Police Report -- May 01, 2008

Published on Thu, May 1, 2008
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April 30: Officers responded to Blaine high school for an assault call. The previous day there had been a minor assault between two juveniles. Officers contacted the juveniles and advised them of the seriousness of assaulting people. The case will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review and any further action.

April 29: A resident on Blaine Avenue reported that the back window of his car had been shattered by what appeared to have been a BB gun.  The victim’s neighbor heard the noise and saw several juveniles running down the alley near where the car was parked.  The case is under investigation. 

April 29: A person reported there are three dogs that bark all night long near his house on Adelia Street and he has tried to talk to the owners, but they are never home.  An officer checked and confirmed there were three noisy lonely dogs inside the residence, and no one home.  The officer left a business card at the residence asking the owner to contact the police.  A copy of the case was forwarded to the humane society.

April 28: A resident parked his used vehicle on a vacant lot along Peace Portal over the weekend to advertise it for sale. Someone came along and stole the starter off the truck. There are no known suspects or witnesses to the theft.  Officers are watching for newly resurrected mid-80s pickups with guilt-ridden drivers.

April 27: Police received an anonymous call of a vehicle being operated in a negligent manner on Mary Avenue. An officer responded to the area and found the occupied car.  Contact was made with the driver who had dry blood on his knuckles.  Further investigation revealed that the 18-year-old was upset with his relationship.  Contact was made with the girlfriend to confirm that no DV crime had occurred. The parties involved were made aware of the domestic violence laws. 

April 26: Officers responded to multiple 3 a.m. phone calls about shots being fired from the back of a residence in the 2500 block of Canada View near the U.S./ Canadian border. Officers arrived and found that handgun and rifle rounds were still being discharged. Blaine police and Border Patrol agents secured the scene.  An intoxicated resident was contacted, and admitted to shooting a 38-caliber revolver and 30-30 rifle into the ground of an adjacent field.  The 22-year-old man was arrested for discharge of a firearm in city limits. The case has also been forwarded to the Whatcom County prosecutor’s office for a possible charge of felon in possession of a firearm.   The firearms were impounded.  Case closed.

April 26: Police were dispatched to a motel after receiving a late night report of running water flooding a room.  Officers found that an intoxicated renter had fallen asleep in the bathtub.  The sodden Birch Bay couple that occupied the room was asked to leave by the business owner and they did so voluntarily.  The incident was documented, as the motel’s owner will be taking civil action against the patrons.

April 26: A Redline Frame BMX bicycle with silver forks, black handlebars and a X-game seat was stolen from the victim’s yard on E Street.  It had taken the parts from three different bicycles to fashion the distinctive custom ride, and the loss is estimated at $200.

April 26: Police responded to assist the WSP in dealing with a southbound semi-tractor trailer rig that had rolled onto its side on the onramp to I-5 south of Boblett Street. Officers performed initial traffic control and identified the driver and trucking company. WSP and DOT arrived to take control of the scene and medic units transported the injured driver to hospital.  The ramp was closed for several hours while the truckload of furniture was transferred to other vehicles and the destroyed truck was removed. 

April 25: Walkers on Semiahmoo Spit reported seeing a vehicle parked off the roadway amid the Semiahmoo Park landscaping near the beach.  The occupants appeared to be chopping up or removing driftwood from the park area.  An officer responded to the area but the landscape looter was gone on arrival.

April 25: The Blaine school district called to report a kid sitting on their property with a knife, whittling. On behalf of the school, officers contacted the boy, a school representative and the parent. The matter was resolved without incident.

April 24: U.S. Border Patrol advised they were looking for a vehicle, which had reportedly left the border area southbound after picking up someone who might have illegally entered the country. A Blaine police employee in the Ferndale area on business observed the suspect vehicle, and kept it in sight until Border Patrol units could respond and stop the vehicle.

April 24: Officers were patrolling 4th and D streets when their police car was almost struck by a passenger car which ran a stop sign into the police car’s path. Officers stopped the senior citizen violator and cited him for the near miss.  The Department of Licensing was also advised.