Police Reports: February 29 - March 7, 2012

Published on Wed, Mar 7, 2012
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February 29, 9:31 a.m.: A British Columbia resident contacted Blaine police to ask for help finding a missing package that was supposed to be delivered to a mail box service in Blaine by courier but had not arrived. An officer found the package via its tracking number, and advised the caller of its current location.

February 29, 9:40 a.m.:
Police were dispatched to City Hall when a utility customer became disruptive while arguing with finance department staff. Officers contacted the man, and he agreed to behave civilly while conducting his business. He departed without causing any further problems.

February 29, 11:23 a.m.: Administrators at Blaine Primary School called police asking for help finding a missing 7-year-old child. A search was started, and a U.S. Border Patrol Agent soon located the child near Cedar Street and Mitchell Avenue. The agent handed the youngster over to a Blaine officer, who delivered him back to school.

February 29, 11:58 a.m.: Police received a call from a teenager that his red, green and silver Mongoose bicycle was missing and might have been stolen within the last couple of days. This information was passed on to patrol. The owner said that he was home sick and did not want police to come by his house so he could sign a stolen property report. The incident will be closed until the complainant wishes to formally report the theft.

February 29, 6 p.m.:
A mother reported the theft of her 9-year-old daughter's cell phone and wallet from the child's backpack while it was unattended at a crowded gathering place for kids. There are no suspects nor witnesses in the theft at this time.

February 29, 7:06 p.m.: An officer was contacted by a teenager who asked for help with a person the teen had fought with earlier in the day. The complainant had taken a threatening call from the other young man, and did not want there to be any more confrontations. An officer spoke with both sides of the dispute and they agreed to leave one another alone.

February 29, 6:30 p.m.: A passerby reported seeing a youngster waiting for a bus along Peace Portal Drive downtown, after dark in cold weather. The concerned citizen felt that the 12-year-old should not be out under such conditions. An officer arrived
within three minutes, but the boy had caught his bus and was no longer out in the elements.

March 1, 4:37 p.m.: Customs officers at the Peace Arch Port of Entry called Blaine police to the scene when they discovered marijuana and methamphetamine in the possession of a traveler. Blaine police investigated, confiscated the drugs and booked the 46-year-old from Renton into jail.

March 2, 1:32 p.m.: A resident called police when she went to pay her credit card bill and discovered someone had fraudulently ordered a $1,500 laptop using her account. The victim reported the incident to her credit card company and that firm is assuming the loss. The victim provided a written statement and was given a case number to share with the credit card folks. Police were not able to ascertain where the laptop ended up.

March 2, 2:40 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a disturbance when a neighborhood dispute over shrubbery became loud enough to worry passersby. Officers arrived and spoke with both halves. Party A had thought his neighbor was going to prune a couple of trees along a nearby property line. Party B thought everyone had agreed that he would cut down the trees, and that's what he had done. Loud displeasure ensued. It appeared to the officers that the two seven-foot trees had actually been growing on city park property. Party A was still sad that the trees were gone. Party B was even more sad to realize his mistake was going to have to be reviewed by the the Parks Department and prosecutor.

March 3, 1:56 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to the Peace Arch Port of Entry when Customs officers intercepted an impaired driver trying to weave into the U.S. from Canada. Blaine police investigated and confirmed that the motorist appeared very intoxicated. The 23-year-old White Rock, B.C., resident was arrested, processed and booked into jail. His car was impounded.

March 3, 11:53 a.m.:
A man found a woman's purse in Blaine and turned it in to police. The purse contained the owner's identification, debit card, cosmetics and a used glass marijuana pipe. Police attempted contact at the woman's D Street home, but no one came to the door. The purse, identification and makeup were secured as found property. The marijuana pipe was booked into evidence for destruction.

March 4, 2 a.m.: Dispatch reported that the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department requested assistance on a call about several people yelling amid the sounds of gunfire in an area along Kickerville Road. Blaine Officers arrived and assisted deputies in searching for the melee. They located several men standing on a porch talking, but they all denied shooting any guns. No further disturbance calls from received from the neighborhood.

March 4, 7:15 p.m.: Dispatch reported that U.S. Border Patrol agents had contacted a man who had illegally crossed into the U.S. in Blaine. After detaining the suspect the agents determined that he had a warrant for his arrest with the city of Bellingham. A Blaine officer responded to arrest the 32-year-old Chilliwack, B.C., man on the warrant, and booked him into jail.

March 5, 7:05 a.m.: Officers responded to a report of a cold vehicle prowl. Sometime between 7 p.m. and 6:45 the next morning an unlocked vehicle on Peace Portal Drive was unlawfully entered and its contents rummaged through. Items appeared to have been ready for removal but left within the vehicle. All officers were advised of the prowling.

March 5, 7:43 p.m.: A mother and father called police to report that their teenage son had run away from home. The young man was apparently upset at having been assigned to an at-risk youth program. A search of the Blaine area for the teen was unsuccessful. The runaway's information was entered into law enforcement databases.

March 6, 10:48 a.m.: A resident on West 99th Street contacted police to report the theft of a motorcycle from his yard. An officer documented the loss of the off-road bike, which was parked at the side of the victim's home when it was taken.

March 6, 10:18 p.m.: A patrol officer encountered three people clamming on a Drayton Harbor / Semiahmoo beach that was posted as closed to all shell fishing. The trio had appropriate shell fishing licenses. Following police contact, the clammers continued their efforts on the open, western shore of Semiahmoo spit. Case closed.

March 6, 10:52 p.m.: A concerned passerby on 3rd Street called to report that three people were sitting on a street curb nearby who might have illegally crossed the border. When Border Patrol agents and Blaine Police arrived in the area, the trio spotted them and fled on foot. Officers helped the agents locate the three, and it turned out that they had indeed illegally entered the country.

March 7, 1:45 a.m.: A passerby reported seeing the front door at a mail forwarding business standing open. Police responded and found nothing amiss inside the business lobby area. The door had apparently been left open by a customer accessing his post office box. An officer locked the door and closed up shop for the night.

March 7, 7:48 a.m.: A Blaine resident contacted the police after she loaned her vehicle to a friend without realizing that she had left her wallet inside the car. She discovered the mistake when her credit card company told her that unauthorized charges had been made on the credit cards that had been in the wallet. one of the charges was to a Blaine business and a report was taken on that event. The resident will be reporting two other fraudulent charges to Bellingham Police.