Police Report -- August 14, 2008

Published on Thu, Aug 14, 2008
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August 13: A housing development site manager on Leighton Street arrived at work Wednesday morning to discover a burglary. Sometime overnight thieves had broken a window and entered their office. Officers responded to investigate. Except for the expensive double pane window no loss was immediately evident, and valuables are not kept on the property.

August 13: Wednesday morning a 37-year-old Canadian stole a car in Surrey, B.C. and drove to the border. He waved jauntily to the Customs Canada inspector as he passed southbound through the northbound inspection station, and then crossed the boundary line into the U.S. Having (illegally) entered the Land of the Free, and rather than stop to chat with the U.S. Customs officers, he parked in the northbound truck route traffic lanes and fled southbound on foot. This proved to be yet another bad decision. U.S. Border Patrol, Blaine police, U.S. Customs, Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies and Washington State Patrol responded and sealed the area. A Border Patrol agent apprehended the criminal alien thief in the 1400 block of B Street, WCSO booked him into jail for possession of stolen property, and Blaine officers recovered the stolen vehicle to return to its owner.

August 12: Police stopped a vehicle a for a traffic violation on Pipeline Road. After stopping the car officers could smell the odor of marijuana. The 19-year-old admitted to having the drug in the vehicle, but her three passengers claimed ownership of the contraband. The three teenaged passengers were arrested, processed and released with a court date. The driver was given a written warning for her driving infraction.

August 12: During the investigation of an electrical meter tampering case on D Street, officers noticed a marijuana plant sunning itself in the window of a neighboring house. No one was home tending the crop at the time, so officers obtained a telephonic search warrant for the property. One marijuana plant and some dried leaves were seized. A case report was completed for prosecution of the home’s resident renter.

August 11: CBP officers at the Peace Arch port contacted a teenager from Utah who was returning to the U.S. with his mother. The officers found that the boy was entered in national databases as a missing person, and it was mom who had filed the report. Blaine officers were called to investigate. They discovered the youngster had previously run away, but returned home the same day. Mom had just forgotten to tell the West Valley, Utah police that her son was back. Blaine officers confirmed mom was really mom, gave the youngster back to her, and provided West Valley police with a Blaine case number so they could remove the youngster from their data bases.

August 10: On Sunday evening Blaine police officers assisted state patrol troopers by closing the northbound lanes of I-5 at MP 275, and rerouting traffic to the Pacific Highway crossing. The detour was needed to support Customs Canada personnel at the Douglas crossing on the freeway. Canadian officers there had ceased inspectional operations and closed their Port of Entry to deal with a possibly dangerous item that had been found in luggage there. No significant traffic delays were caused as the number of lanes at Pacific Highway, Lynden and Sumas crossing were all maximized to handle the loss of the Douglas Crossing. The port and the freeway were re-opened about four hours later at 12:45 a.m., when the suspicious item was found to be safe. Case closed. 

August 10: A motorist on I-5 northbound reported that a juvenile had dropped an object from the H Street bridge, striking and breaking the motorist's windshield. Officers searched the area but the juveniles had fled and were not located. Damage to the driver’s 2006 Nissan is estimated at about $300.

August 10: Police were dispatched to a report that a victim received a threatening phone call. Officers contacted the person reporting the incident and were able to listen to the threat himself, as it had been recorded on an answering machine. The suspect clearly threatened the victim with bodily harm. A case report is being forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

August 10: A man was stopped for a traffic violation on Peace Portal Drive, and officers determined that the subject’s Washington driving privileges were suspended. The 29-year-old Custer driver also had a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested, issued a criminal citation for the DWLS offense, and then booked in to jail on the warrant. His vehicle was released to a licensed driver and parked safely off of the roadway.

August 10: Police responded to an assault call at a home on E Street. A teenager there reportedly was pummeled with several airborne bibles thrown by an upset neighbor. The lady next door apparently felt that this was a way to motivate the victim to help her clean up her yard. Since throwing The Book at your neighbor is not a good way to work out differences, a case report is being forwarded to the
Prosecutor with an eye toward throwing it back.

August 9: An officer responded with medics to the yard of a home on Runge Avenue, where a man had been bitten in the face by a stray dog. The victim reported that he had checked his yard to see why his dogs were barking, and encountered an unfamiliar dog there. When he reached down, the stray has lunged and bit the side of his face, leaving a large, open cut and swelling his eye. The victim was transported to hospital for stitches. Officers searched for but did not find the attacking dog. It was described as a brown or black lab, maybe a Rottweiller. Animal control has been notified.

August 9: A resident reported someone used black spray paint to vandalize her van by spraying a derogatory phrase on the vehicle’s side. It will cost the victim about $300 to repair the damage. There are no suspects: No other vehicles in the neighborhood damaged and it appears to have been a targeted act of vandalism.

August 9: Police observed a man driving without a valid operators license. An officer attempted to stop the driver, but he fled on foot. The 35-year-old Blaine driver was located and booked into Whatcom County Jail for obstruction, and failure to obey an officer by not providing information.

August 9: A 27-year-old and a 19-year-old ex-girlfriend cross-complained that each had harassed and threatened the other in phone and text messages. Both halves were contacted. Both sides agreed to give their animosity a rest and just leave each other alone.

August 9: An officer responded to the Peace Arch POE regarding a possible driving violation there. A 35-year-old Castle Rock, Washington resident had arrived from Canada with an ID card but no driver’s license. Blaine officers confirmed that the man’s privilege to drive was suspended in Washington. He was cited by summons. 

August 8: Employees at the Blaine Senior Center reported that two floral hanging baskets were missing and apparently stolen by some cretin. It will cost the center about $100 to replace the baskets. There are no suspects.

August 8: A citizen reported two people riding a luggage cart down H Street hill. The area was checked but the suitcase speeders had slipped away.

August 7: A resident advised police that a Hispanic man and woman attempted to sell them a marijuana cigarette in the 800 Block of G Street. A description was obtained and police officers located two likely suspects who had made it back to the man’s apartment. The woman admitted to being on G Street, but claimed she had been rolling her own regular tobacco cigarette. Both the man and woman denied involvement in illegal activity. Their identification confirmed and no outstanding warrants were found. The officers were cleared.

August 7: A business in the 1300 block of Boblett called police because a truck driver refused to move his very sizeable load off their lot. Police arrived and were not able to convince the gentleman to remove himself and his property off the business’ land. Ultimately the 30-year-old Surrey, B.C. resident was arrested for trespassing, after ignoring several instructions to leave. A tow truck removed his load and he was removed to the police station where he was cited and released.

August 7: A resident who drives frequently in the area reported that an increasing amount of trash is accumulating amid the weeds at the roadside around the intersection and along the length of Ludwick – including discarded pallets, etc. The reporting party opined that long haul truck drivers parking overnight were significant contributors to the mess, which is increasing in severity. None of the local fast food restaurants are serving pallet-sized portions, so the presence of the busted up pallets in the weeds does indicate a freight-hauling component to the problem. Officers will be watching for litter violations, and the litter problem was added to a list of transportation industry service issues being reviewed by senior staff.

August 7: A business in the 600 block of Peace Portal received a threatening message on their answering machine overnight. An officer investigated, identified a suspect and contacted him. In the light of day he was very apologetic and fearful of repercussions. He was advised of the consequences of further calls.