Police Reports: August 19 - August 29, 2012

Published on Wed, Aug 29, 2012
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August 19, 6:46 p.m.: Officers responded to a noise complaint on D Street and contacted folks at a residence who were unaware that their sound system was disrupting the neighborhood. They turned down the tunes, accepted a admonition that additional complaints would result in a citation, and returned to their barbecue.

August 19, 7:48 p.m.: A man called police for help when a friend made statements about killing himself. Police followed up on the information and contacted the victim at a motel and interviewed him. Statements which he made and information provided by witnesses confirmed that the man appeared to be at significant risk of harming himself. He was taken into custody and transported to hospital for evaluation and involuntary commitment.

August 20, 5:50 p.m.: A small white dog still attached to its leash turned up wandering on Clark Street. An officer left a voicemail message for the animal's owner, advising that their pet would be standing by at the police station. The dog was picked up a short time later.

August 21, 4:44 p.m.: A Blaine resident came into the police department to report that someone had scratched the back of her car. She advised that the damage occurred sometime during the past two days, somewhere between a business in Birch Bay and Blaine. An officer examined the scratch, but it was not the signature of the vandal.

August 22, 2:21 a.m.: Officers on patrol early in the morning contacted two teenagers walking on C Street and found that one had been reported to have run away from his home in Bellingham. The information was confirmed and police officers transported him back to his residence.

August 22, 8:36 a.m.: A business on Pipeline Road reported that a battery had a been stolen overnight from a commercial truck parked on their property. The battery will cost about $300 to replace, while the damage which the thief did to the truck will cost about $500 to repair.

August 22, 1:21 a.m.: Blaine Police assisted Washington State Patrol by responding to a car vs. light pole collision on the I-5 onramp southbound at milepost 274. The driver was not injured, and officers kept the scene secure until WSP could arrive to investigate the collision and damage to state property.

August 22, 3:44 p.m.: U.S. Border Patrol intercepted a person attempting to sneak across the border into Canada. During their investigation they discovered the man was wanted on a warrant issued in Olympia. The agents turned the gent over to Blaine Police, and an officer arrested him on the warrant and booked him in to jail.

August 23, 8:07 a.m.: A business called police to report a tractor-truck and trailer parked in a posted "no parking" zone. An officer responded to the location and found the truck was still there, and indeed was illegally parked. The driver was issued a citation for the offense. 

August 23, 11:11 a.m.: A couple on Mitchell Street left home for a few hours and during the day and returned to find that a burglar had gotten in through an unsecured window. The thief or thieves stole a small amount of cash and smashed a Tinkerbelle cookie jar. The loss is estimated at about $50, and police are investigating.

August 23, 1:32 p.m.: A resident came into the police station to report that her son's bicycle had been stolen while he was spending the night at a friend's house. The missing bike is described as an Ironman brand turquoise mountain bike with black handlebars and black platform above the rear tire.

August 24, 2:50 p.m.: A resident on Blaine Avenue reported that a package delivery service had brought a package to her house while he was not at home, and left it on the porch. Someone stole the box before she arrived to collect it. It had contained children’s toys and clothing. Police are investigating.

August 24, 2:03 p.m.: Dispatch reported that construction workers on 4th Street had ruptured a natural gas pipe. Officers arrived and assisted the fire department in evacuating the neighbors and keeping traffic off the street until the gas company arrived to shut off the flow and make repairs. 

August 25, 4:12 p.m.: Dispatch reported the fire department was en route to a possible vehicle vs. bicycle collision on H Street. Officers arrived and assisted fire personnel treating the bicyclist for scrapes and bruises. The driver of the car stopped at the scene explained she was making a left turn from H Street onto Odell Road when she noticed the bicyclist fall to the ground in front of her at the last second, and stopped before driving over the bike rider. There was minor damage to the bike and no damage to the vehicle. The cyclist was treated and released at the scene. 

August 26, 12:26 a.m.: Officers stopped a vehicle on Peace Portal Drive shortly after midnight for speeding. The driver of the vehicle appeared to be intoxicated, and tests confirmed the observations. The 31-year-old motorist from Tacoma was arrested for driving under the influence, processed, and booked into Whatcom County Jail. She also received civil infractions for speeding and not having proof of vehicle insurance.

August 25, 11:30 p.m.: A passerby called police late at night to report that a juvenile was sneaking around a car parked on Martin Street with a flashlight. Officers found and contacted the young man, sleeping in the back of the vehicle. He was visiting his aunt but found the small home too crowded for sleeping, so he decided to spend the night in the auto. The boy's story checked out, and officers wished him a good night.

August 26, 3:44 a.m.: Dispatch received multiple 911 calls from residents reporting what sounded like a traffic collision on I-5 near Mary Avenue. Police responded to search the area, and just south of the northbound 275 offramp they found fresh skid marks leading to the guardrail. The railing had sustained moderate damage, but no vehicles or even vehicle parts were left behind. The State Patrol was notified, along with the nearby Customs ports of entry, but the driver had made good his, or her, messy getaway.

August 26, 4:40 a.m.: A person called 911 numerous times to find out if police had responded to an earlier call he had made about a possible crash on the freeway. Officers responded and explained that officers had responded to the call and that officers simply had not used their sirens while responding. The intoxicated man thanked officers and agreed to stop calling 911 for the night.

August 26, 7:04 a.m.: A Blaine resident called the police to report a suspicious drunk person trying the get into vehicles. A Bellingham resident was contacted a short distance away, and admitted he had attended a party in the neighborhood last night but was too hungover to make it back to Bellingham. He was given a courtesy ride out of the area.

August 26, 10:26 a.m.: A resident called police to check the welfare of her neighbor, whom she had not seen nor been able to contact for some time. An officer scaled the neighbor's fence and peered through the missing woman's kitchen window. He could see the lady inside, washing dishes about three feet away, and called to her by name. Following a movie-worthy scream, the woman came outside and was reunited with her concerned neighbor. No dishes were destroyed during the event.

August 26, 9:57 a.m.: A Blaine resident called the police after finding that someone had broken into a trailer he was using as storage. Several items were stolen and a possible suspect was identified. The case is under investigation.

August 26, 12:50 p.m.: A man damaged his rear bicycle rim while attempting to travel up a curb on 4th Street at D Street. The transient, convicted felon, registered sexual offender from Oregon was advised how to negotiate the public transportation system to facilitate the repairs to his bike and continue on his journey.

August 26, 5:10 p.m.: Officers responded to assist Ferndale Police and the sheriff's office with a report of a vehicle that was driving slowly on the freeway blocking a lane of travel northbound. Officers arrived to assist with the contact of the occupants, and determined the driver was from a foreign land was not aware of U.S. traffic laws and our version of courteous driving behavior.

August 27, 8 a.m.: The city received information about a business possibly selling liquor to minors and cigarettes to underaged kids. The information was forward to patrol officers and the state liquor control board.

August 27, 7:15 p.m.: Police responded to an emergency call that a juvenile in mental distress was attempting to cut herself with a small blade. Officers arrived and secured the scene, and determined the girl had not yet harmed herself. They provided her courtesy transport to hospital to speak with a mental health provider.

August 28, 1:01 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to Customs and Border Protection - Peace Arch Crossing after a fledgling post-modern baker arrived at the border with a bag of fresh baked brownies which contained a special ingredient prohibited by law. A Blaine officer confirmed that the baked goods indeed had suspected marijuana in them via a chemical field test. The Oregon resident was arrested, cited and released with the court date for the offense.

August 28, 4:58 p.m.: Police responded to a report of yelling and shouting at a residence on Poplar Way. Officers arrived and determined the person making all the noise was a man known to be wanted on a felony warrant. They were able to call the man out of the home and took him into custody. He was booked into jail without incident.

August 29, 8:36 a.m.: A customer reported he purchased a $1,413.56 watch on Ebay, but when he came to pick up the watch at his post office box, the package was empty. The victim had tried unsuccessfully to contact the seller, and Ebay advised a police report was needed in order to reimburse his money. Officers are assisting in the matter.