several thousands of dollars in jewelry from her ailing parent’s home. The time window for the disappearance of the jewelry is about three months. It is not certain if the jewelry was stolen or misplaced. Caregivers in the home are being contacted and the case is under investigation.

November 28: A Blaine resident reported that her spouse of four years had disappeared from home the previous day and had not shown up at his workplace. Officers initiated a missing person investigation. The man returned home the following day, citing stress as the reason for his taking a time-out. He was physically fine. Officers removed his information from state and national systems and cancelled their watch for him.