Police Report -- January 17, 2008

Published on Thu, Jan 17, 2008
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January 16: U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported they were interviewing a man who had driven up to the port of entry with a revoked drivers license out of Kansas and a vehicle with license plate tabs expired over two months. Police arrived and confirmed the information and cited the violator. The vehicle was towed because no licensed driver was available.

January 15: Officers received a complaint from a resident about a person carrying around large amounts of trash. The person approached the resident and started yelling at her. The resident ran into her house and called police. Officers contacted the suspect. He was arrested on littering charges related to an earlier incident and regarding his obvious failure to use restroom facilities. The suspect was booked in to the Whatcom County Jail.

January 15: Police were notified by a local bank that a subject was at their establishment attempting to cash $4,500 in counterfeit travelers checks. Police responded and detained a Canadian citizen who showed documented proof that he was a victim of fraud. Officers are investigating.

January 15: The community service officer received a complaint regarding a trash problem at a residence. The reporting party was concerned about trash blowing in the wind and dog feces in the yard. Case forwarded to the building department for assistance and action.

January 15: A father called to request a welfare check on his adult daughter who called him in distress from a Blaine residence on C Street and then suddenly hung up. The father has tried to call back the daughter, but she will not answer the phone. Officer checked the residence and spoke with the daughter who was fine, but had been scared by the sounds of someone breaking into her house. Turns out it was a group of friends arriving to visit.

January 14: An officer observed a taped-on expiration sticker on a vehicle and discovered that the license plates had expired in September 2007. Further investigation revealed that the operator had a suspended driver’s license for unpaid tickets. The creative problem solver was stopped and arrested, then released with a mandatory court date on the various new infractions.

January 14: Police were notified by a citizen that two shopping carts were located in the 1200 block of 3rd Street, and the person in possession of them would not give them back to the store. Officers made contact with the person in possession of the carts, and found that the carts had been legally acquired and no crime had been committed.

January 13: USBP agents contacted an individual in Peace Arch Park after hours. During the contact officers found a cancelled license plate in the subjects vehicle. The plate was recovered and destroyed by police.

January 13: Officers responded to a 911 hang up call. Upon arriving, officers were initially told that a verbal altercation had taken place. During the course of the investigation, it was determined that the circumstances were not what they appeared to be. The reporting person was ultimately arrested for making a false statement to a police officer, stalking and harassment. He was booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

January 13: A resident requested extra patrol because litter (empty beer bottles and eggs) had been thrown in her yard on repeated occasions. Most recently someone had knocked over her landscape lights on the north side of her house. Officers were advised for extra patrol efforts.

January 13: A church had a concern about a transient who had been loitering around their property. When an officer arrived, the transient was across the street. Contact was made with the transient. He was advised that additional help with food and shelter could be obtained in Bellingham.

January 13: A citizen reported an intoxicated individual creating a disturbance by yelling and swearing at her. Subject was contacted and asked to leave. Subject quieted down and left the area without further incident,

January 12: The post office found a white powdery substance while sorting mail. The police was summoned to assist. The white powdery substance was found to be a fragrance bath sample that fell out of a damaged envelope. The damaged envelope was placed in a plastic bag and will be enroute to the addressee. 

January 11: A resident made a complaint via fax that someone had broken into her house and stole her son’s skateboard. The resident also mentioned that other items were missing over the past four months. The incident on G Street is under investigation.

January 11: A theft of wallets and a MP3 player occurred at the high school. Under investigation. 

January 10: Officers were asked to contact a woman in the parking lot behind a service station in the 1500 block of H Street. When contacted the young lady explained that she wanted to complain about a girl she had seen spit on her car. The young lady had gone into a restaurant nearby to use the bathroom, and when she came out she saw a girl she knew from school spitting on her car. When she confronted the girl they exchanged a series of foul insults.

January 10: Officers responded to a report of verbal dispute at a residence on Bald Eagle Drive. They contacted a husband and wife there. The disagreement was not physical and not criminal. The parties agreed to settle down, and the husband was surprised to learn that the rumor was false: police don’t always automatically arrest the male half when they go to a domestic dispute call.

January 10: Police were dispatched to a report of a woman needing medical help at a residence. Officers assisted until aid arrived. The victim was transported to hospital.

January 10: Police were asked to check a report that a transient was walking in the middle of the road in the 500 block of 8th Street. Officers contacted the gentleman and convinced him to use a part of the right-of-way that the cars didn’t need. He refused an offer of a ride to the mission in Bellingham.

January 9: Police were dispatched to check a residence on Alder Street for a possible domestic violence incident in progress. On arrival the officers contacted a man who was the subject of a no contact order ordering him to keep away from his wife and residence. The 34-year-old Blaine resident was arrested and booked into jail for violating the court order.

January 9: A woman reported that her husband had assaulted her. Officers contacted and interviewed the victim and other family members. They established probable cause to issue a watch for on the suspect. Blaine officers arrested the 50-year-old husband for domestic violence assault and booked him in to Whatcom County jail.

January 9: A Blaine police officer stopped a vehicle which displayed expired license plates, and found the registration decal actually belonged to another vehicle. The driver did not have a driver’s license and could not provide proof of insurance or registration or ownership. He received several valuable written invitations to explain these oversights to the court, and the plates were removed from the vehicle for evidence before it was towed.

January 9: While on patrol an officer observed a driver fail to yield the right of way to a Blaine School District bus, almost causing a collision. The bus driver was contacted and reported that she had to use her emergency hand brake to avoid striking the other vehicle. The violator was stopped and issued a citation for the maneuver.

January 8: A resident of Semiahmoo reported that sometime during November of 2007 someone stole a bike from his garage. The theft was discovered in December, and is now being reported. Officers completed a report but have not been able to locate the green colored woman’s style 21-speed bike.