Police Report -- June 12, 2008

Published on Thu, Jun 12, 2008
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June 11: An officer was fueling his vehicle at a gas station when he was interrupted by the squealing tires of a car screeching into the parking lot. An investigation revealed the driver had a suspended operator’s license. The 18-year-old Blaine resident was arrested for the offense, and during a search of his person the police found marijuana and heroin in his possession. The man was booked into jail and his vehicle was towed.

June 10: The police were advised that three juveniles were skate boarding down H Street hill. Officers found the rascals on Odell Road and they were counseled on the hazards of boarding in the roadway.

June 10: Officers were asked to pick up a manila envelope containing documents that had been left in a customer restroom at a business in the 1300 block of Boblett. The paperwork was authored by someone who had decided that the military was using sound waves to torture the writer and intercept his (or her) thoughts. No victim of government abuse was found in the area. The documents are being held until the owner is located.

June 9: Officers contacted two transients in the parking lot of the police department. With the help of USBP agents, police found that the pair had entered and remained in the United States illegally. The subjects were taken into custody by the USBP.

June 9: Officers on patrol near the 1000 block of Boblett observed a young man intentionally spinning his tires, breaking traction and creating such a cloud of smoke from the burning rubber that it blocked the vision of nearby cars and foot traffic, bringing everyone to a halt to watch the high RPM spectacle. The driver was arrested and processed for reckless driving, and released with a mandatory court appearance.

June 9: A school employee notified an officer that a young man was on campus in possession of alcohol. An officer attempted contact with the teen, but the youth fled on foot. Officers caught up with the 18-year-old nearby, and convinced him to extricate himself from the blackberry bush he was attempting to traverse to escape. He was under the influence of alcohol and was arrested for that crime as well as for obstruction. He was booked into jail.

June 9: A pedestrian reported having had a heated verbal exchange with the driver of a Mercedes on a private road in St. Andrew’s Green. The man wished to document that he and the offending driver exchanged colorful language after the Mercedes nearly ran over the collared pet dog to which the walker was leashed.

June 8: An officer responded to Peace Arch POE regarding a vehicle displaying a stolen license plate on one end and the appropriate plate on the other. Investigation revealed that the vehicle owner was a victim as well. Her license plate had been stolen in her hometown of Seattle within the last four months, and replaced with a stolen one. The stolen license plate was impounded and she was allowed to continue her journey. A locate was sent to ORI Seattle police. 

June 8: A gas station owner on Peace Portal Drive reported to police that a motorist pumped 15.5 gallons of unleaded gasoline valued at $73.09 into her Chevrolet and then left without paying. The security camera footage of the vehicle and license plate allowed officers to identify the customer. A letter will be sent to the customer informing her of the mistake. 

June 7: Store employees reported an intoxicated man in their parking lot yelling at people on H Street. The subject was contacted urinating on a nearby dumpster, in sight of passersby. As there were witnesses to the event, the 43-year-old transient was cited for a lewd act and released with a court date.

June 7: An intoxicated person called 911 to report that he was hurt. Officers arrived and found the intoxicated person sitting in a phone booth. The person said he had chest pains. Aid was called and they transported the intoxicated person to the hospital.

June 6: Officers were dispatched to contact a man in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive at 11 p.m. The caller wanted to give police information about an amber alert subject he may have seen. Police met with the man and found that his credibility had been drowned in alcohol. A friend gave the man a ride home.

June 6: Officers were dispatched to referee a dispute between a wife and her intoxicated husband at a residence on F Street. Officers stood by until the couple agreed that the husband would go to hospital for assistance. 

June 6: Officers were contacted by the Blaine middle school regarding an 11-year-old who brought two knives and a used drug smoking pipe onto school grounds. One of the youngster’s parents was called to the school and the consequences of the boy’s action were discussed. Officers confiscated the pipe and took the knives for evidence and are gathering witness statements.

June 5: Officers were dispatched to a report that a suspicious white powder had been found on the floor of a 3rd Street business. Officers found that vandals had discharged a fire extinguisher inside the business, causing the white powdery mess.

June 5: A nervous sweating 13-year-old was arrested for shoplifting at two stores, after trying to steal anti-perspirant, deodorant, body spray and sunglasses. He was released to his mother, after explaining he did not want to spend the $53 in cash that he was carrying, because he was saving up for new video games. The case report will be forward to the juvenile authorities for prosecution.

June 5: Police were contacted after a citizen found a handwritten note that a young person apparently authored, indicating the writer’s intent to commit suicide. Officers were able to contact the person who was named in the note: she was adamant that the note was a forgery and she had no intention whatsoever to harm herself. Her parent was advised of the incident and officers are looking for the forgery suspect.

June 4: A resident requested assistance with a car that was taken from her without her permission. Follow up revealed that the car was registered to the woman and her husband. Her spouse had removed it and no crime had yet occurred. The complainant was referred to civil attorneys to resolve the property dispute.

June 4: An officer responded to the 200 block of Marine Drive regarding a hit and run traffic accident that occurred in a public parking lot sometime this afternoon. An employee in the harbor returned to her car to discover someone had backed into and damaged her car, then drove away. The suspect is driving a white colored vehicle and is missing pieces of a broken tail lamp lens and paint chips at the scene.