Police Report -- January 08, 2009

Published on Thu, Jan 8, 2009
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December 30: A visitor from Snohomish County reported having the lug nuts on her vehicle tampered with and loosened with while visiting in Blaine. There are no suspects and the location where the offense occurred is not known.  No other similar vehicle tampering reports have been received.

December 30: Blaine police were asked to respond to the POE Peace Arch regarding a violation of a no contact order issued by King County authorities. A Blaine officer verified the order and arrested the violator.

December 30: Officers responded to the 300 block of Alder Street, where residents reported the sounds of a loud fight, first in the parking lot and then in a nearby apartment. Officers contacted the suspect apartment and interrupted the fracas inside. The tenant was engaged in, and apparently losing, a loud argumentative yelling match. With himself. He promised to quiet down a debate more civilly.

December 31: A parked unoccupied patrol car minding its own business in the city parking lot was sideswiped by a passing empty, industrial size dumpster. The car sustained slight damage and wind which had driven the dumpster at the time of collision escaped the scene.

December 31: Dispatch reported the WCSO was requesting assistance with a possible burglary in progress at a residence on Semiahmoo Drive where multiple alarms had been tripped.  An officer arrived and found a large tree had fallen down in the road near the residence where the alarm was sounding. WCSO arrived and found the residence to be secure.

January 1: An woman who sounded intoxicated herself, repeatedly called 9-1-1 just after New Year’s, to complain about loud music originating from her next-door neighbor’s house.  Officers contacted the happy home of party-goers, who agreed to celebrate the New Year more quietly.

January 1: Police were dispatched to a home on Garfield Street after a resident called 9-1-1 to report an intruder in her kitchen. Officers arrived to discover that the suspect had fled the pantry but was still hiding in the house.  He could be heard behind a kitchen wall. Rather than demolish the wall, officers recommended that the resident contact her landlord, or an exterminator, to remove the large rat and any friends he might be entertaining.

January 2: Officers were advised that a person being interviewed for a job at a convenience store stole three packs of cigarettes during a lull in the application process.  When the theft was discovered the business invited the applicant to pay for the goods or face prosecution.  He paid up and withdrew his application.

January 2: A family on Mitchell Street reported the theft of a bicycle from their back porch.  Police are looking for a 22 inch gray BMX Magna “Invader” dirt bike with black rims, silver spokes, and a skeleton on the seat.  It is valued at $100, and Mom would really like to see the bike returned to her son.

January 2: Police were dispatched to report of someone playing loud disruptive music at an apartment in a complex on A St. Officers contacted a gentleman at his residence.  He turned down the volume and explained he’d had a hard day a work and was using the music to unwind. He apologized for spreading the cheer.

January 3: Police took an identity theft complaint from a Blaine resident, after she learned from her bank that there had been three suspicious charges on her credit card. The victim cancelled the card as she had not made any of the suspicious transactions.  She has since received suspicious letters from credit companies indicating someone is attempting to obtain her personal information. 

January 3: Officers were asked to remove three juveniles from Blaine library property after they caused a disturbance with their unruly behavior. The teenagers were told to leave and not return for the day. The juveniles complied and officers cleared.

January 3: While monitoring traffic on SR 543 officers recognized a driver who they knew had a suspended license. The suspension was confirmed and the 32 year old Blaine man was stopped, arrested and released with a court date. A licensed driver was allowed to remove the vehicle.

January 4: Police were notified by US Customs of a restraining order violation.  Officers arrived and confirmed the order, arrested the Bellingham resident, and transported him to the county jail.

January 4: Officers were dispatched to a report of a woman walking on the road in the 3200 block of Peace Portal drive who appeared to be the victim of a domestic assault. Officers contacted the residence and an investigation showed the lady had broken windows out of a parked camper,  cutting her hands in the process. She was arrested for DV malicious mischief, and taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

January 5: Officers responded to a noise complaint at an apartment building.  The resident advised that her friends were overly enthusiastic with the video game they were playing.  She agreed to keep the noise down.  There did not appear to be any alcohol involved and officers cleared.

January 5: During routine patrol police recognized a suspended driver on H Street.  After a short pursuit the vehicle was stopped at the motorist’s home.  Officers arrested the Blaine resident for Driving While Suspended, and issued infractions for Fail to Stop and for having an open alcohol container in his vehicle. The driver was transported to the county jail.

January 5: Officers at the Peace Arch Port of Entry reported a woman in possession of a small amount of marijuana.  The Redmond Washington resident was arrested, cited and released.

January 6: Officers contacted an elderly man who appeared confused when  contacted by Border Patrol agents. The man advised that he was in town to meet a business partner, but his partner had not yet arrived.  Officers convinced the man to check in to a local motel, rather than continue driving.  Police followed up and learned the man was suffering from dementia.  Officers monitored the gentleman’s location until family friends could get to Blaine to pick him up.

January 7: Border patrol agents assisted Blaine officers with suspicious activity on a street near the border. Follow-up by the officers uncovered several separate vehicle prowls committed in Blaine by two suspects in the vehicle. In an incident on C Street, a GPS and gift card were stolen from the vehicle. The GPS and gift card were recovered. On E Street the window of a vehicle was broken out while the vehicle was parked on a city street.  The prowler did not find anything of value in the vehicle and therefore nothing was stolen. On F Street the windows of two vehicles were broken out while parked in a residential driveway.  The car prowler did not find anything of value and therefore nothing was stolen from the vehicles.  One man was arrested and booked into WCSO Jail for the offense.