Police Report -- May 15, 2008

Published on Thu, May 15, 2008
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May 14: A man walked away from Blaine municipal court after being ordered by the judge to serve 30 days in jail. Officers unsuccessfully searched the area. An additional charge of contempt of court is now pending against the 31-year-old Granite Falls man.

May 13: A transient from Chicago entered a duty free store, pocketed a necklace and slinked away. Fortunately he slinked across the border into the arms of watchful Canada border services officers who immediately arrested him for illegally entering B.C. Our northern brethren arranged for the necklace’s repatriation. We’re not in any rush to get the scofflaw back.

May 13: An intoxicated man was contacted sitting in the lobby of a brokerage firm watching TV. The man was asked to leave, and departed without incident.

May 13: U.S. Customs and Border protection called to report they were interviewing a gentleman who had arrived at the Peace Arch Port of Entry with his girlfriend in violation of a no contact order. Officers arrived and verified the order and booked the 22-year-old in to jail.

May 12: A person reported that she went to a house to serve some papers to the owner there and found two young children there, apparently home alone. Officers arrived and knocked on the doors for several minutes before a woman came to the door and identified herself as a mom who’s sleep had been interrupted. None of the kids in the house were in any danger. Mom wanted the process service arrested, but nap destruction isn’t in our bail book.

May 12: A Whatcom County parent obtained physical custody of a teenage child who’d been happily living in California for many years with her other parent. The tanned side of the family tree arrived here in the rain with a temporary custody order and was reunited with them for the trip back to the Sunshine State.

May 11: Officers were dispatched to contact a teenager who wanted a ride to jail to take care of a felony warrant. Police saved him gas money by giving him a lift to detention.

May 11: A youngster contacted police regarding stolen property. The 13-year-old said that he had left his school backpack at the Blaine skate park overnight, and upon returning discovered it was missing. Officers searched the area but did not find the black and silver nylon pack and it’s contents worth about $50.

May 11: Police responded to a complaint of a reckless driving incident on Semiahmoo Parkway. Officers contacted a resident who had observed the dangerous high-speed incident. Officers are obtaining written statements and will be contacting the suspect owner of the grey BMW. 

May 10: A resident called police after receiving a letter advising her that she had won a Canadian sweepstakes. The letter included a lovely counterfeit check for $4850. Police forwarded the evidence to the U.S. postal inspection police for investigation.

May 10: Police contacted a group of people burning a large amount of tree clippings in violation of fire codes. North Whatcom fire responded advised the landowner of the burning laws, which are limited to small cooking fires in prescribed pits. Burning lawn waste is illegal: the landowner was given a copy of the pertinent laws, and advised to extinguish their blaze.

May 10: Numerous Saturday morning passersby concerned about a man’s corpse laying alongside Peace Portal at 4th Street made emergency calls to 911. Responding officers found that the body to be an inebriated pedestrian who was engaged in a horizontal pursuit of sobriety while awaiting the bus. Police transported him to a more frequently serviced WTA stop.

May 10: An officer was dispatched to a report of a domestic fight in the 700 block of H Street. On arrival police found that the complainant was the mother of a victim of a verbal domestic in Birch Bay.

May 9: Officers responded to a report of a house fire on Harvey Road and assisted North Whatcom Fire on the scene. After the smoke cleared, investigation revealed the teenager had not baked quite enough muffins for all the emergency crews who responded to assess his kitchen prowess.

May 9: Officers contacted a business owner on Peace Portal Drive who had received some harassing phone calls. The calls the owner took over three weeks are bothersome but non-threatening so far. The victim was provided with trap/trace information packet. Police are awaiting results from the trap/trace regarding the origin of the calls. The case is pending further investigation.

May 9: Blaine high school asked police to contact a group of students regarding their internet harassment. An officer spoke with the involved teens about the personal and criminal nature of internet crime, and the surprisingly severe legal consequences of thinking digital misbehavior were immune from repercussions. The students said that they understood: the school will be monitoring the situation to see if the children are mature enough to change.

May 9: A citizen reported two door-to-door salesmen in a neighborhood. He was concerned they might be operating without a business license. Officer thoroughly checked the area and was unable to locate the peddlers. City ordinance does require a daily license for door-to-door sales.

May 9: A resident called to report a broken window and signs an intruder had been into a vacant rental home on H Street. Arriving officers found no one there, but confirmed there had been a prior break in – apparently by kids who used the place as a party hideout. Police are investigating.

May 9: Officers contacted a resident after two hanging flower baskets were stolen from outside her apartment on Bayview Court. The loss is estimated at $60. Officers are watching for two brown flowerpots with purple flowers, being enjoyed by someone with no class. Case closed

May 8: A wife from Canada called to report that her husband had stolen the family car and emptied their jointly held bank account in Blaine. The wife and her daughter, were informed of Washington state’s community property laws, and advised to seek legal assistance and the taking did not appear to the be a criminal matter.