Police Reports: September 25 - September 30, 2013

Published on Wed, Oct 2, 2013
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September 25, 8:34 a.m.: U.S. Border Patrol Agents contacted a person who crossed the border southbound on foot without inspection. Agents requested Blaine Police to assist because the man was highly intoxicated. The man was identified as a dual citizen, checked for warrants and found to have a confirmed Bellingham Municipal Court warrant for his arrest. A locate was sent to Bellingham Police. The man was arrested for the warrant and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

September 25, 10:18 a.m.: Blaine Police responded to Blaine Middle School for a report of a theft. Officer arrived and contacted the vice principal of the school. A $700 iPhone 5s had been stolen from the girls’ locker room while school was in session. The case is under investigation.

September 25, 10:20 a.m.: Blaine Police responded to Blaine Middle School for a report of a theft. Officer arrived and contacted the vice principal of the school. Sometime during sixth period an iPod was stolen from the girls’ locker room. The $280 theft is under investigation.

September 25, 11:02 a.m.: Passersby contacted police to report a safety concern about a vehicle that speeds on Blaine Avenue, a residential street. Officers located and contacted the driver and advised him of the concerns he was causing the neighborhood.

September 25, 12:51 p.m.: While police were investigating another matter at Peace Arch port of entry, Customs and Border Protection officers discovered that a Blaine Municipal Court warrant existed for a gentleman traveler who was coincidentally in their lobby. Blaine officers arrested the man for the confirmed warrant and booked him into jail.

September 25, 10:57 p.m.: Police were advised of an emergency at a residence where a child was choking with a partial breathing obstruction. Officers arrived to assist the youngster until the fire department arrived, and found that the 3-year-old had managed to swallow the coin that was causing the crisis. They monitored the child until a fire unit arrived to evaluate her.

September 26, 1:23 p.m.: Officers stopped a vehicle after learning that the registered owner had a suspended drivers license and an active misdemeanor warrant from the city of Ferndale. The driver of the car was the wanted and de-licensed registered owner. The 42-year-old Birch Bay resident was arrested, cited and released with a mandatory court date for the drivers license violation and booked into jail on the warrant.

September 26, 4:31 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a grocery store where employees had caught a customer shoplifting. An officer arrived to investigate and arrested a Blaine resident for the theft. The 44-year-old Blaine resident was cited into municipal court for the offense. $27 in fresh meat products were recovered by the store.

September 27, 12:42 p.m.: Police overheard and contacted a couple having a very heated argument on the sidewalk outside the police station. Officers separated the pair and explained to each that their recent break up and nascent parenthood were matters better discussed at lower volume and out of public view. The female half received a verbal warning for disorderly conduct as she was the primary aggressor, having tracked her ex-boyfriend to the bus stop where she confronted him. After speaking with police she left the area. Both parties agreed to meet later and civilly resolve their differences.

September 27, 10:45 p.m.: A business called police to report a transient was perusing their dumpster and might soon try napping in their customer restroom. Officers responded and contacted the road-weary traveler. He explained he was really hungry and low on money, so was scavenging for food while waiting for the next morning’s bus. Upon hearing his story, several employees at the business pooled portions of the lunches they had brought to work for themselves, and gave the meal to the gentleman to assist in his journey.

September 28, 5 p.m.: Police received a report of a vehicle driving recklessly on C Street in a residential neighborhood. An officer located and contacted the driver, who explained he was testing a freshly repaired transmission and denied reckless driving. The officer in turn explained that the traffic laws did not include any temporary exclusions for mechanics or test drives, and a mutual understanding was achieved.

September 29, 2:30 a.m.: A vehicle collided with a traffic sign near the entrance to Drayton Cove and then left the scene. The wooden pole was snapped at the base and relocated to the side of the road, with damage estimated at about $100. There are no suspects or witnesses to the hit and run. Public works was notified about needed repairs.

September 29, 9:41 a.m.: Border Patrol agents alerted police to a one car versus guardrail crash on I-5 northbound north of D Street. A Blaine officer responded to assist and cleared the freeway traffic lanes until a Washington State Patrol trooper could arrive to investigate. The collision was determined to be non-injury and did not meet the damage threshold for a reportable crash.

September 29, 1:40 p.m.: Police were dispatched when an aggressive dog was spotted roaming a residential neighborhood on Wilson Avenue, growling at children playing on their own property. Arriving officers found that the large canine had also tried to bite a homeowner who was on foot near his home, and only stopped his attack when the man lawfully shot at the dog to protect himself. The loose dog turned tail and ran but later returned to its own home. Its owner contacted police and the canine was permanently turned over to animal control. The apologetic owner accepted a citation for having a dog at large.

September 30, 5 p.m.: Blaine Police assisted Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Marshals, Burlington Police, and others on a warrant arrest of a man near 3rd and E streets. A Blaine officer also took a friend of the arrestee’s into custody for a Ferndale warrant and booked that person in to jail. The vehicle they were in was impounded as evidence to Blaine Police in the ongoing investigation.

September 30, 6:42 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a medical emergency on Blaine Avenue. Officers arrived and assisted the residents there with performing CPR until medics could respond. The elderly victim was not revived.

September 30, 11:58 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a loud music complaint at an F Street residence. The first arriving officer could clearly hear the music coming from the residence from about 200 feet away. The offending tenant received a criminal citation for disorderly conduct, as it was clear to the neighborhood that the prior warning about late night loud music had not been effective.