Police Reports: December 3 - 11, 2013

Published on Wed, Dec 11, 2013
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December 3, 10:46 p.m.: A family member asked police for assistance with an intoxicated relative at home. Officers attended and spoke with everyone involved. The inebriate agreed to put away the bottle and go to sleep for the night. His relatives are considering their options for getting their family member some serious assistance.

December 3, 11:50 p.m.: Police responded a residence when a verbally abusive teenager became more than the family could handle. Officers spoke with everyone involved and ultimately the young person restored the peace by going to bed.

December 4, 4:50 a.m.: Police were dispatched to a report that a large tree had fallen across H Street Road west of Valleyview. The street was completely blocked and border patrol agents in the area were working to carve a path around it. The officer and agents were able to move enough of the rotten timber to reopen the roadway, and the city’s street department was notified so that they could remove the debris during business hours.

December 4, 2:51 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to Blaine Primary School when a passerby reported that several vehicles were parked in handicapped parking spaces in the school’s lot. The arriving officer found that three cars were indeed taking up the available spaces, and each of them was properly displaying a handicapped parking permit.

December 5, 1:19 p.m.: An officer patrolling a residential area came across two kids out and about during school hours. He confirmed the youngsters were supposed to be in class, and transported them to the school office.

December 5, 1:29 p.m.: Officers stopped a vehicle speeding on H Street adjacent to the school campus, and found that the motorist’s driving privilege in Washington was suspended for failing to take car of a previous traffic ticket. The 53-year-old B.C. resident received a new speeding citation, and was arrested for the criminal licensing violation. After processing he was released with a mandatory court date, and his vehicle was towed back to Canada.

December 6, 11:23 a.m.: A border patrol agent patrolling near the truck route and H Street radioed police when he observed a man drop a pistol onto the pavement while pushing a disabled vehicle off the roadway. Officers contacted the embarrassed gun owner a few moments later. He was properly licensed to possess a concealed firearm, but unfamiliar with safe carrying techniques. The weapon had been in his clothing and had fallen out during the exertion of pushing the car. He accepted some advice about safe methods of transporting firearms.

December 6, 4:23 p.m.: Residents contacted the police department asking for assistance with a littering problem caused by employees at a nearby business dropping their discarded cigarette butts in the alleyway during their smoke breaks from work. An officer contacted the business manager and advised her of the complaint. The employees were under the false impression that because the alley was public property, they could legally litter the ground there with their cigarette refuse. They were advised of the city and state littering laws. The manager solved the problem by placing a receptacle specifically for cigarette butts near the alley.

December 6, 6:18 p.m.: Police received a report from a parent whose child’s cell phone was stolen while she was at school. An officer took a theft report and will follow up on the $300 loss.

December 7, 12:45 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to a fight in progress at a business. On arrival officers found the combatant had left prior to their arrival, and the fight had been about the theft of a cell phone. Police identified the suspect and are investigating both the disorder conduct fight and the theft.

December 8, 11:30 a.m.: A Blaine resident called police after discovering her son’s bicycle was stolen from their front yard. The blue and silver Trek 4300 bike was last seen one to two weeks ago when it was left unlocked at the house. There are no suspects in the taking.

December 8, 1:50 p.m.: While patrolling a residential street, an officer located several piles of landscaping bark blocking a city sidewalk and roadway. The officer contacted the homeowner and warned them about the obstruction. The homeowner agreed to have the piles relocated within 48 hours. Case closed.

December 9, 8 a.m.: Police received an inquiry from a resident asking for assistance with a parking problem. Vehicles in the neighborhood occasionally park at the curb in a way that blocks postal delivery to a cluster mailbox so that postal staff cannot service the box. Officers are reviewing problem and applicable ordinances to help resolve the issue.

December 9, 8:34 a.m.: Police stopped a vehicle for speeding in a school zone and determined the motorist’s privilege to drive in Washington was suspended. They arrested the driver for DWLS, issued him a criminal citation and released him with a mandatory court date. A licensed driver responded to the scene and picked up the vehicle.

December 9, 7:15 p.m.: Officers encountered a set of illegally posted signs on a city street, restricting parking on a section of the public right of way. The apparent owner of the signs will be contacted to return the section of street to public use.

December 9, 11:45 p.m.: A police officer discovered a prisoner of war veteran’s flag had been ripped in two and one half thrown into an adjacent government parking lot. Handwritten notes were left on a car in the lot at the same time. Police are investigating the malicious mischief and littering.

December 10, 10 p.m.: An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding on Peace Portal Drive and after field sobriety tests were administered found the driver was under the influence of intoxicants. The motorist was arrested and processed for DUI, driving without an ignition interlock device and speeding. The 52-year-old Blaine resident was booked into jail after processing.

December 11, 5:53 a.m.: An officer responded with the fire department to an activated water flow fire alarm at a business and found that a 2.5-inch water pipe had burst. An officer contacted Blaine Public Works to turn off the water to the building, and remained on scene until his assistance was no longer needed.