Police Report -- July 10, 2008

Published on Thu, Jul 10, 2008
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July 9: A lady called to report that somebody planted a city traffic sign in her yard overnight. Officers went to the home on 11th Street and removed the governmental yard art for her. The pranksters who felt it important for “Motorcycles (to) Use Extreme Caution” in her flowerbeds were not identified.

July 8: Blaine officers assisted a WCSO deputy during the arrest and processing of a teenaged drunk driver and his friends who were in possession of alcohol. A Blaine officer remained with the deputy until he completed his work at the scene. The 16 and 17-year-old youths were arrested.

July 8: During routine patrol an officer observed an elderly driver fail to yield the right-of-way to on coming traffic and continue though an intersection, nearly running over a pedestrian in a cross walk on H Street. The 86-year-old driver was stopped and cited for the violation. A driver’s re-examination request was forwarded to the Department of Licensing, as the driver seemed completely oblivious to his actions.

July 8: A resident reported descending golf balls had just struck both his and his neighbor’s homes. The caller led officers to the possible origin of the tee time rendezvous. Officers contacted two teens there. One initially lied about the incident. When confronted with the evidentiary dimples in the “#3 wood” baseball bat on their porch, the other decided to tell the truth and admitted he had been using the bat to blast golf balls over his parent’s fence into a nearby park, about a 100 feet from the victim’s house. The “cause and effect” principle was explained to the duo, and they were advised to take up lessons from the pros or at least find a physics experiment that would stay on their property.

July 8: Officers were advised that the fire department was enroute to a residential structure fire in the 700 block of School Drive. Officers arrived on scene first and spoke with the watchful passerby who called 911 after spotting a large amount of smoke coming from a nearby house. Police made contact with the on-scene homeowner. He had forgotten about a pot of soup on the stove until the approaching sirens reminded him. The smoky vegetable remains looked MmmMmm not so good.

July 8: The U.S. Port of Entry at the Peace Arch Port reported a suspended driver on the premises. An officer contacted the Edgewood, Washington resident and issued him a criminal citation for driving on a suspended California driver’s license. The man was released and his vehicle was impounded.

July 8: Officer responded to the 600 block of A Street regarding a malicious mischief complaint. Upon arrival an officer found two vehicles that had been egged. Owner of both cars feels it was revenge stemming from a dispute with neighbors. Officer spoke to the suspected neighbors and a parent: they denied knowledge of the egging.

July 8: Officers were dispatched to an address on G Street where a toddler had fallen and hit his head. Upon arriving, medics from North Whatcom Fire already had the head well in hand.

July 7: The community service officer documented damage that occurred in a one car vs. residence collision on Pintail Loop. A friend visiting the house had engaged in combat with the resident’s garage door. The car was pronounced the victor by unanimous decision. The vehicle had already been removed from the wreckage, so an informational report was taken to help commemorate the event.

July 7: During routine patrol an officer stopped a vehicle as the driver was suspected to have a suspended drivers license. It was confirmed the driver was suspended, and she was arrested. Small amounts of marijuana were found in the vehicle, along with non-prescribed pills. The vehicle was impounded and the 21-year-old driver was arrested, given a courtesy ride home and a court date.

July 6: An on duty Border Patrol agent passed on a citizen’s report of an intoxicated person walking, with great difficulty, in the 500 block of E St. Blaine officers met the meandering man. He had just moved to town and had been celebrating his arrival with great vigor. Police escorted the pickled pedestrian to his apartment and made sure he got inside safely.

July 5: A business on Peace Portal reported a man filled his vehicle with $115 worth of fuel, only to have his credit card declined after the pumping was through. The motorist had no other way to pay, and police were called. Ultimately the man decided to give all the cash he had, $80 U.S. cash, and all his keys except for his car keys as collateral. When last seen he was headed home to get more money, and everyone was happy.

July 5: A restaurant reported a customer on their premises took a bank bag that had been left momentarily on a counter. Police unsuccessfully searched the area for the suspect. The money, credit card receipts and identification from the bag were not recovered.

July 5: Officers responded to a residence on a report of a self-inflicted stabbing. After the person was evaluated by the fire department, officers placed the teen in protective custody and transported him to the hospital for stitches and an evaluation. He had cut himself to make a point to the friend he was with at the time.

July 4: Police officers contacted a passing teenager who set of an illegal firework in front of them, in front of city hall. The rest of his fireworks were confiscated and he was advised he would be charged with the illegal possession if he were contacted again that evening.

July 4: A business called to complain about a semi truck driver parked on their property who had refused to stop setting off fireworks. An officer contacted the overly patriotic parker and asked him to stop. He did.

July 4: A family from Vancouver, B.C. passing through Blaine reported that they accidentally left a diaper bag containing their credit cards, passports, Nexus cards, cell phone and other valuables sitting in a shopping cart outside the grocery store. They drove away from the area but hastily returned after realizing the loss, only to find the bag already missing from the cart. Before officers could take the theft report, a kind passerby located the bag, now strewn across the street, and turned it in to the police 4th of July command post. The bag was returned to its grateful owner. All the ID and property inside was intact except $25 cash.

July 4: A man brought a brindle Chow and another very large, very white, very hairy dog to the police station on July 4th. He has rescued the pair from the freeway onramp at the north end of town where they had been frolicking. Officers housed the rascals until a Whatcom Humane Society officer could claim the friendly pets and ID the owner. The dark uniformed police then began a search for very good lint brushes.

July 3: Officers responded to the Peace Arch POE regarding a violation of a temporary restraining order. Upon arrival officers determined that the order was valid. The 29-year-old California man was arrested, processed and transported to the Whatcom County Jail.

July 3: Police responded to the Peace Arch POE regarding a subject there who was violating a court order. Upon arrival an officer verified that the man there was in violation of a protection order by traveling with the person protected by the order from Everett. The traveler was arrested and transported to jail without incident.

July 2: While on a training exercise in Everson, a Blaine officer observed two people from Blaine who were there together in violation of a no contact order. The respondent in the violation fled the area while police were confirming the court order. A prosecution report was completed and forwarded by the Everson police to the Everson Municipal Court.

July 2: A live aboard resident at Semiahmoo Marina reported a checkbook and two other checks were stolen from his boat. The person who stole the checks proceeded to cash two of the checks to himself after forging the check owner’s signature. The case is under investigation.

July 2: Police responded to a 3 p.m. call of an intoxicated man in the 600 block of A Street. Arriving officers found a distraught and sobbing young man staggering up the sidewalk. He was 17-years-old, very inebriated, and either unable or unwilling to tell police who he was or where he lived. He was transported to the police department where he was identified, processed for minor in possession of alcohol and released to his mother.

July 2: Officers responded to a home on 15th Street on a report of a confused and disoriented man there. Police investigating the call observed in plain view three pipes and a personal use amount of marijuana, and seized the drug paraphernalia for destruction. The resident was evaluated by medics at the scene and taken to hospital for further evaluation.