Police Reports: August 3 - August 10, 2011

Published on Wed, Aug 10, 2011
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August 3, 11:52 a.m.: Blaine police received a notice from the attorney general of Washington from a person who believed a business might be participating in fraudulent transactions. Officers determined the complainant's concern centered on the fact he was supposed to receive goods by July 31, but on August 1 they had not arrived. The business is located in Canada, and the complaint was delivered to the RCMP with a request for assistance.

August 3, 2:13 p.m.: A passerby reported seeing an adult couple arguing in a parking lot on 3rd Street. Officers arrived to find the pair had already left the area. CBP officers located the man and woman walking toward Canada and contacted them. They explained their dispute had not been physical, and the young lady felt comfortable and safe continuing home with the gentleman.

August 3, 1:20 p.m.: Blaine police dispatchers advised officers they had received a frantic call from someone using a cell phone. Initially there was no voice on the line, but then a child could be heard crying and screaming. A few moments later a man's voice was overheard saying "Don’t hit him with that," and then the line went dead. The dispatchers were able to trace the call back to its subscriber, and police contacted the teenager in possession of the phone. He was babysitting and his phone accidentally dialed the police station number while he was trying to put a stop to a sibling water balloon fight. The young man's parent was advised in case a little supervisory supervision might prove helpful.

August 3, 3:28 p.m.: An anonymous passerby reported seeing a man dragging a woman into a residence in Blaine. Officers arrived in the area and located the household. The male half had been helping his parents by restraining his mentally challenged sister to keep her from going out into the roadway and getting hurt. The young lady was not injured in the incident and was cooperating with her parents when officers arrived.

August 3, 3:38 p.m.: A young man was dropped off at the police station by his mom so that he could turn himself in on a warrant. The warrant was confirmed and the 14-year-old was transported to juvenile detention. He was also listed as a runaway, and that law enforcement database entry was cleared as well.

August 3, 5:45 p.m.: A 21-year-old B.C. driver entered the U.S. from Canada with 2.59 grams of marijuana which was promptly discovered by CBP officers at the Peace Arch Port of Entry. A Blaine officer investigated, arrested the woman and released her with a mandatory court date.

August 3, 7:19 p.m.: An officer initiated a contact with two young men who were parked in a vehicle in a high-crime residential area on Adelia Street. One of the occupants ran from the scene, failed to obey the officer's instructions to stop, and was not apprehended. His partner was detained and arrested for possession of a personal use amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. His fleet-footed partner was located six days later and arrested for obstructing and for possession of drug paraphernalia as well. His impounded vehicle was released after a search warrant of its interior and contents was executed.

August 3, 8:32 p.m.: Police were asked to intercede when what sounded like a yelling match broke out at an apartment complex on 4th Street. Officers arrived and contacted a woman who had been yelling in frustration about something. Her adult daughter agreed to help keep the noise level to a minimum. Officers departed the area and the tenants promised to keep their word quietly.

August 4, 11:41 a.m.: An Edmonton, Alberta, resident was stopped by CBP for inspection prior to leaving the U.S. CBP personnel found a small quantity of suspected marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and called Blaine police. Further inspection showed the man was also suspended from driving in B.C. The man was cited for his offenses and released.

August 4, 3:29 p.m.: U.S. CBP said they were questioning a person who was attempting to cross into the U.S. and found marijuana in her purse. Officer arrived, investigated, and arrested the lady for personal use possession of marijuana. She was cited and released.

August 4, 3:53 p.m.:
U.S. CBP reported they were questioning a person who was attempting to enter into the U.S., and during the process they found marijuana and drug paraphernalia on his person. A Blaine officer arrived and arrested the 30-year-old Burnaby, B.C., resident for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The person was cited and released.

August 4, 4:33 p.m.: A business employee called Blaine Police to report a semi-truck parked too close to a driveway on Grant Street, making ingress and egress of other commercial delivery vehicles unsafe. An attempt to contact the semi owner is being made, to warn him about the problem.

August 4, 4:57 p.m.: A woman rushed into the police station to report witnessing an assault in progress outside a residence in the 8200 block of Harborview Road in the county, where an enraged man wielding a piece of lumber was beating an unarmed woman. The reporting party was assisted in notifying 911 of the emergency, and the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office responded to investigate.

August 4, 10:02 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a possible fight brewing between a group of kids in the 600 block of E St. The arriving officers contacted several juveniles sitting by the roadside, talking and horsing around in the warm twilight. They agreed to try looking a little less dangerous as they headed for home.

August 4, 11:50 p.m.: An alert Border Patrol agent in the area of 2nd and B streets contacted a suspicious man and determined the subject was wanted on multiple burglary and stolen property trafficking warrants in King County. The warrants were confirmed and the man was turned over to Blaine police, who booked him into jail.

August 5, 8:57 a.m.: A Blaine resident called the police to report that someone with too much time on their hands stole the sundial from their yard. The suspect or some another miscreant had also dug up and cut a section of the invisible dog fence ringing their property. It is not known if the fence might have had a defect, since the vandal was able to find it. No suspects in the taking and breaking have been located.

August 5, 1:35 p.m.: U.S. CBP at the Peace Arch Port of Entry called to request an officer assist when they discovered an individual in possession of marijuana. A Blaine officer arrived, arrested, cited and released the Pemberton, B.C., resident for the offense.

August 5, 7:09 p.m.: Blaine police and USBP agents responded to a Whatcom County sheriff's deputy asking for help handling a call at a trailer park on Birch Bay-Lynden Road. Officers arrived and provided assistance for the duration of the event, then cleared without incident.

August 5, 7:45 p.m.: WSP advised of a rolling domestic in a B.C.-plated vehicle northbound on the freeway approaching Blaine. USBP agents and Blaine officers observed the vehicle exiting onto state route 543 and contacted the occupants. The two had been arguing about the fact one had been late picking up the other from the airport, but nothing physical had occurred.

August 7, 2:22 a.m.: A man from Arlington was drinking with friends at a Blaine motel when he called his girlfriend to come and pick him up. She didn't know what off-ramp to take and got lost, then called him back. With an alcohol-fueled flash of genius that only strikes at 3 a.m., he decided to run out onto the freeway to look for the milepost exit sign so he could give her better directions. The gent was jogging south in the northbound lanes of I-5 when police and Border Patrol agents caught up with him. They explained to the man exactly where he was, and the sobering truth about where he could end up if he did not relocate.

August 7, 10:26 p.m.: A 30-year-old driver was stopped on Peace Portal Drive for a traffic violation. Driver's checks revealed that his driver's license was suspended in the second degree. During the arrest process a small amount of marijuana and hashish and a used syringe were found in the man's pockets. Officers then discovered the man was wanted on a outstanding DUI warrant from the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office. The Blaine resident was transported to jail for booking.

August 8, 11 a.m.: Residents living in the area of H Street and Odell Road reported that vehicles have been speeding at very high rates in excess of the posted 25 mph speed limit. The street recently opened after having been rebuilt, and the beautiful stretch of smooth pavement is presenting a temptation to motorists and even some bicyclists and skateboarders. The city's traffic safety engineers were advised of the concerns about speeders, bicycles and skateboards all using the same street, and patrol officers were directed to provide additional enforcement in the area.

August 8, 9 a.m.: During the community's Drayton Harbor Days celebration a passerby found a small amount on U.S. money laying on the ground and turned it in to employees at the Port of Bellingham. The Port Authority advised police that the found property will be available at the Harbormaster's Office for the owner who can identify it.

August 8, 8 a.m.: An Israeli citizen reported losing his passport, possibly somewhere between the Miami, Florida, airport and Vancouver, B.C. He reported his lost passport to the appropriate agency, and they asked that a report be filed with our office. A lost property report was completed by the party.

August 8, 6 p.m.: While on patrol an officer contacted a family member of a woman who was wanted on two Blaine Municipal Court warrants. The family member brought the woman to the officer so she could turn herself in. The woman was arrested and transported to the jail for booking. Not printed.

August 8, 9:23 p.m.: A Lynden resident was stopped on 11th Street for a equipment violation, and the officer making the contact noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer asked the driver about the odor and the gent produced personal-use amounts of marijuana, hashish and drug paraphernalia. He was arrested, processed and released with a court date.

August 8, 11:51 p.m.: Officers contacted two bicyclists on Peace Portal Drive for equipment and traffic violations. The male rider obstructed the officers’ investigation and provided a false name to avoid arrest. The female rider was in possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. Both subjects were arrested and booked in to jail.

August 9, 8:04 a.m.: A resident called police to report that someone had broken out the window of her vehicle while it was parked over a two-day period in a secluded area adjacent to an alley off Alder Street. The thief stole a car stereo from the vehicle valued at about $200. Damage to the vehicle's dash and window was estimated by the owner to be about $1,000. There are no suspects in the theft and vandalism. Neighborhood canvas was negative for suspects or witnesses.

August 9, 7:45 a.m.: A CBP inspector at Peace Arch Port of Entry called police when a possibly intoxicated driver arrived at the border. The motorist did have a small amount of Irish cream liquor in his large coffee cup. He did not display any signs of impairment and provided a portable breath test sample which was negative. He was warned about having open alcohol in his vehicle, and his coffee was poured out. He was turned back over to CBP as he had committed his indiscretion in the NEXUS lane.

August 9, 8:20 a.m.: An employee called to report a possibly intoxicated female driving away from the business on a city street. The woman had behaved in an unusual manner in the business lobby causing the employee to perceive the woman as possibly impaired. Two officers attempted to intercept the lady but she was already gone. The woman was identified and contacted at home by police. She was not intoxicated but was suffering from other problems.

August 8, 5:15 p.m.:
An officer on patrol discovered graffiti on a large propane tank. The tag was documented and the property owner was advised of the need to have the graffiti removed within 24 hours. There are no suspects in the vandalism at this time.

August 9, 12:49 p.m.: A resident came into the police station to seek law enforcement intervention with a neighbor who takes his dog out for walks and allows the animal to defecate on the victim's lawn. The victim completed a written statement and officers are attempting to contact the suspect at his residence. He was not home the first time, but they'll keep trying to scoop him up.

August 9, 12:57 p.m.: A man donated a pistol and a box of ammunition to the police department.

August 9, 1:11 p.m.: A business called to report three teenagers skateboarding and causing trouble in their parking lot. Officers contacted two of the kids about six blocks away. The pair said they had not been riding their skateboards, but were sitting on them while teasing each other and throwing paper cups at each other. The juveniles were warned not to skate board on private property or obstruct businesses and released.

August 9, 5:37 p.m.: A visitor from Vancouver, B.C., found and turned in a Bellingham resident's wallet that she found on the beach at Semiahmoo. An officer called the owner of the wallet and left a message for him to retrieve his property.

August 9, 5:57 p.m.: A driver was stopped on Boblett Street for a traffic infraction. A driver's check revealed the man's driving status was suspended in the second degree, and he had a used marijuana pipe in the man's vehicle. The Blaine resident was arrested, processed and released with a court date for the violations.

August 9, 11:20 p.m.: Peace Arch Port of Entry called when they contacted a person with a Blaine Municipal Court warrant. Officers confirmed the warrant, arrested the person, and booked him into jail. The 22-year-old suspect from Renton also has a warrant out of King County, but the agency did not confirm extradition.

August 10, 12:12 a.m.: An apartment resident on D Street called police when one of his neighbors was targeted in a deliberate gruesome hit. Officers attempted to contact the victims, but they either were not home or were sleeping very, very soundly. The reporting party also suffered collateral damage in the attack, but the egg splatter on their car did not rise to vandalism.