Police Report -- September 25, 2008

Published on Thu, Sep 25, 2008
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September 23: Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute in progress at a house. Arriving police contacted two residents who each denied that the argument took place. They explained that one of the home’s occupants was hard of hearing and yelling was the only way to communicate. There was no indication of an assault. Officers explained the problem being caused to non-hearing impaired neighbors.

September 23: A resident called police at 2 a.m. to report that an intruder was possibly asleep in his son’s bedroom. Officers searched the home inside and out and found no one except family members.

September 23: A man called 911 when he heard his neighbor’s door being kicked in. Officers arrived to find the broken door standing open and the resident inside, fast asleep. Nothing was stolen and the residents were not harmed. They had no idea why someone would break their door, which will cost about $200 to repair.

September 23: While investigating another case, officers discovered a burglary scene at a business on 4th Street. A suspect has been identified and their investigation continues.

September 22: An officer stopped a vehicle for erratic driving and discovered a verbal domestic dispute in progress. Both parties calmed down and explained the circumstances. No assault had occurred and the occupants convinced police they could calmly complete their commute.

September 22: An officer was dispatched to a restaurant on H Street where employees had discovered a possible $20 U.S. counterfeit bill. Police impounded the paper for forwarding to Secret Service. Employees could not identify who had passed the bill.

September 22: A person who lives in the county and conducts business in Blaine came in to report being followed on occasion for several months by an unidentified person for an unknown reason. The complainant promised to call the next time the suspicious car shows up and completed a voluntary statement to assist police.

September 21: A concerned mom called police when her latchkey child would not answer the phone. Police confirmed mom’s fears: the teenager was playing on the internet instead of doing his homework. He was advised to call his mom to confess and officers talked with her as well about alternatives to government intervention.

September 18: A Fish & Wildlife employee observed a dog running loose in the area of Marine Drive, which is adjacent to a sensitive waterfowl area. He contacted a man who was with the pet, and was met with belligerence. Police were called to the scene. Officers warned the man about Blaine’s leash laws. He apologized and agreed to follow the rules.

September 18: A resident on D Street called police at 1:30 a.m. when she heard a man outside her house in the dark. As officers were responding, the woman realized that the strange voice was actually inside her home. She located the intruder, hiding in a dresser drawer. She found the volume control on her husband’s two-way radio and silenced the troublemaker.

September 18: A resident on Blaine Avenue called police when a man exited his car and urinated in a neighbor’s yard. The witness obtained the suspect’s license plate. The vehicle, which is registered to a man in Everett, was gone when police arrived. Officers patrolled the area to ensure he did not return.

September 18: A newspaper paper delivery person saw several men attempting to prowl a vehicle in the 800 block of 4th Street and called police. An officer checked the car and the neighborhood. The suspects had left the area, and no violated vehicles were found.

September 18: Officers responded to a verbal domestic dispute on Adelia Street. They interviewed the participants and were told that no assault had occurred. The male half was no longer a resident at the house. Police advised him to not return, and monitored his departure.

September 17: Two injured people made it to the hospital emergency room and reported that their car crashed on Yew Street. Officers located the wrecked car near the bottom of an embankment between Yew Street and I-5. The car was towed from its resting place. Offices interviewed the injured, and are investigating the cause of the one car collision.

September 17: Police responded to an ongoing neighborhood dispute in the 600 block of E Street. The disagreement du jour explored the complaints and counter denials over whether one neighbor’s pet dog had been threatened with death after urinating in the other neighbor’s yard.

September 17: Officers were dispatched to the Peace Arch Port of entry where an Oregon car returning from Canada arrived with lots of folks inside, none of whom were licensed to drive. Officers prepared a citation for the unlicensed driver and Customs agreed to keep the car parked there until a licensed driver was located.

September 16: An officer stopped a man riding a three wheel all terrain cycle on a city street at 11:20 p.m. on a weeknight. The motorist was arrested for DWLS and operating the ATV while under the influence of alcohol. He was released to a sober third party and his cycle was impounded. 

September 16: A vehicle passed a stopped school bus on Semiahmoo Parkway while it was dropping kids off with its warning flashers activated. The suspect car came to a stop, then pulled ahead passed as kids were exiting the bus. A witness captured the car’s license plate. Police were notified, and a traffic citation was issued to the registered vehicle owner.