Police Reports Nov 19 to Nov 24

Published on Wed, Nov 26, 2008
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November 24: A resident on 11th Street reported that he had just shooed away a man dressed in black whom he found laying on his porch in the evening gloom. Officers contacted the spectral suspect nearby. The young man explained he was walking after arguing with his girlfriend and had just paused to perch and ponder. He was taught that terrace tarrying was tantamount to trespass.

November 24: The Blaine Boys & Girls Club called to report vandalism. Graffiti in the form of the numbers “332” had been scrawled on the property with a permanent marker in multiple places. Members of the club will clean off the damage immediately. No suspects have been identified.

November 24: A motorist came to police to report young children in the 4400 block of Sweet Road running out in front of passing vehicles. The youngsters were located and their father was advised of the complaint. Dad assured everyone that the problem would not continue.

November 24: A resident on Harrison Street reported a burglary to her home. The victim had not yet completed an inventory of missing property but knew that some important paperwork had been removed. A theft report was completed. The victim’s home had been secure when she left, but was not locked when she returned. Officers recommended she update her door locks.

November 24: Vandalism was reported at the skate park. Previous damage had recently been repaired, using particleboard to cover a large hole that had been torn into one of the ramps. City staff this morning found that these repairs had again been ripped out and broken. Due to the deteriorating condition of the wooden ramps and structures, officers were unable to determine if additional recent damage has occurred. There are no suspects at this time.

November 24: Officer was dispatched to vandalism at a business in the 500 block of Peace Portal. The windows of a vacant building there had been shot with a pellet gun, and the antenna of a vehicle had been broken off. The owner identified a possible suspect. Police are following up.

November 24: The state patrol asked Blaine police to contact a man reportedly “dressed like The Joker” walking on the freeway. Officers found the theatrical transient exiting I-5 at D Street. He explained he was hiking to a coffee shop for a cup of java, and once caffeinated hoped to divine his next direction of travel. He accepted an admonition against interstate ambulation, and was bid adieu.

November 23: During a customs inspection at the Peace Arch POE a woman from Oregon was found to be in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A Blaine officer investigated and arrested the 20-year-old. The marijuana was seized and she was released with a court date.

November 22: An Alder Street resident called to report a 3 a.m. robbery, which occurred the previous night. The victim had been walking near Salishan Park when a baseball bat wielding man who demanded his cell phone and money accosted him. The victim was able to leave with the help of a passing friend, and called police later that day. Officers are investigating.

November 21: A caller reported to police that she had received a message on her phone from an acquaintance, stating that her husband had hit her. Officers went to the home where the problem had originated, and met with the couple there. An investigation revealed that the husband had been the primary aggressor in a domestic violence incident, and had assaulted his wife. The 41-year-old Blaine man was booked into jail.

November 21: A resident on Clark Street reported the recent theft of a distinctive 10-inch tall stonework gargoyle lawn ornament from her front porch. The piece of art was purchased from an Italian business, and it was kept in a location not easily seen by passersby on the street. Officers have obtained a photograph of the missing property. Patrol officers were asked to watch for the little devil.

November 20: A resident on Mitchell Street returned home in the evening to find his home had been burglarized. Some items from inside the house had been left stacked outside by the back door in apparent preparation for their removal. Three cameras and some coins were missing from the home. Neighbors had not seen anything unusual over the afternoon. Officers are investigating.

November 19: Police were dispatched to a report of a domestic assault in progress at a residence on Adelia Street. Officers arrived and contacted a victim who told police that her spouse had assaulted her. Officers investigated and arrested the spouse for assault. The 33-year-old man was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

November 19: Police were contacted by a resident concerned by the bold behavior of a customer at a business on G Street, after the man apparently invited himself into another person’s vehicle for a ride home. Officers will speak with the man regarding his behavior. Case closed pending further developments.

November 19: A resident on D Street reported that her home was burglarized while she was at work. The victim got home from work to find that the locked side door of her house had been kicked in and the house ransacked. Money, jewelry and other property were stolen. Officers are investigating.

November 19: Police investigated a 5 a.m. verbal dispute between a girlfriend and a boyfriend at a residence on Alder Street. The dispute was over whether money would be better used to purchase a carbonated beverage at work versus drinking water. Officers furnished domestic violence contact information for possible future use.

November 19: Police received a report of an assault, which occurred, on H Street. A 14-year-old boy reported an older teenager who called him names and then threw a rock at the victim, striking him in the face and splitting his lip, accosted him. The victim was transported to hospital by his father, and received stitches to close the wound. The victim identified the suspect for officers. They contacted the older teen. He denied the assault. A report was forwarded to county juvenile prosecutors for action.