Police Reports: June 26 - July 2, 2012

Published on Wed, Jul 4, 2012
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June 26, 4:36 p.m.: A resident found a bicycle while mowing a field in the area of Peace Portal and Bell Road and brought it to the police station. The bike had been reported stolen on June 6. The owner came down and collected his property, minus only the seat. Anyone riding the WTA bus about three weeks ago that remembers someone getting on at the Crossroads stop carrying a bike seat is asked to call the police.

June 26, 8:30 p.m.: A motorist was traveling south on Highway 99 in Surrey at a very high rate of speed when her car struck multiple vehicles, a guard rail and various road signs. Her car came to a stop south of the border, just north of the U.S. Customs inspection booths at the Peace Arch port of entry. A Blaine police officer happened to be at Customs handling another incident when CBP personnel advised him of the unconscious lady's arrival. He found the 29-year-old B.C. driver slumped over the center console of her car, not breathing. She had not been in a collision in the U.S. and was in no condition to be inspected by Customs. Blaine officers stabilized the victim and kept her airway open until a B.C. ambulance team arrived, and B.C. medics airlifted her to hospital in Canada. RCMP members impounded the car, as a part of their investigation of the driver's various crashes in Surrey.

June 27, 12:42 a.m.: Police received a late night report that kids were knocking on doors and ringing doorbells in the area of Harrison and Steen, then running away into the night. Officers caught a half dozen pint sized prowlers nearby, one of them only nine-years-old. Their parents were each called to the scene to participate in a moonlit ritual Warning of the Urchins.

June 27, 1:49 p.m.: A Bellingham resident contacted police to report that he had possibly spotted his stolen bike on a Blaine Craigslist ad. He explained his bike had been stolen from Bellingham two years prior, but he could not provide any serial numbers or model information. A Blaine officer contacted the man selling the bike, and could not verify or confirm it was stolen. He notified the reporting party and Bellingham police of his findings.

June 28, 10:07 p.m.: A Blaine Avenue resident called after 10 p.m. to report fireworks being illegally discharged in his neighborhood. A police officer responded to the neighborhood but was not able to find the fireworks or the people setting them off.

June 28, 10:14 p.m.: An Adelia Street resident called after 10 p.m. to report fireworks being illegally discharged in his neighborhood. A police officer responded to the neighborhood but was not able to find the fireworks or the people setting them off. They must have been as well hidden as the suspects on Blaine Avenue.

June 29, 8:16 a.m.: Two cars stopped for a red light southbound on SR543 at Boblett Street, but the third southbound vehicle ignored all the hints and crashed into them. Police responded to the resulting 911 calls from the scene to find four victims requiring medical attention and two of the three cars needing tow trucks. The negligent motorist was cited for her actions in causing the collision and one victim was transported to hospital. All of the occupants and their vehicles were from B.C.

June 29, 6:05 p.m.: Police received a complaint of several people on the dock on Marine Drive crabbing. Officers found and contacted the two men who had just bought their shellfish licenses and thought they were fishing legally. Both were warned that the season had not opened yet. They apologized and packed up their gear to the dismay of the sea gulls gathered around.

June 29, 9:10 p.m.: An officer patrolling a residential neighborhood between Blaine Avenue and Adelia Street observed fireworks being discharged outside the permissible dates. He contacted the Mitchell Street resident and provided her information on the legal days and times that fireworks could be lawfully discharged.

June 30, 1:29 p.m.: Police were investigating an assault at a residence on 9th Street when they located an associate of the suspect at a nearby home. The man willfully hindered the police investigation, and was arrested for his actions. He was processed and released with a mandatory court date.

June 30, 2:21 p.m.: Officers responded to a report from a woman that she had been beaten in an assault at her home. They located the victim, who had been attacked by an intoxicated neighbor when she intervened in an argument between the suspect and her boyfriend. Police and Border Patrol agents searched for the 39-year-old woman but she had fled the area. A case report for the assault was forwarded for prosecution.

June 30, 10:15 p.m.: Two employees at a motel reported that a customer had confronted them and complained that some of his belonging had been stolen. They said the man had threatened them and brandished a large knife while demanding his stuff back. The suspect was no longer at the scene and the victims thought he had gone to a bar downtown, and that's where police found him. The 62-year-old from Sequim was arrested and booked into jail for assault.

June 1, 10:17 p.m.: Police received a call from a protected person in a restraining order who complained that a former boyfriend had been calling her tonight in violation of the order. An officer attempted to get information on the violation but the caller refused to assist in the investigation and prosecution, explaining that she is wanted on an arrest warrant. The officer tried to contact the suspect to get his side of the story but that didn't work out either.

July 2, 2:41 a.m.: Police and North Whatcom Fire and Rescue responded to a dumpster fire in the parking lot of a business at a mall on H Street at about 2:30 a.m. Fire department personnel extinguished the fire, which destroyed the plastic lids of the metal dumpster. The case is under investigation, but no suspects have been identified.

July 2, 2:57 a.m.: Blaine Police received a mutual aid request from the sheriff's office, asking for help with an incident near Birch Bay. A homeowner there had interrupted what looked to him to be an attempted burglary in progress, and was following the suspect in his vehicle westbound on Birch Bay Lynden Road near Kickerville Road. Officers arrived in the area at the same time that deputies determined that the reporting party had been chasing a motor carrier who was just out delivering the morning paper, and no crime had occurred.

July 2, 4:11 a.m.: Vandals spray painted graffiti on a stop sign near the exit of a commercial parking lot. There are no suspects at this time in the vandalism. Police notified the property owner of the graffiti and the legal need for its prompt removal.
July 2, 6:30 a.m.: Blaine officers located a Lynden teenager at a home on 15th Street in Blaine, and served him with a Whatcom County Superior Court arrest warrant. The 16-year-old was booked into detention for unlawful possession of a firearm.

July 2, 11:55 a.m.: Officers responded to a report of a boat fire at Semiahmoo Marina, and assisted with scene control until fire department apparatus arrived. One person was treated for apparent minor injuries related to the fire.

July 2, 2 p.m.: Blaine officers provided 20 staff hours of traffic control on SR543 on Monday, helping Canadian motorists line up to get back home, and helping local motorists get through the lineup that marked the end of the Canada Day weekend. Canadian Customs had every available lane open to speed inspections, and WSDOT improvements to the SR543 traffic lanes helped the process. No collisions or road rage incidents were reported.

July 2, 4:30 p.m.: A resident on Mitchell Street reported that her dog had tunneled under the fence and out of the yard while she was away from home. The black dog has a white chest and probably very dirty white paws, and is named Tippy. Officers and animal control were advised to watch for the escape artist. He was recovered later in the day.

July 2, 7:30 p.m.: Police received a complaint from an 11th Street resident who was very concerned about the number of cars speeding past down his residential street due to the congestion at the border crossing. An officer worked radar in the area for a half hour after the call, but the traffic had apparently died down by then and the only cars on the street were local residents.