Police Reports: December 13 - December 21, 2011

Published on Thu, Dec 22, 2011
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December 13, 2:38 p.m.: Police responded to a report that a strong odor of marijuana was wafting from a vehicle with dark tinted windows parked on Mitchell Street in front of the school. Officers contacted the vehicle and its lone occupant. Neither was unduly fragrant.

December 13, 6:20 p.m.: An out of area truck driver hired a local company to help him get his load of Chinese vegetables delivered to a facility in Canada. He became anxious and called police after a few hours when his trailer had not yet been returned to him.  Officers helped him check on the status of his equipment, and he discovered everything was fine. It just took longer than he expected for the work to be completed.

December 14, 10:13 a.m.: A resident reported the theft of a gaming computer workstation from his property. Police are  investigating and checking pawn shops in the area.  The owner requested extra patrol of his neighborhood when officers are able.

December 14, 11:46 a.m.: A bank patron became so irate and billigerent that branch employees called police for help dealing with the abusive man.  He left before officers arrived, and witnesses confirmed that the suspect had been very disorderly but not physically assault anyone. Officers located the same a motel where he was staying and gave him a warning for his disruptive behavior.  He state that he would not return to the business.

December 14, 2:13 p.m.: A resident received a call from Whatcom County Jail, and assumed that it was an acquaintance trying to call her in violation of a No Contact Order outstanding between them.  Police investigated and learned that the the call had been legitimate. It had been placed by a different acquaintance of the victims', someone she had not known was in jail until he called from there.

December 14, 2:33 p.m.: U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers called Blaine PD when they learned that a person they were checking was  on a Blaine Muncipal Court arrest warrant.  Police responded and arrrested the 41 year old Bellingham resident.  He was booked into jail.

December 14, 5:30 p.m.: A passerby noticed a chilly Chihuahua fading fast outside home on Harrrison Street and called police.  An officer arrived in time to contact the pet owner. She'd just gotten home and rescued her pet.  It appears that another family member either inadvertently let the little guy out, or inadvertently forgot to let him back in.

December 15, 3:15 a.m.: A motorist was stopped on Hughes Ave for speeding and for a vehicle equipment violation. During the driver contact the officer developed reasn to believe that the operator's ability to drive was affected by alcohol consumption. After roadside sobriety tests the 22 year old Blaine resident was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.  She was processed and transported to jail.

December 15, 11:24 a.m.: Dispatch relayed a complaint that a vehicle was blocking the bike lane on northbound Peace Portal south of H Street. An officer responded and did find a vehicle parked with it's driver's side tires on the inner white line of the bike lane, but there was sufficient room for pedicyclists to use the lane without difficulty. No enforcement action was needed.

December 15, 1:59 p.m.: Police received a referral from Child Protective Service regarding a parent who might be providing their child marijuana.  An officer contacted and interviewed the parent, and completed a report which was returned to CPS.

December 15, 2:12 p.m.: An officer located an abandoned and apparently disabled vehicle in the 700 block of Ludwick Ave.  The owner arrived just before the car was impounded, and officers helped push the vehicle a safe distance from a nearby stop sign to a location where it could be parked safely out of the traffic names.  The owner will make arrangements for removal later today.

December 15, 2:56 p.m.: Blaine police were dispatched to the Peace Arch Port of Entry when a traveler was found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana.  An officer arrived and investigated, but found the marijuana not to be the property of the person in possession of it.  (Honest - that's what the report says.)

December 15, 8:30 p.m.: A gas station clerk called to report that someone had apparently abandoned their BC licensed car beside the station's pumps. Officers located the owner at a nearby restaurant.  He explained that his vehicle's anti-theft car system had malfunctioned, immobilizing his car while he was gassing up.  The motorist had wandered down the street to have dinner and ponder his predicament, and forgot to inform that service station attendants of his problem.  He took the officers' advice and had the vehicle moved to a better location while he ruminated on a solution.

December 16, 3:27 a.m.: While on foot patrol officers observed what appeared to be fresh graffiti on a city sidewalk near a closed business. The graffiti was photographed and Public Works will be advised so that the vandalism can be removed as quickly as possible.

December 16, 4:21 a.m.: Officers on patrol observed apparent fresh damage to the safety railing surrounding gas pumps at a service station on Peace Portal.  There are no suspects in the vandalism.

December 16, 4:19 p.m.: A 16-year-old with a freshly minted driver's license was stopped for speeding almost double the posted limit on H Street.  He was cited for the speed, and for violating the conditions of his intermediate license by having passengers in his car.  The young man was cautioned about the criminal repercussions of reckless driving.

December 16, 7:45 p.m.: Blaine PD received a warrant from the court for the arrest of a Blaine resident.  The woman was located and arrested without incident, then booked into jail.

December 16, 8:20 p.m.: An officer working a traffic emphasis on Northbound Interstate Five at US Customs contacted a driver after learning the man d an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. The Seattle man found to be sober enough to drive, and was even more so after receiving a citation for the open container violation.

December 16, 9:10 p.m.: A passerby called to report that a heated verbal dispute was occurring outside of a residence on F Street.  Police arrived and d three people arguing about their right to enter or remain at a particular property.  Officers mediated the dispute and cleared when things had calmed down.

December 17, 12:02 a.m.: Police stopped a vehicle for speeding on Odell Road, and during the contact discovered that there were two handguns in the vehicle within reach of the teenaged driver.  The adult owner of the weapons was not present, and when contacted by officers was offended at their concern about his violation of the laws governing firearms.  The .45 caliber pistol and .22 revolver were impounded as evidence and a report filed with the prosecutor's office regarding the the violation.  The driver was cited for his traffic violation and released.

December 17, 2:31 a.m.: Officers responded to report of person sleeping in front of business on Peace Portal downtown, and contacted a visitor from Japan. She declined offers of assistance to help her find lodging for the remainder of the cold night, and was last seen walking southbound toward Seattle.

December 17, 6 a.m.: Officers stopped a vehicle for traffic violations, and discovered the 15 year old operator did not have a driver's license, and had snuck out of a relative's home to joyride around the county in the family car without permission.  An officer drove out and picked up the boy's father and brought him to the scene so that he could collect his son and the car.  A report on the traffic violations and the taking of the motor vehicle was filed with the juvenile prosecutor's office.

December 17, 8:14 a.m.: A concerned passerby called police to report seeing a vehicle abandoned well off the road on Semiahmoo Spit, out near the tideline.  An officer responded and found the vehicle still parked a few hundred feet off the roadway near the beach.  It was occupied by a subsistence clam harvester who explained that he had fallen asleep while waiting for low tide.  He was directed to a more appropriate place to park.

December 17, 9:18 a.m.: Customs and Border Protection at the Peace Arch called to request an officer attend when they discovered an individual in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Blaine Police arrived, investigated and arrested the 26 year old Vancouver, BC resident. He was cited into Blaine Municipal Court for criminal  possession of two joints and a pot pipe.

December 17, 11:40 a.m.: A resident on 8th Street reported the theft of a brand new bicycle. Their son had received the bike as a present two days earlier, and it had disappeared from their front yard where he had left it overnight.  Officers are watching for the chrome and green colored 18 speed bike with flashing valve stem caps.

December 17, 5:55 p.m.: An elderly motorist accidently drove off the pavement in a muddy lot, and got her car stuck in the muck.  Border Patrol Agents and Blaine Police officers helped the lady get out of her vehicle and safely onto solid ground . Her family arrived a short time later and completed the rescue operation.

December 18, 12:52 a.m.: Police responded to a 1am report of a fight in progress in a residential neigborhood on Harrison Street. Officers arrived in the area and tracked the commotion to its source.  What sounded like a donnybrook was actually a raucous birthday party for a freshly minted 21-yearold. No minors were observed drinking at the residence, and Birthday Boy agreed to tone down the volume of his guests.

December 18, 1 a.m.: Officers were investigating another matter when they observed a young man pass out. They called for medical assistance and tended to the victim until an aid unit arrived.  The gent came around and explained he's had similar incidents in the past.  He had not been drinking, and and was turned over to medical first responders.

December 18, 9:41 a.m.: A resident on H Street called police when an disoriented stranger came knocking on her door, saying that he was lost.  Officers interviewed the man and helped him to his own home nearby.  He continued to show signs of disorientation and confusion, an police called for medical assistance.  The victim lived alone and was not able to safely stay by himself or find his way to a doctor, and he was transported  to hospital for evaluation.

December 18, 6:30 p.m.: Portland Police Bureau called Blaine Police for assistance when they learned that an Oregon resident who had threated to commit suicide had used his cell phone close to the Canadian border.  Blaine officers and Border Patrol agents located the victim's car at a motel on D Street, and found the man unconscious in a motel room.  They revived him and turned him over to arriving fire department first responders.  He was transported to hospital to receive treatment of his overdose and a mental health evaluation.

December 18, 7:30 p.m.: An officer working the border related traffic congestion on the truck route observed a low speed rear end collision on SR543 north of H Street.  No one was injured in the fender bender and the officer helped the two parties exchange information as it was otherwise non-reportable.

December 18, 7:23 p.m.: Officers patrolling D Street contacted an intoxicated man who was at risk of being run over as he staggered west on D street just after 7 pm Sunday evening.  The inebriate was helped onto the sidewalk, where he explained he was walking to a gas station to buy more beer.  Officers advised him that he was obviously too intoxicated to be allowed to purchase alcohol and should return home.  A short time later the officers spotted him again staggering along blocking traffic, and this time he was carrying fresh beer which a nearby service station had illegally sold to him.  Police arrested the pedestrian for Disorder Conduct and made sure he made it safely home, then contacted the service station attendant who sold the alcohol.  He was interviewed and a report on the incident was forwarded to the Washington State Liquor Control Board for review.

December 18, 11:02 p.m.: A 19-year-old driver was stopped on H Street for a vehicle equipment violation, and officers observed a fresh cold six pack of beer in the back of the teenager's pickup.  He received a criminal citation and signed a promise to appear for his illegal possession of the alcohol, and accepted a warning for the equipment violation.

December 18, 11:55 p.m.: A teenager reported that he had visited a friend's home on Harrison Street for a few hours, and when he came back out to his car he discovered that someone had vandalized it with several raw eggs.  The victim had no idea who was responsible for the attack, and he had immediately washed off the mess to prevent damage to his paint.

December 19, 2:35 p.m.: Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle complaint near a Blaine business. Officer responded and checked the area, but were not able to locate the described vehicle. Officers cleared withno further action taken.

December 19, 4:35 p.m.: Police were dispatched to check the welfare of a woman at a residence in Blaine when friends reported that she had made comments about intending to harm herself.  The young lady explained thatt she was angry with her parents over issues, but had only been venting when she made some inappropriate remarks on Facebook.

December 19, 9:30 p.m.: An apartment building manager requested the presence of police while she secured an empty apartment which had been vacated by the former renter. The manager explained that the tenant had left of bad terms and was rude in the process.  An officer stood by as the manager secured the vacant one bedroom apartment. No crime was committed.

December 20, 12:18 a.m.: Police were dispatched to a neighborhood report of a physical violent domestic dispute at a house on E Street. Officers arrived and contacted the noisemakers.  No assaults had occurred, but the police did find three teens aged 15, 17 and 19, who were violating state liquor laws.  The two juveniles were released to their parents and reports were forwarded to the juvenile court.  The 19-year-old was released from custody after receiving a criminal citation and a mandatory court appearance date.

December 20, 2 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a dispute at a business in the 2700 block of Peace Portal Drive. On arrival they determined the commotion involved an employee who had become upset in a dispute over money, and then assaulted two other employees during the argument.  Officers investigated and cited the man on two counts of misdemeanor assault.

December 20, 2:02 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a non blocking, non injury collision at 14th and H St.  By the time they could clear other calls and get to the crash scene, the motorists had already taken care of most of the business and had exchanged their information.  An officer took photos of the damaged vehicles and gathered information for the the state collision form.  Some followup is being conducted to complete the investigation.

December 20, 2:25 p.m.: A woman reported getting harassing phone calls from what she believed to be an attorney's office. An officer investigated, called the suspect phone number and found that the perpetrator was a  telemarketer. The victim is going to have her phone number changed to ensure there are no more problems.

December 20, 4:10 p.m.: A woman called police after noticing a vehicle parked in the driveway of a neighbors currently vacant house.  Officers arrived and checked the house and found that it was secure, but they could not locate a driver or owner for the vehicle. A business card from the officer was left under the wiper blade of the vehicle requesting contact.

December 20, 11:09 p.m.: A Blaine Officer stopped a vehicle on H Street for a traffic violation and developed cause to believe that the motorist's ability to drive was affected by alcohol consumption. Sobriety tests confirmed this, and she was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. The 39 year old Blaine resident was processed and booked into jail.

December 21, 3:38 a.m.: A Blaine Officer stopped a vehicle on H Street for an equipment violation, and had trouble conversing with the driver.  He called for assistance from US Border Patrol, and an agent arrivd to help with translation.  During the contact it became aparent the driver was a foreign national and not legally in the United States.  When the traffic violation was resolved the driver was released to federal custody.