Police Report -- January 01, 2009

Published on Thu, Jan 1, 2009
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December 17: Dispatch reported a non-blocking, non-injury vehicle collision on the southbound freeway off ramp, just south of Peace Arch customs. A driver exiting the freeway saw the green light at the bottom of the ramp but underestimated how long it would take the car ahead of her to start moving on the snow covered road. The rear-ending driver received a traffic citation for her impatience.

December 17: While patrolling in a snowstorm, police observed a snowboarder tailgating a vehicle down D Street. Closer inspection revealed the snowboarder had a strong grip, and the vehicle had a rope tied to its back bumper. Officers contacted the duo and ensured the driver had a firm grasp of the dangers and legal consequences of his activity. The rope was removed and the snowboarder got a ride home, this time in the inside of the car.

December 17: While on patrol an officer observed a driver with a suspended license motoring westbound on H Street. Upon contact, the driver was also not able to provide proof of insurance. The 24-year-old Blaine man received a criminal citation and mandatory court appearance date. The vehicle was released to passenger with a valid license.

December 17: Two occupied vehicles were contacted late at night in a snowy, icy parking area near Blaine Marina. The drivers received a detailed analysis of the difference between honing winter driving skills and the commission of reckless driving. No certificates or citations were awarded, and the driving school was closed.

December 18: Police were dispatched to the 1900 block of Peace Portal after a vehicle crashed into the roadway’s westside ditch. The wreck occurred when the driver tried to pass another car at a speed too fast for the conditions. The uninjured motorist received a verbal warning for Passing in a No Passing Zone, because the lane markings were covered by ice and snow. Officers found that he had purchased the vehicle in October in Oregon, but had not transferred the title and registration to his name, and was not able to provide proof of insurance. He received traffic citations, a mandatory court date and a towing bill.

December 18: Agents at the Peace Arch Port of Entry called Blaine police when a possibly intoxicated driver arrived at customs. Officers responded and determined that the person was not affected by alcohol. The motorist did, however, receive a traffic citation for Driving with an Open Alcohol Container in his vehicle. The open container of alcohol was disposed of by the driver, and he was released back to the care of the customs officers who were inspecting him for admission to the U.S.

December 19: Police responded to a grocery store when the manager discovered a fake U.S. $20 note in the day’s receipts. An officer confirmed that the bill was counterfeit and impounded it for transfer to the U.S. Secret Service. The identity of the patron who produced and passed the paper is unknown.

December 20: A parent called to report his son as a runaway. The 17-year-old teen had been gone for two days and could be staying with friends in the area. The report was entered into law enforcement databases by USBP dispatch, and officers contacted several people in an attempt to find the young man.

December 21: A passersby flagged down an officer and turned in a camera case containing an SD card with photos. The owner could not be identified and the case and SD card were placed into impounded property in hopes the owner will report it missing.

December 21: Dispatch advised that a person with dementia was unaccounted for, and could be out in the inclement weather in a wheel chair. Officers arrived, checked the area and found no wheel chair tracks in the deep snow. Just a few minutes later the person’s caretakers notified police that the person had been found unharmed in a vacant room.

December 22: A resident called to report that her garage had been broken into. An officer investigated and found that a window had been entered by pushing aside the board which covered it. The thief stole an old car tire inner tube, and left behind a glove. Police nailed the board back in place, and are looking for a one-gloved-inner tube-riding snow sledder.

December 22: Blaine Police were dispatched to the Peace Arch POE for a man who was found in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia when attempting to enter the U.S. An officer investigated and  arrested the 27-year-old B.C. resident. He was booked into Whatcom County Jail and his car was impounded.

December 23: A man called to complain that a neighbor’s dog had been barking since 6 a.m. This is the second nearby resident to call about the problem. An officer responded and observed the dog barking at will for 15 minutes at nothing in particular. No one was home at the animal’s house. Police located the property owner, who explained he was dog sitting for a friend. He was advised citations would follow unless he found a way to calm the critter.

December 23: A resident on 10th Street returned home late in the afternoon to find her kitchen door kicked in. Officers responded with patrol canine Yoschi and found that the burglar had departed. Some personal effects were stolen from the residence. Police are following up on information from neighbors and evidence at the scene.

December 23: Police responded to a business parking lot where a passerby reported that the occupant of a car might be engaging in a lewd act. Officers contacted the witness: his information lacked intimacy, but he had an insistent impression of impropriety. Meanwhile the suspect insisted his seat was reclined for rest, not recreation. Seeing no firm evidence, police closed the case.

December 24: An officer discovered an abandoned unoccupied vehicle parked in the roadway in the 9700 block of Allen Street. A canvass of the neighborhood failed to locate the registered owner. The vehicle was impeding the safe flow of other motorists and a tow truck was called. Upon the tow truck’s arrival, the owner mysteriously appeared and moved the vehicle from the roadway. The male driver was admonished for his unsafe actions.

December 26: During a snow storm, a police employee was struck in the mouth by an man with a snow tire chain in the 300 block of H Street.  The resulting bleeding was controlled by the victim, and the blood on the suspect’s hand was matched with the wound on the victims’ mouth.  Evidence indicates the suspect’s frozen fist slipped from the snow chain while it was being tightened to the victim’s patrol car tire. The fact that the suspect’s frozen fist belonged to the same body as the victim’s lacerated lip lends credence to possibility this was not an intentional assault, so an accident report was completed.

December 26: Officers were dispatched to a report from Customs that a person at the Peace Arch Port was driving with a suspended operator’s license. Officers contacted the man, confirmed his driving status was suspended, and found that the 19 year old Seattle man was also in possession of alcohol. He was cited for both offenses and released with a court date.

December 26: Police responded to a report of a late evening  report of a possible burglary in progress at an old vacant residence in the Salishan neighborhood  Officers found two dark clothed suspects using flashlights to peer into the homes windows.  They sheepishly said they lived nearby, and were checking out the house in hopes of hunting ghosts.  The spooky structure was secure, and the suspects seemed sufficiently shocked by the sudden sight of several officers. The pair promised to pursue permission prior to pestering poltergeist.

December 26: Officers responded to a report of malicious mischief and simple assault in the 1600 block of Runge Ave. Two drunk men had arrived at an acquaintance’s home late at night. When told to leave, one of the pair struck the resident in the head, and then broke out the front glass window as they were leaving. The suspects fled in a vehicle before officers arrival. An investigation was completed and the suspects are identified. Warrants are being sought for the pair.

December 27: Officers responded to a disturbance in the 1600 block of Runge. A resident reported that there were several young people outside causing a loud disturbance, and they appeared to have been drinking. Officers contacted several subjects standing by a vehicle on the street and determined that one of them was 18 years of age and intoxicated. He was arrested, processed and released with a mandatory court date. 

December 27: While officers were investigating a disturbance call on Runge Avenue they discovered that an intoxicated teenager there was wanted on a felony warrant from Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department for Failure to Appear on drug possession charges. He was arrested on the warrant and transported to jail.

December 28: A person at home on 5th Street reported that their adult son had just attacked his step-father. Officers arrived, investigated, and determined that sufficient evidence existed to arrest the son for Domestic Violence Related misdemeanor Assault. The 30 year old was booked in to the Whatcom County Jail.

December 29: An on-site manager for the International Shopping Mall on H Street complained when a vandal dumped bags of garbage into their parking lot. Amongst the load of dirty diapers officers found evidence of the identity of the rightful owner of the mess. Their inappropriate choice of landfill sites will result in their next deposit being made to the Court for a littering violation.