Police Report -- August 28, 2008

Published on Thu, Aug 28, 2008
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August 26: Police were summoned to a residence on Peace Portal after midnight regarding a juvenile there in possession of alcohol. Officers met with mom, who explained that her teenage daughter invited a girlfriend to spend the night, and the 13 year-old Birch Bay guest had snuck several bottles of alcohol in with her overnight gear. The girl was arrested, transported to the police station, processed and released to a parent.

August 25: Officers received a report of a physical domestic assault occurring in a business parking lot on H Street. Officers arrived and determined that the fight had actually occurred in the parking lot of a Birch Bay business of the same name. The incident was referred to the WCSO.

August 25: Officers responded to a 3 a.m. report of a physical domestic assault in progress at a business on Boblett Street. When the clerk attempted to intervene, he was assaulted as well. The attacker left in a vehicle prior to law enforcement arrival. Officers did not locate the suspect vehicle, a white Honda Civic “low rider” with a loud muffler.

August 24: Police were dispatched to check on the welfare of a person on A Street. Arriving officers found the man had ingested a bunch of pills and alcohol. North Whatcom Fire and Medic units were dispatched and he was transported to hospital for evaluation.

August 23: An alert passerby called police to report a man illegally harvesting Dungeness crab on the Blaine public pier. Officers investigated and arrested a 61 year-old Birch Bay resident for possession of three undersize Dungeness crabs and one female Dungeness crab. The man was cited and released from the scene a pending court appearance. The crabs were photographed and returned to the sea.

August 23: A resident flagged down police to report a malicious mischief reckless driving incident that occurred the previous evening. A large black pickup truck with raised suspension had been seen four wheeling through a new residential development near Mary Street, destroying wild shrubs and almost colliding with a telephone pole. Officers were advised to watch for the vehicle.

August 22: A business reported one of their new boats being damaged by unknown suspects(s) while it was docked in the marina. Damage to the boat’s seats and a table was estimated at $1,000.

August 22: An off duty law enforcement officer reported a very erratic driver on H Street Road. The elderly driver was contacted by police. He explained he was upset and driving erratically because he had missed a turn. The gentleman was not otherwise compromised and drove home.

August 22: Officers received a report of an erratically driven vehicle on H Street. An officer located the suspect and observed a traffic violation. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was found to be DUI. He was arrested, processed and released with a criminal citation. The 44-year-old Blaine man’s car was impounded.

August 22: Power outages around the north and east sides of Blaine were noted at 1 a.m. Both port of entry lost power and were operating on their generators. Blaine City Light crews responded and repaired the faulty main feed line.

August 22: A resident living at Wits End called police pleading for protection from the beeping noise blasting from a house on Mitchell Street, for hours. An officer contacted two homes near the complainant: one agreed to turn off his loud music, and the other agreed to turn off the beeping alarm on her radio. Thus ended the evening’s audio war between the neighbors. Both were berated about the collateral cochlear conundrum their criminally creative cacophony caused the non-combatant caller.

August 21: Officers responded to a report of two kids digging holes at 14th and E streets. Two boys and their shovel were contacted. The pair was enjoying a nice afternoon outside by beefing up a dirt mound for their bicycle jumping. No damage, no crime, clean fun.

August 21: Officers are investigating a report that a visitor to a business displayed a stun gun in a shocking display of poor judgment.

August 21: Alert border protection officers at the Peace Arch POE contacted a man driving in to the U.S. who appeared to be inebriated. The 45-year-old Kamloops, B.C. driver was arrested by Blaine police for driving under the influence of alcohol after an investigation at the port. The man was processed and released with a criminal citation. His vehicle was impounded. The gentleman then made his way back to the Canadian port of entry, where he called a cab for a ride home.

August 21: A mother contacted the police department to report that her adult daughter was high on meth and told a friend that she wanted to kill herself. Mom believed that her daughter was in the county somewhere. Sheriff’s deputies were alerted and found the daughter about one hour later and contacted her mother.

August 21: Officers learned of an individual at a Boundary Court home had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Officers arrived there in time to find a disturbance in progress among family members, and the wanted man fleeing over the back fence. The 21-year-old Whatcom County man was apprehended after a short foot chase and booked into jail on several warrants. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, officers calmed the storm that had erupted between an adult woman and her mother.

August 21: Blaine officers assisted a USBP agent who was in a noontime foot pursuit of a suspect on C Street. The man was cornered and found hiding in some brush. USBP took him in to custody.

August 20: An officer received a phone call regarding the unauthorized use of a PO box number. Someone had gained the number after stealing the victim’s debit card information. The suspect(s) were using the PO box as a return address for fraudulent money orders. The post office has already been made aware of the situation and is keeping contact with the victims.

August 20: A citizen reported an identity theft. Someone had used his name and identifying information to purchase items from another state, leaving a balance owing of about $600. The victim notified the business about the fraudulent purchase, and he will also notify the credit companies.