Police Report -- January 31, 2008

Published on Thu, Jan 31, 2008
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January 30: Blaine city hall reported receiving a suspicious package.
January 28: A person reported that someone had shot a BB gun at the front window of their residence, cracking the outer pane. The incident was reported about a week after it occurred. The information was passed on to patrol. There are no known suspects or witnesses to the crime. Case closed pending further information.

January 28: Blaine police was notified that someone had shot paint balls at several boats in the Blaine Marina. Owners will be contacted and informational report taken. At this time no permanent damage has been reported.

January 27: While on patrol an officer was flagged down by a motorist who reported almost running over an intoxicated male who was walking down the middle of D Street challenging cars. An officer easily located the man who was finally convinced to go home with a relative and sleep off the effects of having consumed too many alcoholic beverages.

January 27: Blaine police responded to the 600 block of E Street regarding a vehicle that had been egged and dented. Officers spoke to the victim and made contact with the suspected villains. No eyewitnesses were located and case was closed.

January 26: A citizen reported a black BMW speeding through a residential neighborhood on Hughes Avenue. Police checked the area. The car had already careened out of the area. Officers will continue looking for the violator.

January 26: Police stopped a motorist who was suspected of driving while suspended in the 1800 block of Peace Portal. An officer confirmed that the driver was violating the law and arrested and processed him at the scene. The 29-year-old Blaine resident was released with a mandatory court date. His vehicle was released to licensed driver.

January 25: Blaine police were asked to assist the sheriff’s department by responding to a residence in the 4300 block of Sweet Road where a group of people were trying to prevent an intoxicated man from driving away. Although the man refused to believe he was too intoxicated to drive he was convinced to remain at the residence and sleep for a few hours.

January 25: Dispatch reported that fire is enrouted to the Blaine primary school. An officer responded and arrived to assist. They found that a damaged frozen water pipe had thawed and activated the alarm system. The water was shut off and the students returned to their class. When officers departed the clean up was underway by the school district staff.

January 25: A 14-year-old Blaine teenager was arrested at a grocery store for shoplifting a bag full of gummi worms candy. He offered the “my friend told me it would be cool to steal” defense. His explanation was documented and forwarded to the juvenile court authorities for prosecution. The youth was forwarded to his parent.

January 24: A pre-school teacher called to report a stray wiener dog attempting to attend class for the day. The teacher requested that the new, rather disruptive student be removed. An officer collected Oscar Mayer and delivered him to the police station to await pick-up by the Humane Society. Luckily for Oscar, his owner arrived to report him missing before the dogcatcher arrived to take him away. He happily returned home, anxious to report back to the other dogs in the yard about his adventure. All of the dogs at home wished that they . . . were an Oscar Mayer wiener.

January 24: The community service officer received information regarding a refrigerator standing in front of a house. Officers assisted the homeowner in moving the fridge into their garage until it can be removed. Refrigerators left outside are dangerous attractions to kids at play. Regulations require that their doors are removed or modified so that they cannot be opened.

January 23: A victim of a hit and run collision that occurred on the evening of January 22 came in to this office to file a police report. Information was gathered and a report completed. The victim was not able to get a license plate number on the dark colored Jeep which ran in to the back of her car.

January 23: A business called to report that a person had concealed a rifle behind a bush in Marine Drive Park. A police officer responded and located the weapon: visitors who did not want to take it in to Canada had apparently stashed it. The rifle was impounded pending the identification of its owner, who may face criminal charges.

January 23: An officer stopped a car for a traffic violation near H and 8th streets. The 25-year-old Blaine driver was arrested for an outstanding Lynden municipal court warrant for assault and for driving with a suspended Washington driver’s license. The man was issued citations and booked.

January 23: Officers were dispatched to a report of a violation of a no contact order. Officers arrived and found the order was violated by a telephone call. Officer observed the order and a citation is being issued to summons the 52-year-old violator to court for the offense.