Police Report -- January 29, 2009

Published on Thu, Jan 29, 2009
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January 22: Officers were contacted by a resident who was concerned about the behavior of transient. The caller has assisted the man, but feels the sojourner has begun taking advantage of others. The resident will meet with others who are helping, to decide if the gentleman should be invited to graze in greener pastures.

January 22: A mother and child reunion occurred briefly at the Peace Arch Port when Canadian Immigration deported the pair for living in B.C. illegally. Canada’s Child Protective Services had already contacted their Washington state counterparts. The two agencies met at the border and the mother voluntarily agreed to placement for the child until further interviews could be conducted by our CPS. A Blaine police officer provided support.

January 22: A city employee recovered bags of garbage dumped along side Pipeline Road, and discovered a receipt bearing the name of the messy ingrate who possibly dropped the junk. Officers are investigating and a littering charge may result if the person can be located. 

January 23: While contacting a traffic violator on H Street by the school, officers discovered that the driver had an outstanding warrant. They arrested the 24-year-old Blaine gentleman on the warrant, and provided him transportation to the jail.

January 23: Police responded to an 11 a.m. report of someone sitting in a vehicle on Peace Portal downtown, yelling at passing motorists. An officer contacted the inebriated occupant, and arrested him for having and consuming liquor in a public place, and for possession of drug paraphernalia. The 28-year-old Blaine man was transported, processed and released to a sober adult. 

January 23: Officer received a call from a Birch Bay resident who complained that he was profanely accosted by a rude older man in a gas station queue on H Street earlier in the afternoon. The suspect had demanded to see the victims’ drivers license and berated him. A witness provided a license plate number for the offending white Lincoln town car, and police are investigating as the suspect implied he was associated with law enforcement.

January 25: Officers provided back-up to USBP agents contacting a man and woman with backpacks at the north end of Lincoln Park. The man and woman were U.S. citizens, and not intent on committing crime. 

January 25: An officer responded to a harrassment complaint on 10th Street. A worried young lady there explained that the instant messages she kept getting from a former friend had lost their charm. Police warned the writer that this chapter of his life could conclude with court contact if he continued to vex his ex-girlfriend with text.

January 26: An officer on patrol found and checked the welfare of a man laying inside a parked vehicle on 14th Street near H St at 4am. The motorist was alive, and catching a nap before crossing the border later in the morning.

January 26: A man contacted police to report vandalism to his boat moored at Blaine Marina. The victim believes the damage is related to ongoing harassment he has suffered, and identified his tormentor. Officers are investigating.

January 26: Officers making a security check of the skate park documented extensive vandalism not visible from the exterior. Interior walls and supports inside the structure of the largest ramp had been broken out in order to create a hide-out and a hidden route between the ramps and Cain Creek. The vandalism had weakened the support structure of the ramp, causing a safety hazard. Empty liquor bottles, tobacco product trash and assorted garbage littered the inside of the ramp. Building officials have been asked to examine the structure.

January 27: Residents of an apartment complex on D Sreet called police to report people smoking marijuana in the building’s common laundry room. The arriving officers watched and smelled the violation, and arrested the pipe puffing pair. The men, ages 18 and 23, were released after processing for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

January 27: Police received a lunchtime domestic dispute call to a residence which two people were sharing on Fourth Street. Officers separated the couple, and discovered they were also sharing an valid no contact order. The husband was the respondent in the order. The 29-year-old was arrested and given shared accommodations at the jail.

January 27: A Blaine officer saw a passenger enter a vehicle at a market, and recognized him from a previous contact as someone possibly now wanted on a warrant. A computer inquiry revealed that a Lynden municipal court warrant was outstanding, so the officer stopped the car nearby. Lynden Police confirmed the warrant. Blaine officers arrested the 39-year-old man and booked him into jail.

January 28: Officers assisted WCSO by checking the status of a person reported to be sleeping in his vehicle just outside of city limits. Blaine police found the man asleep in his vehicle with the vehicle running. State Patrol also responded to check the motorist, as it appeared he was probably intoxicated. CBP Officers in the area monitored the situation until a trooper arrived. Blaine officers cleared without incident.

January 21: Police were asked to assist a Bellingham resident with retrieving an item she had left at a property in Blaine. There had been some defrugalties between the caller and the place where she was resting, so an officer collected and delivered it to the thankful party. 

January 23: Police responded to a report of prowlers on Glen Eagle Dr. They were unable to locate anyone in the caller’s back yard, nor evidence that people had been in afoot in the area. It’s possible the culprits were of the deer variety. Officers cleared after checking the neighborhood.