Police Reports: August 15 - August 21, 2012

Published on Wed, Aug 22, 2012
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August 15, 11:38 a.m.: A motorist was stopped for speeding on H Street.  Computer systems indicated that he was wanted on a failure to appear warrant and driving while suspended. He explained, a bit frantically, that he had just left court after having cleared up both the license violation and the warrant.  The officer checked with the court and confirmed that the driver had indeed just appeared before the judge and resolved his cases.  He was released with a fresh Notice of Infraction for the speeding violation.

August 15, 12:51 p.m.: Police contacted the driver of a vehicle parked on the sidewalk on Peace Portal Drive. computer checks showed there were warrants outstanding on several men with closely matching names and descriptors, and Border Patrol agents assisted police at the scene. The gentleman was not one of the folks who was wanted by the court, and police contact was ultimately resolved with a verbal warning for the parking violation.

August 15, 2:46 p.m.: An officer contacted a Blaine resident at her home and arrested her for a Blaine Municipal Court warrant issued when she failed to appear on a criminal drivers license violation. She was booked into jail, and the warrant was cleared from law enforcement data bases.

August 16, 8:23 a.m.: A vehicle towing a trailer was stopped by an officer on Semiahmoo Parkway for speeding and failing to stop at a stop sign. During the course of the stop it came to light that the man did not have proper documentation to be in the US, and he was turned over to the Border Patrol.

August 16, 1:21 p.m.: A resident called police to report that her son had run away from home.  An officer who was familiar with the teenager located him aboard a Whatcom Transit Authority bus in route to the Lynden Fair. Police took the 15 year old into custody and returned him to his mother.

August 16, 2:40 p.m.: A concerned passerby called police to report seeing an elderly man very slowly walking south on Harrison Street under a very hot afternoon sun.  An officer located the gentleman and offered him a ride to his home, which was some two miles  away. The octogenarian gratefully accepted.

August 16, 9:58 p.m.: An anonymous caller reported a disturbance which sounded like a fight in progress near taverns in the 700 block of Harrison Street. Officers arriving in the area found and contacted an intoxicated pedestrian walking away from the scene. He explained that the noise was probably he and his friends  horsing around as they all left the bar. Officers cleared, and the person continued his home.

August 16, 11:45 p.m.: A Salishan neighborhood resident called police asking for assistance quieting down people who were talking very loudly near her home, keeping her awake.  An officer checked the area and found four adults listening to music and talking. They were not being overly loud but in the unusually warm and still night air their voices carried through the open door and windows of their home.  The friends agreed to close the door and windows and quiet down for their neighbors, and officers cleared the contact.

August 17, 5:40 a.m.: The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office requested assistance from Blaine officers at the scene of a malicious mischief and possible burglary in progress in Birch Bay.  A Blaine officer and two Border Patrol agents responded and assisted the deputy on scene until the matter was resolved.

August 17, 9:40 a.m.: A Port Of Bellingham employee contacted police when he witnessed a vehicle back into a legally parked utility trailer on Marine Drive near the Blaine Marina. The vehicle's driver got out, inspected the damage and then left. The trailer did not appear damaged but from the debris at the scene it looked like the striking vehicle had broken a rear tail light. An officer documented the port’s observations in case either party comes forward later.

August 17, 2:32 p.m.: A concerned resident on G Street called police when she spotted a stranger taking pictures of her house. Officers contacted youngsters in the area who described the suspect as a white male, 30 to 40 years old, with a reddish beard.  He had left in a black Dodge Neon before police arrived, and they were not able to locate him in the area.

August 17, 3:01 p.m.: A Blaine resident contacted police to report that her son had run away from home. Officers were not able to  find him in town, and issued a watch-for on the lad with area agencies. Sheriff's deputies came across him out in the county, and booked him into juvenile detention on his three outstanding warrants.

August 17, 3:38 p.m.: Police stopped a vehicle on Wilson Avenue after a license check showed that the registered owner held a suspended driver's license. Today's driver turned out to not be the owner, but she appeared to have been drinking and was given roadside sobriety tests. She passed the tests and explained that the appearance of inebriation was a lingering affect from her hearty partying the previous night. It turned out the party was indeed over, as her driver's license was also suspended, and she was wanted on a Lynden court warrant for a license violation there. The 22 year old Lynden resident was arrested for again driving while suspended, and booked into jail on the warrant.

August 17, 4:03 p.m.: Dispatch requested that police respond to the Peace Arch Port of Entry, where Customs officers had intercepted a traveler carrying a personal use amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A Blaine officer arrived to investigate and arrested the man for the drug offenses. His 19 grams of marijuana and 4 pot pipes were impounded. The 46-year-old California resident was released with a criminal citation and court date.

August 17, 7:45 p.m.: A concerned passerby called police to report seeing a vehicle being driven so erratically he thought the driver might be intoxicated.  Officers located and spoke with the suspect driver. He had not been drinking, but had been distracted from his driving because he kept looking back to make sure that friends following him in another car did not lose him at the intersections. He was given a reminder to be careful while behind the wheel.

August 18, 4 a.m.: A truck driver parked on Ludwick Avenue called police when he spotted a suspicious person hanging around his trailer. Officers contacted the young suspect. He explained that he was seeking his path and finding his way in the world, and he was pretty sure that he would find his car in trailer he was examining. Officers assured him that the refrigerated produce hauler was not hiding any frozen vehicles, and offered to assist him in reaching social services.  He refused the offer and left after asking directions to the nearest truck stop.

August 19, 2:50 a.m.: An officer spotted and contacted an intoxicated pedestrian wandering in the Peace Arch Plaza neighborhood. She explained that she had left a bar downtown to walk home, but got lost.  It appeared that her autopilot may have short-circuited from an excess of alcohol, so police gave the lady a ride to her home about four blocks away. She thanked the officer and made her way into her house, and police resumed patrol.

August 19, 6:46 p.m.: Officers responded to a noise complaint on D street and contacted folks at a residence who were unaware their sound system was disrupting the neighborhood. The individuals turned down the tunes, accepted a admonition that additional complaints would result in a citation, and returned to their Bar-B-Q.

August 19, 7:48 p.m.: A man called Blaine Police for help when a friend made statement about killing himself. Police followed up on the information he provided, and contacted the victim at a motel and interviewed him. The statements of the victim and witnesses confirmed the officer's observations that the man was at significant risk of harming himself. He was taken into custody and transported to hospital for evaluation and involuntary commitment.

August 20, 1:10 p.m.: A landlord contacted Blaine Police to ask how he could evict his non-paying tenants. The owner was provided information on the eviction process.

August 20, 1:30 p.m.: Blaine Police learned that a person who had warrants for her arrest was now visiting at a location in Whatcom County. An officer located and arrested the lady. The 25 year old was booked into jail without incident.

August 20, 2:49 p.m.: Police received a report of an abandoned car parked on A Street. An officer contacted the owner and advised her of the complaint.  She will place air in the tires and replaced the battery so she can move the car to a private lot to continue its extended rest.

August 21, 9:44 a.m.: Police were dispatched to a burglary and malicious mischief on C Street. Someone had entered a a unsecured vacant residence and stole two pillows from a bed. The complainant also reported that two of his basement windows had been broken, possibly by a rock. Its unknown at this time if the malicious mischief and burglary are related. No suspects or witnesses have been identified.

August 21, 4:45 p.m.: Police responded to a report of an unresponsive person laying on the sidewalk on F Street. Officers arrived and contacted a 53 year old lady who was, until the police cars arrived, enjoying the afternoon by relaxing on the lawn outside her apartment. Officers cleared after determining the lady was not in need of assistance or shade.