Police Report -- July 24, 2008

Published on Thu, Jul 24, 2008
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July 23: An anonymous caller reported possible drug traffic in a house (unknown color) that runs behind the apartments of 220/230 8th Street. A lot of foot traffic at night in and out of the house. They park on 8th Street and walk between units including 260 8th Street.

July 22: Police were advised of a traffic hazard on the I-5 freeway just south of Blaine at milepost 274, where a very large Alberta plated motor home had become high centered in the median trying to execute a u-turn. Arriving officers found that the front of the motor home was in the northbound travel lane and the rear of the motor home was in the southbound lane. Blaine officers helped divert traffic off I-5 until a tow truck could remove the motor home. WSP responded and cited the driver.

July 21: Officers received an anonymous call reporting a possible DV order violation on D Street. Police checked the residence and found a person there in violation of the order. The 22-year-old Blaine man was arrested without incident and booked in to the Whatcom County Jail.

July 21: Officers responded to an aid call on H Street downtown. A woman opening a box at a business inadvertently severed the tip of a thumb. Officers remained with the woman until medical aid units arrived.

July 21: A business on Marine Drive called to report a vehicle parked in the handicapped only space. A business employee reported that when she left work this past Friday, a nearby empty parking stall was properly posted with regulation handicapped parking signage. When the employee returned to work Monday morning, the sign had mysteriously disappeared from the stall, which was now occupied by a silver-colored Alberta plated Mercedes, which bore no visible handicap plate or placard. The incident will be referred to the prosecutor for review. The Port of Bellingham was advised and will be replacing the handicapped sign.

July 21: An officer observed a small bark fire in the 700 block of H Street. The fire department was contacted. They responded and extinguished the fire. It appeared the fire had started from a discarded cigarette deposited on the bark.

July 20: Officers responded to a report of a crash at the intersection of 3rd and Peace Portal. They found a 2005 Chrysler planted in the flowerbed at the corner, but the only sign of the driver was the partially consumed can of beer left in his cup holder. The 38-year-old Blaine driver returned to the scene while officers were investigating: he was arrested for driving under the influence and released with a criminal citation. His vehicle was pruned from the perennials and impounded.

July 20: Police were called when an intoxicated lady straggled into a Peace Portal business looking for cleaning supplies. Officers contacted the woman and learned she was the passenger in a car parked nearby. She had partied too heartily at a casino in another city, took ill, and needed the cleaning agents to repair the impact, which her excesses had upon her car’s interior. Her driver, and boyfriend, also had alcohol on his breath. They agreed to leave their car and call a relative to pick them up.

July 20: A K-9 officer on patrol downtown ran license checks on a vehicle and discovered that the car had been stolen a day earlier from the Seattle area. The 1984 Honda was stopped on Marine Drive and the 38-year-old driver from Lake Forest Park was arrested without incident. The stolen car was impounded for return to the owner. The arrestee had several prior felony convictions: he was booked into jail for return to the courts.

July 19: Dispatch reported that residents along Zero Avenue in Surrey were complaining about loud music emanating from around 6th and A streets in Blaine. Officers contacted a group of apartment dwellers that were blasting heavy metal music northward. They agreed to stop the torture.

July 19: Officers were dispatched to a grocery store where a loss prevention agent had apprehended a shoplifter. Police took custody of the 13-year-old Blaine thief and released him to a guardian after processing. A charging report will be forwarded to the prosecutor. Over $20 worth of pilfered junk food was recovered by the store. The teenager was permanently banned from returning to any store owned by the company.

July 19: A 20-year-old Saanich, B.C. resident was intercepted by CBP officers at the border and turned over to Blaine police at the Peace Arch Port of Entry. The personal use amount of marijuana in her possession was seized and she was released back to Canada after her arrest and processing. 

July 18: Officers responded to help the fire department on a call on 3rd Street. A resident being delivered back home via taxi got stuck in the cab’s doorway. Aid was provided.

July 17: Police were asked to assist Washington State Patrol in finding a loose dog in the northbound freeway lanes near U.S. Customs. An officer arrived in the area and encountered a man piloting his electric assisted wheelchair on the I-5. The gent was trying to help his neighbor find the wandering yellow lab. The officer assisted his safe exit from the freeway, and asked him to call the police for help before venturing into the traffic lanes

July 16: Police were asked to escort a transient from an office building in the 200 block of H Street. The man was contacted by officers and left without incident after accepting a warning about his loud disruptive behavior.