Police Report -- February 19, 2009

Published on Thu, Feb 19, 2009
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February 11: A motorist called to report that she had struck a sign on Semiahmoo Parkway near the county park. An officer arrived and determined the woman was not injured in the collision, but the sign will never inform again. A collision report was taken and public works was called to replace the post.

February 12: An officer was dispatched to contact a complainant in a store parking lot. He arrived and met a man who wanted to report that a nearby motorist opened their car door, and struck the callers’ car. The officer determined that the door bump had not caused any damage to the reporting person’s car, but the officer took an informational report to be helpful. That was handy, because as the caller was leaving, he backed his car into another parked vehicle. Information was then exchanged between those two motorists.

February 12: A concerned citizen called to report what appeared to be a theft of lumber from a construction site on D Street. Officers contacted the person responsible for the removal. He had not intended to permanently purloin the products, but was using it nearby to shore up other construction. The wood was returned, the owner was happy, and the borrower set sail to the lumberyard for supplies.

February 12: Police recognized a suspended driver behind the wheel of his vehicle in the 1900 block of Boblett Ave. An officer stopped the motorist, confirmed that his license was suspended, and arrested him. The 38-year-old Blaine man was processed and released with a mandatory court date and an infraction for not having valid insurance. A licensed driver arrived and took possession of the vehicle at the arrestee’s request.

February 13: Police were dispatched to the U.S. Port of Entry at Peace Arch, to a report that an assault victim needed medical assistance. Officers determined the U.S. citizen victim had actually been assaulted in Canada a couple of days earlier, and had been treated up there for his injuries before being deported. He was homeless but had an outstanding probation arrest warrant for his arrest. After being treated to medical evaluation by medics, he was provided housing at the jail courtesy of U.S. Customs agents.

February 13: Police observed a car hauler attempting to drop unregistered vehicles in inappropriate locations around Blaine. An officer attempted to contact the driver in the 1200 block of D Street. The driver eventually yielded at SR543 and H Street, after making an illegal u-turn and driving on the sidewalk in his truck with an expired registration. He was awarded infraction notices for the violations.

February 14: A young man ushered in Valentine’s Day by making a 2 a.m. report that his ex-girlfriend was driving while intoxicated on a city street. Officers contacted the young lady in the driveway of her residence: she was not impaired and no driving violations were observed.

February 14: Police were dispatched to a closed business on Peace Portal Drive after passing motorist spied a man perched on a back counter inside the locked building. Officers discovered that the part of the burglar was being played to perfection by a cardboard cutout of actor Billy Crystal.

February 14: U.S. Border Patrol agents observed a man sneak into the U.S. through Peace Arch Park after dark, and take up temporary quarters in a big bush on Second Street. An agent asked for assistance, and ample aid soon arrived to the arbor harboring the hapless hidden Honduran.

February 15: An officer stopped a car for a defective headlight on D Street. The motorist had no driver’s license and no insurance. He was arrested, cited and released for the licensing and insurance offenses. The Ferndale resident was also found to be a foreign national and improperly documented in that regard, so was taken in to custody by the U.S. Border Patrol.

February 15: A clerk of a business in the 1500 block of H Street reported a motorist fueled a black VW Jetta and then left without paying the $20 bill. Police searched the area but did not find the culprit.

February 15: Police were asked to attend at the Peace Arch port of entry, where Customs personnel had encountered a man who appeared to be in violation of a domestic violence protection order issued in San Francisco, CA. Officers confirmed that the order was valid, and they arrested the man transported him Whatcom county jail. The woman and children protected by the order continued their journey home to Seattle.

February 16: A father reported that his 12-year-old daughter had just run away from their F Street residence. An officer netted the lass a few blocks away, and brought her home. The young lady had taken flight in protest over being grounded.

February 17: An argument erupted in a parking lot on H Street after one driver opened a car door and nicked the second person’s car.  The disagreement rose to a level requiring police intervention when remarks were exchanged about the vehicle spacing needed to accommodate certain physiques.  The arriving officer asked the parties to exchange their insurance information and stop chipping on each other.

February 18: An officer observed a motorist westbound on D Street who he believed had a driver’s license which had been suspended for an unpaid ticket. A computer check through the Department of Licensing confirmed that the driver’s privileges were indeed in a suspended 3rd status. The vehicle was stopped at a business and the driver was arrested for the criminal traffic offense, cited and released.