Police Reports: July 20 - 27, 2011

Published on Wed, Jul 27, 2011
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July 20: Blaine Police responded to a request from Blaine Municipal Court to take a subject into custody for a court commitment for jail. An officer arrived and was informed the defense attorney had been able to negotiate a settlement which did not require the defendant to serve time in jail. The defendant's reservation for a bunk at Whatcom Summer Camp was cancelled.

July 20: An employee at a senior care facility reported being assaulted by a client. Officers arrived and contacted the resident, who was still disorderly and was confused to where he was at or why the police were there. The client had to be restrained for his own protection as well as that of the staff and officers. The person was taken to hospital on an involuntary hold for evaluation and treatment.

July 21: A business owner on Peace Portal Drive reported a problem with truckers leaving their tractor-trailers on the right-of-way in front of other businesses, blocking access to the driveway. Officer spoke with the trucking company, who said they would park the trailers in a different spot so they were not blocking the company signs and access of other businesses.

July 21: A resident reported a person she knows has been driving a vehicle on the roadway even though they do not have a driver's license. The resident asked police to be on the lookout for that driver and stop him from driving. Officer checked the driving status of the suspect and found his driving license is suspended. Officers are watching for the suspect.

July 21: A woman called police to report a workman allegedly harassing her following a civil dispute. An officer spoke to both parties and they agreed that neither wanted any contact from the other. No further enforcement action was taken at the time but is an option if the problem continues. Case closed.

July 21: A resident reported an big guy he does not know apparently got drunk a couple of weeks ago and started to spread rumors around town that the victim reporting party was a registered sex offender, which is a lie. The victim was concerned that the man's actions would lead to the victim suffering harm as a result of the suspect's malicious actions. Officers are investigating the complaint.

July 21: Police officers arrested a man in his room at a hotel in Blaine for three confirmed Blaine Municipal Court Domestic Violence warrants. The 40-year-old Blaine resident was transported and booked into jail. The warrants were cleared from state computer systems.

July 21: Person reported she parked her vehicle in her work parking lot and when she took a break she found a hand-written note on her windshield that said "HEY ******* KINDLY SLOW THE ********* DOWN." The note was not signed, so she had no idea who wrote it, and was surprised because she is a cautious and slow driver. An officer was able to find and contact the man who wrote the note, and advised him that concerns about inappropriate driving should be brought to the attention of police rather than via profane, upsetting notes. It turned out that the victim who brought the note to police was not the person or car that the note-writer was intending to address. The author was extremely sorry for the mix-up, and wrote the wrote the victim an apology.

July 21: Dispatch reported information to police about a man possibly selling drugs door-to-door along H Street in Blaine. Officers contacted the gent at the edge of town. The transient did not possess any illegal substances, was not wanted by authorities for any issues or violations, and was just trying to make his way to Lynden on foot. Border Patrol agents had stopped to assist the officer on the call, and an agent who was headed to Lynden offered to assist the man and Blaine Police by giving the gentleman transportation that direction.

July 22: Officers on patrol observed a bicyclist operating a bicycle after dark without a headlight. The bicyclist was contacted and found to be in possession of a prescription drug with no prescription bottle. The man advised that he had left his prescription bottle at home. The drugs were retained in safekeeping until the prescription was verified, and were then returned to the owner.

July 22: A resident reported having been assaulted by the person who owns the apartments where she rents a unit, and also committing other violations of landlord-tenant laws by illegally restraining her rights to possession of her apartment. Police are investigating and will be reviewing the evidence gathered with prosecutors to determine if court action is warranted.

July 22: A police officer attempted to stop a vehicle on Peace Portal Drive for an equipment violation. The driver failed to stop and eluded the officer. The vehicle was finally stopped on Adelia Street and the motorist was arrested for felony eluding. Driver's checks revealed the driver was driving with a suspended driver's license. The 36-year-old Blaine resident was transported to jail.

July 22: Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of 8th Street regarding a report of malicious mischief. A young man told police that a tire on his truck was cut sometime during the evening. No suspects have been identified.

July 22: Blaine Police responded to a report of a loose dog on H Street. An officer arrived and offered to take the little dog into protective custody until the Humane Society could respond. The reporting party offered to canvas the neighborhood to locate the dog's owner to avoid having it impounded. The officer and the pup were both thankful for the outcome.

July 22: While on patrol an officer observed two men walking southbound on 8th Street, in public violation of a current no-contact court order in effect between the pair. The petitioner was advised that his wishes and the order of the court were being followed, and the 35-year-old respondent was arrested and transported to jail.

July 22: Police were dispatched to an apartment on D Street to assist the residents with getting a intoxicated friend out of their house. Officers arrived and contacted the victims, who explained they allowed a friend to stay the night, but he had gotten himself very intoxicated and they wanted him to leave. Officers assisted everyone involved by getting the inebriate safely home.

July 22: An apartment resident on D Street reported that three tires on her vehicle had been punctured sometime overnight. A possible suspect has been identified and police are investigating.

July 22: Police received information about a resident who has been honking his car horn in an attempt to upset a neighbor's dogs. The caller wanted to have the information on record. A report was generated for follow-up and documentation of the reported harassment.

July 23: Blaine PD responded to assist Border Patrol agents with a search for persons found hiding near the U.S./Canada border in a residential neighborhood in Blaine. Two suspects were taken into custody by the federal agents, and the Blaine officers cleared the scene.

July 23: Blaine Police responded to a report of a non-blocking, non-injury collision at Bell Road and Runge Avenue. The driver at fault was cited for failure to yield. The 21-year-old driver of the other vehicle involved, although not primarily at fault, was found to be driving under the influence. She was processed, arrested and booked into jail.

July 23: Blaine PD responded to a report that a victim had been threatened with a knife. The reporting party explained an acquaintance held a knife up to her throat and forced her to drive him home. Officers attempted to contact the suspect at his residence in Blaine, but he refused to come out. A search warrant was obtained and officers forced entry into the house. The 51-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into jail without incident.

July 24: Blaine PD responded to a report of smoke in a residential area on D Street. The area was canvassed and the people who started the fire were contacted at their house, where they were burning wet brush from yard work. Officers checked with the fire department and confirmed that it is illegal to burn brush inside the city limits. The responsible party was educated and stated they would refrain from future burning.

July 24: Officers were dispatched to an anonymous complaint of illegal crabbing on the Blaine Pier. Officer arrived and found three visitors to the area who were indeed crabbing in closed waters. When contacted, they presented their freshly issued licenses and explained the place where they got the licenses had told them that crabbing was open in Blaine. The Canadian residents were advised of the next legal crabbing period, and then officers contacted the licenser to provide accurate information on openings and closures.

July 24: A vehicle failed to yield to oncoming traffic as it exited a townhouse complex on Bayview Ave, and almost crashed into a police cruiser driving past. The car was stopped by officers and the driver was contacted. The motorist had a reason for the traffic violation and near-miss: he was driving while under the influence. The lucky 56-year-old Blaine resident was processed, arrested and transported to jail.

July 24: Police were dispatched to a late-evening report of a fight about to occur on 9th Street. Officers arrived and found the suspect aggressor had left. Officers determined the fight was over alleged drug purchases and money owed between the seller and purchaser. The police were not able to develop cause to make an arrest over the alleged drug purchase. All people involved were given disorderly conduct and trespass warnings, and information on the incident was shared with area law enforcement.

July 25: A commercial trailer disconnected from its tractor on Grant Street, and caused the trailer to come to rest at an extremely awkward angle in the road. Officers directed traffic while the trailer was righted. A Washington State Patrol Commercial Vehicle Trooper responded and conducted an inspection on the driver and the vehicles.

July 25: A woman called police to report a neighbor's beagle barking on a regular basis during the day. The woman requested police to make her neighbor aware that his dog barks during his absence in the daytime but did not want to assist in conducting an enforcement action taken against him. The dog's owner and Animal Control were advised of the complaint.

July 25: Blaine PD stopped a vehicle for speeding on Peace Portal Drive and the driver was found to have a suspended license in the third degree. The driver was arrested, cited and released with a mandatory court date.

July 25: Customs and Border Protection at Peace Arch Port of Entry called police when they contacted a 21-year-old Canadian woman in possession of a personal-use amount of marijuana. A police officer arrested, cited and released the woman pending her appearance in court.

July 25: Customs and Border Protection at Peace Arch Port of Entry reported a 22-year-old traveler was in possession of a personal-use amount of marijuana. A police officer arrested, cited and released the woman pending her appearance in court. Case closed.

July 25: A North Dakota resident was stopped on D Street for a traffic violation. A check revealed the man was driving with a suspended California driver's license. The man was arrested, processed and released with a mandatory court date.

July 25: Blaine Police were dispatched to assist Whatcom County sheriff's deputies with a not-in-progress domestic violence incident where the suspect had felony warrants through the Department of Corrections. Officers arrived as the suspect was detained.

July 25: A woman contacted an officer on D Street looking for a place to stay. She explained that she had been deported from Canada and had no money or warm clothes. While the officer discussed the woman's options to her, a nearby resident offered her lodging for the night. The traveler accepted the generosity and the officer cleared.July 25: Police assisted United States Customs and Border Protection officers in identifying a 7-year-old girl and an 18-year-old girl who had been denied entry into Canada. Officers and Customs Officers identified and contacted both parents. The father of the 7-year-old girl was called to retrieve his daughter. Due to a custody issue the mother was contacted and advised of the situation. The mother gave officers consent to release the child to her biological father.

July 26: A resident returned home after being away for a month and found her front door standing open. Police checked the interior and exterior of the home and then the homeowner examined the premises. There was no sign of criminal activity. The door was apparently not quite latched when the owner went away. Other windows in the house were also left open, and the door likely came open due to pressure changes in the home during recent storms. No crime. Case closed.

July 26: Officers were dispatched to a 911 hang up call on B Street. A officer arrived and contacted the resident. The officer checked the residence and discovered the call was placed accidently by a toddler.

July 26: An officer stopped a vehicle on Bell Road for a traffic violation. While talking to the driver the officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the interior of the vehicle. The officer asked the driver and the female passenger if there was any marijuana in the car. The driver and passenger both admitted possessing a personal-use amount of marijuana, and a goodly amount of personal-use marijuana was impounded. Both the driver and passenger were arrested, processed and released with court dates.

July 26: Police were dispatched to a shots fired call in the area of Valley View and H Street. Officers called Border Patrol for assistance to check the area, as they had four-wheel-drive vehicles which stood a better chance of not getting stuck. Border Patrol agents had been in the area at the time of the call and had not heard any gunfire. Nothing unusual was found and agents remained to keep an eye on the area for the police and nearby residents.

July 27: Person reported he has received a few calls over the past couple days from a person saying he had won a lot of money, but for him to retrieve the money he needed to wire the lotto company $500. The person did not give out any personal information, and asked the fraudulent lotto company to engage in exercise requiring significant mobility and flexion, then called police to document the fraud attempt.

July 27: The Blaine Municipal Court requested an officer to take an individual into custody and to book the person into jail. An officer arrived, took custody of the individual and transported him to jail.

July 27: A woman called to report that while she was shopping at a grocery store in Blaine she dropped some money from her purse. An informational report was taken so that if the money is turned in she can be contacted.