Police Report -- February 12, 2009

Published on Thu, Feb 12, 2009
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February 4: A resident requested help controlling a 9-year-old grandson who was running away from home. Officers won the Hughes Avenue foot pursuit and detained the lad. They eventually ended up having to carry him home when he refused marching orders. The youngster's grandmother and Aunt took custody of the escape artist.

February 4: A Birch Bay resident dropped off a box of items at the police station which he found out in the county. An officer identified the contents are precursors for methamphetamine production. The items were removed from the building and isolated to prevent contaminating the environment. Appropriate county personnel were contacted to assume custody of the material.

February 4: A concerned citizen reports seeing a van in the neighborhood of the 400 block of C Street, driven by a man who stops and speaks to children in the area. Officers were notified for extra patrol and the reporting party will call the next time the vehicle is seen in the area.

February 4: Dispatch reported a loose aggressive dog on Blaine Avenue. Officers canvassed the area but did not locate the critter. Extra patrols were requested.

February 4: An employee found a purse in a business’ bathroom on H Street. The purse was impounded pending possible owner identification.

February 5: A business employee called to report receiving a possible counterfeit bill. The bill was examined and appears to be a valid series from the 1950s. Follow up is being made with the Secret Service to determine the note's authenticity.

February 5: An employee of the Port of Bellingham brought a bike in to the office which was abandoned at the Marina. The red boy’s bike was placed into property inpound in hopes the owner can be located.
February 5: Officer was dispatched to a report of a horse roaming the street on Allan Street. On arrival the officer contacted the owner to corral their beast.

February 6: Police were dispatched to a report of a possible attempted overnight burglary at a 14th Street business. A security light bulb had been removed from a back door, and there were pry marks near the dead bolt. Extra patrol will be provided.

February 6: An anonymous person reported that a bicycle had been thrown from a car on SR543 and H Street. An Officer searched the area but was unable to locate any mangled bike remains.

February 6: Officer was dispatched to a report of a fire alarm at the Blaine middle school. Officers assisted on scene until North Whatcom units arrived and determined the alarm was caused by a faulty smoke alarm.

February 7: Officers were dispatched to a report of a commercial alarm in the 1300 block of Boblett Street. Officers arrived and found the business was secure. No call out was available. Officers cleared and will send a false alarm form to the business.

February 8: A family reported that a relative with a drug addiction problem refused to accept treatment, and had stolen thousands of dollars worth of property from the family home. Blaine officers located the man, arrested him for first degree theft, and took him into custody.

February 8: Police were dispatched to a report of an escalating verbal domestic dispute at a G Street residence after an ex-spouse had come with friends to collect some property. Words were exchanged between the parties, and the complainant felt threatened. An arriving officer got assistance from nearby Border Patrol agents and calmed everyone down. No crime had occurred and officers were ultimately able to leave without further incident.

February 8: A Blaine resident reported that he had parked his car alongside Fourth Street while attending church. After the service he discovered fresh damage to the left front bumper of his vehicle. Apparently the offending party coveted pride over honesty, as no sign of contrition or confession was left at the scene of the sin, and witnesses are lacking.

February 9: A resident on B Street requested an officer come to her home regarding a theft. Police who investigated the incident found no forced entry, and no evidence of a burglary. A small number of valuable Centennial coins were reported missing. No suspect has been identified. The victim will be completing a voluntary statement form for the theft.

February 10: A public works employee reported that a car had driven into a ditch on Peace Portal Drive, at the freeway entrance to I-5 near the south end of Blaine. Police arrived and found that the driver appeared OK, but he was speech and hearing challenged and did not read or write English. Officers located a family member who responded to the scene and closed the communication gap. Everyone learned that the crash occurred when the young man’s large pet dog hopped up front to give the driver a big sloppy lick. No damage was suffered by beast, man or machine.

February 10: An officer investigated a motion alarm at a closed business on H Street. He discovered that the alarm sensor was near a large bouquet of helium-filled, heart shaped balloons. A warm breeze from the central heating buffeted the balloons, activating the alarm. No call-out was available, and a false alarm notification was issued for the heart moving emotion detection.

February 10: Officers received a report of a man sitting in a car outside a business on H Street, possibly spying on cutsomers inside late at night. The man was contacted and told officers he was there to let his dog roam. He was advised of the leash laws, and officers remained in the area until man and dog departed.