Police Report -- February 07, 2008

Published on Thu, Feb 7, 2008
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February 6: An officer investigated a two-car non-injury collision on H Street at the truck route.  One of the drivers will be issued a ticket for fail to yield the right of way.  No one was injured in the crash.

February 5: An officer observed a loose greyhound mix brindle colored dog running in the 2100 block of H Street shivering from the cold.  The dog had no collar or tags.  It was picked up by the officer and turned over to the Humane Society.

February 4: Officers were asked to help a resident remove some unwanted people from his property.  Two of the three people trespassing fled as the police arrived.  Their less guilt-ridden cohort was contacted inside the home, and accepted a recommendation that he depart.

February 4: A resident reported harassment by a group of juveniles at her workplace and her home.  Officers are investigating the incidents and contacting the parents of the youths involved.  Criminal charges will be filed if warranted.

February 4: A man came into the police station to report he and his wife’s bicycles had been stolen from the front porch of their home approximately a week and a half ago. There are no witnesses or suspects to the theft of the blue 10 speed and red 15 speed bikes. The owner will be notified if the bicycles are recovered.

February 4: Blaine police officers were asked to assist Burlington Northern police by checking on a suspicious vehicle parked near a siding for an extended period of time.  The officer determined the vehicle belonged to a contract employee who was ensuring the security of cars on the train before it proceeded north.

February 4: Police were dispatched late at night to assist fire personnel in the 500 block of H Street with a man yelling about needing medical care.  Officers determined the incident involved an overabundance of intoxicants and a lack of social skills, rather than a medical emergency.  They convinced the parties that the road to health involved a bed rather than an ambulance.

February 3: Police were dispatched to a report of disorderly men outside a bar in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers contacted the two happy rowdies from Massachusetts who decided to pre-celebrate a Patriots Super Bowl victory. They agreed it was time to leave the establishment and fortunately did so before time and television brought their tragic mistaken allegiance to light.

February 3: A neighbor reported hearing people inside an empty apartment at 3 a.m.  Officers checked the apartment and found it appeared locked and no signs of forced entry.  The property owner arrived later and reported that suspects had probably been hiding in the locked apartment when police checked it.  It appeared that teenagers had snuck into the vacant unit to smoke.  Officers are investigating. Again.

February 2: A teenager on E Street reported that two other kids were outside of his residence attempting to get him to come outside and fight.  Officers contacted the suspects and advised them to stay away from the boy’s home.  They denied wrongdoing, but advised they would stay away.

February 2: The Blaine police K9 team was called to assist Bellingham police to search for an armed robbery suspect that had fled the area. The man was not located.  Team cleared without incident.

February 2: A man reported that his unlocked car had been prowled overnight while it was parked on 10th Street near his residence.  An iPod and a GPS dock were stolen. Officers investigated and located the group of youths responsible.  A 15-year-old Blaine teen was arrested for vehicle prowl and theft, and the case was referred to juvenile prosecutors.

February 1: A resident called asking for help with a dispute over home ownership. He and his brother had purchased a house together, but after he moved in arguments arose over who owned what to whom.  Bad feelings escalated.  The complainant got home tonight to discover that his non-resident brother had coldly stolen the front door and dismantled the power meter, turning the house into a three-bedroom refrigerator.  Officers negotiated the return of the door and the meter, and referred the brothers to the warmth of the civil court system to resolve the disagreement.

February 1: A neighbor reported intoxicated people talking loudly in the common area of an apartment building on A Street at 5:30 a.m.  An officer contacted the early risers and advised them of the neighborhoods desire for sleep.  Case closed.

February 1: An intoxicated man woke up his neighbors at 6:30 a.m. asking the folks to call the police to help him remove unwanted guests from his apartment.  An officer responded to the complainant’s apartment, but he would not answer the door.

February 1: A resident reported that the rear window of his Honda was broken out while the vehicle was being stored outside in a fenced, commercial storage facility on Boblett Street.  There are no known suspects, witnesses or motive to the crime.  It is possible that the vehicle was damaged in the process of being transported to the storage facility.  Damage is estimated at $800.  Case closed pending further information.

February 1: Police received a report from CPS regarding one teenager showing another teen pornography. Officers are investigating.

February 1: Officers received multiple reports that a man and his dog were intentionally walking in front of vehicle traffic at Peace Portal and Bell Road, and then presenting obscene gestures to the motorists who avoided running them over. Police contacted the man.  He explained that he was exercising his citizens’ responsibility to help control traffic. It appeared the dog had not been involved in flipping off the passing cars and was engaging in the game of chicken under duress.  The dog was excused and his companion was warned that he would be cited for disorderly conduct if he continued his behavior and survived his attempt to imitate a speed bump.  The pair agreed to stop chasing cars and return home.

January 31: Dispatch advised that a Blaine resident needed police contact regarding possible child abduction. Officers met with the man and learned that his 12-year-old son had not returned to school after visiting his mom in another county and had since moved his school records from Blaine to his mom’s home town.  The officers investigated and determined that no crime had occurred.  Dad was advised to contact an attorney or court facilitator to resolve the custody issue.

January 31: A resident reported a burglary to her residence on 16th Street and stated that medication and a camera had been stolen from the home.

January 31: A truck stop on SR543 reported a shoplifting in progress. Two men were apprehended on the school grounds with the case of beer they had taken from the store.  Both were arrested and one was also charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol. Both the 22-year-old man from Ferndale and the 18-year-old man from Blaine were released with court dates and the beer was returned to the store.

January 30: A harassment complaint was filed with the police department after a 14-year-old Blaine girl sent a profane and badly misspelled threats letter to a former classmate.   The complaint is under investigation for criminal charges.

January 30: A resident called to report finding a stranger’s white colored mountain bike at his front door and asked that police impound the unwanted property.  They did.