Police Report -- April 10, 2008

Published on Thu, Apr 10, 2008
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April 4: While searching for a teenager who escaped from them during a theft investigation, officers contacted the arrestee’s girlfriend. She denied seeing or having contacted the young man. Police later discovered she had apparently been lying and had seen the fugitive and knew where he was going. Police arrested the 17-year-old girl for obstructing and for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. She was released to her parents. Her boyfriend was also captured.

April 4: Shortly before midnight officers responded to the 1300 block of Boblett Street where an unruly truck driver was reportedly causing a disturbance at a business which wanted him removed. Police found that the driver was intoxicated. In the end the driver's ignition key and license were in police custody and the driver was no longer a problem for the business.

April 4: Police were advised by dispatch that fire units were enroute to Lincoln Park for a small smoldering fire. Officers arrived and contacted several juveniles leaving the area. Police and the fire marshal found that a picnic table had been set on fire. Suspects were identified, a prosecution report was completed and parents of the youths involved were contacted.

April 4: Officers were dispatched to a duty free store on the truck route near the border, after employees saw two men there stealing items. An 18-year-old and a younger teenager were located by police and arrested. One of the geniuses had been polite enough to complete and leave behind a job application at the store before shoplifting.  

April 4: A woman called to report two men at a bus stop acting intoxicated.  Police checked on the two subjects, and found the caller’s assessment was dead on. The gents reported they had missed their bus. Rather than leave the inebriates in the cold flagging traffic, an officer transported both men to the next bus stop where they were picked up.

April 4: Officers responded to an audible alarm at a coffee stand on Bell Road near Runge shortly before 1 a.m. They found a broken window there and the doors still locked. Officers searched the premises and found the only intruder was a large rock which appeared to have been an unwilling participant in the vandalism. The business owner responded and repaired the window.  Police are investigating. It’s likely that the good alarm system prevented the malicious mischief from ending in a burglary to the business.

April 3: Officers at the Peace Arch Port of Entry reported a man there was possibly suffering from disorientation.  Police contacted the 60-year-old disoriented gent. He had left his Vancouver, Washington home to go to his local auto repair shop. He didn’t see a sign for the shop and his search didn’t end until he encountered the Canadian border. The man agreed he should probably get some help and an officer transported him to St. Joseph Hospital for a voluntary mental evaluation. The car keys were kept by police for safekeeping and customs arranged to keep his rental car in an employee parking lot at the port.

April 3: Officers were dispatched to a report of people yelling at a home in the 300 block of E Street. On arrival officers contacted a boyfriend and girlfriend who had been loudly arguing. There had not been an assault or other crime. The boyfriend decided to go to his parent’s house until things cooled down.

April 1: A homeowner in the 200 block of 9th Street contacted police to express concern over inaccuracies in a police blotter entry in the previous week’s newspaper regarding a landlord tenant dispute on April 1. 

The homeowner felt that the problem was not over money, but over the fact that a guest had been staying rent free in the house for five months, and the homeowner soon needed to move into the house herself.  The homeowner said that she had been talking on her own cell phone when a friend of the guest took the telephone from her.
What followed was not an assault but the homeowner inadvertently touching the friend while trying to recover the phone that had been stolen from her.

The homeowner is now proceeding with formal eviction proceedings to have the guest removed from the house.

The prosecutor and police are continuing their investigation, as the guest a.k.a. tenant, and her friend who reported having been assaulted, had offered a different perspective of what transpired that day. 

- Blaine P.D.