Police Report -- May 29, 2008

Published on Thu, May 29, 2008
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May 28: Officers assisted the U.S. Border Patrol and RCMP in locating two individuals who had jumped the border north. RCMP apprehended two people who could not out run their canine. 

May 28: Officers received a report of a violation of a no contact order on 4th Street. One person was located and found to be in violation of the order. He was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

May 27: A person identifying himself as a Cuban national approached several kids at the skate park. He asked for directions in to Canada. When the directions were given to the man, he thanked the young man who had assisted him and then stated that if the young man told anyone what he had done he would die. No weapons were displayed or brandished. About 30 minutes later, the incident was reported to the police. U.S. Border Patrol agents were notified. Officers and agents searched the area, but did not locate the man.

May 27: Officers responded to the 300 block of E Street regarding a noise disturbance that possibly was a domestic dispute. Officers determined that the male resident at the residence was throwing objects and had broken a pickle jar and cut his head during a dispute with his girlfriend. He was arrested for DV malicious mischief and taken to the hospital where a mental evaluation was completed before he was booked into jail.

May 27: An officer observed a young teenager out walking around during school hours and when the officer approached him, the youth ran from the officer. Officer found him in the 2000 block of Bayview and made contact with the school who advised that the youth had been suspended from school. Officer gave youth ride to his residence.

May 26: A person checked in to a motel, and after a couple of hours decided that the room was inadequate. He wanted to leave but complained the hotel manager refused to refund his money. Police responded, and the parties were working on a compromise by the time the officer departed.

May 25: Officers and WSP investigated a car vs. two pedestrians collision in the 800 block of Peace Portal Drive at Clark Street. The incident is under investigation. An 84-year-old Blaine resident died as result of injuries sustained in the collision. A 34-year-old woman was injured and hospitalized.

May 24: An officer assisted the U.S. Border Patrol with the placement of a small child. The child’s mother was detained for an immigration violation and the father who lives in Florida could not be contacted at the time. CPS will be following up on the incident. 

May 24: A man came to the police station to report the loss of his wallet at grocery store on H Street. The victim put his wallet down in the store just before beginning his shopping. When he returned to the service counter it was gone and no employees knew where it might be. Case closed.

May 24: A woman reported that she was stopped for traffic in her car facing westbound in the 2600 block of Bell Road when her car was rear-ended by another vehicle. The offending vehicle left without stopping. Damage was limited to a possible paint scuff on the rear bumper. The suspect vehicle was driven by a teenage male in a forest green SUV. There was a group of teenager passengers in the running suspect vehicle. There are no further avenues of investigation to pursue in the matter to date. Case closed pending further information.

May 23: Officers were dispatched to a report of a structure fire in the 700 block of A Street. On arrival officers contacted a neighbor who already had the fire extinguished with a garden hose. Fire arrived and took control of the smoldering scene. Officers cleared and the fire marshal located a discarded cigarette butt at the base of the burning bush.

May 23: A resident reported seeing an unattended two year old child pushing a stroller down the sidewalk on 6th Street, a busy residential road. Officers arrived less than one minute after the call, but had been beaten to the scene by dad. He had already captured the fleet footed toddler. Father surmised the toddler had awakened from a nap and snuck out without his knowledge. Dad was counseled about appropriate supervision, door locks and sitters. Case closed and an informational copy forwarded to CPS.

May 23: Officers responded to a call of a vehicle heading southbound in the northbound lane of I-5 near customs. Officers contacted the driver, who had stopped on his own on H Street. The 83-year-old Burnaby, B.C. resident said that he was confused and had gotten lost. Once he realized he was going the wrong direction he exited the freeway, thankfully without incident. Case closed

May 23: A driver reported that an unknown vehicle had collided with the rear corner of her unattended, parked motor home in the parking lot of a mobile home park on Peace Portal Drive. Damage to the motor home was estimated at about $1000. The owner had spoken to all of her neighbors but no one had seen the incident occur. 

May 23: A business called police to report having found two pieces of luggage beneath their stairway on 12th Street near the Port of Entry. An officer impounded the luggage pending possible owner location. From evidence inside the baggage it appeared the owner discarded it so he could more stealthily cross the border.

May 23: Officers responded to a report of malicious mischief on D Street and contacted the owner of a vandalized vehicle. He awoke to discover his car had been covered in bird seed, syrup and other suspicious substances overnight. Officers photographed the glazed and crunchy Toyota. The owner did some legwork among friends and learned that he was an unintended victim of mistaken car identity, and had become collateral damage in an ongoing war of mutually assured Pranksterism. Officers await the owner’s decision whether to pursue detente or detention.

May 22: A couple of family members visiting Blaine were threatened with bodily injury by two juvenile males who accosted them on the street and then ran off towards the skate park when one of the victim’s called 911 from his cell phone. The teenaged harassers were identified by officers and immediately arrested. A prosecution report was completed and submitted. No one was injured.

May 22: A citizen reported discovering that his boat trailer was reported stolen from someone in another state. This was disconcerting as the Blaine resident has owned his trailer for some time and was still in possession of it. Officers determined the cross country mix-up occurred because there are two trailer manufacturers in the country using the same brand name and serial number series for their trailers.

May 22: An officer was contacted by a Blaine resident on D Street who said she rented a room to two men for two days and they only paid for one night. Police advised the complainant she most likely entered into a landlord tenant dispute and she would have to evict the men, since she was not licensed to operate a motel. At the resident’s request officers asked the two gents to leave and find a less hostile hostel. They did.