Police Reports: January 7 - 14, 2014

Published on Wed, Jan 15, 2014
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January 7, 10:11 a.m.: Police were notified when a passerby called to report seeing several dead canines laying exposed in a trailer parked on C Street. The responding officer located the trailer and the driver of the SUV that was towing it. The offal cargo consisted not of canines but rather stillborn calves, collected from dairy farms for food donation to a large predator animal sanctuary. The driver apologized for startling folks and covered the trailer.

January 7, 3:13 p.m.: Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at Peace Arch port of entry intercepted a B.C. driver whose Washington driver’s status is suspended for an unpaid ticket from 2009. An officer arrested, cited and released the man pending his appearance in court. The car was impounded because its owner, the driver’s brother, was vacationing in California and unable to take control of his vehicle here.

January 8, 4:49 p.m.: A resident contacted police to report that a laptop belonging to her employer had been stolen. She last remembered seeing it in her 

January 8, 7:40 p.m.: An employee at a Blaine business called police after he went out to the parking lot and discovered that his car had been damaged. An officer responded to assist. It turned out that there was a note on victim’s windshield from the other driver, admitting to having caused the damage and providing his contact information. The employee declined further assistance.

January 9, 5:28 p.m.: Police were dispatched a collision on SR543 near Boblett Street. The arriving officer found that that a car had been southbound on the truck route closely following a semi tractor-trailer rig. The semi stopped for the red light at Boblett Street, but the car behind it did not. The back bumper of the truck trailer suffered some cosmetic damage in the resulting crash, but the passenger car’s front end was destroyed. As a precaution, medical aid was summoned to check an infant who had been properly restrained in the back seat of the passenger vehicle. The Blaine resident driving the car received citations for driving with a suspended license, not providing proof of insurance and following too closely. 

January 10, 9:39 a.m.: Police responded to a report of a residential burglary. The victim reported that she had been gone for about a month, and after returning she discovered that someone had gotten in to her home and had stolen several valuable pieces of jewelry. Officers are investigating.

January 10, 9 a.m.: A woman came into the Blaine Police Department wanting to lodge a complaint about several problems that the federal government was causing her. Chief among them was the pain in her jaw and toe, which she was suffering from the metal wires the government had implanted in her body. Her secondary complaints included that the government caused financial problems and inappropriate radioactivity, possibly related to her wiring surgery. Police staff contacted an agency to provide her assistance.

January 10, 10:12 a.m.: The POW flag at the Veterans’ Memorial outside the police department was turned upside down during the night. At this time there are no suspects. An officer secured the flag in its proper position and secured the halyard.

January 10, 11:41 a.m.: A resident emailed to report that a commercial vehicle had left ruts in his yard while coming or going from a nearby business. The man’s unfenced yard is adjacent to a city alley that serves a lot of traffic from businesses whose properties also border on the alley. An officer spoke with the resident and photographed the ruts. The ruts were determined to be on city right of way. There are no suspects in this matter.

January 10, 4 p.m.: U.S. customs reported they were questioning a person who had driven up to the border to gain entry into the U.S., but he had a suspended driver’s license in the U.S. An officer arrived and determined the driver’s license was suspended in Washington. The driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license in the third degree and given a criminal citation. The driver called a friend who came to drive his vehicle back to Canada.

January 11, 7 a.m.: As dawn arrived, a passerby spotted and reported that an SUV was parked on the pedestrian path at Marine Drive Park. An officer checked on the vehicle and found that ignition key was locked inside. He contacted the owner’s family by phone and learned the circumstances were suspicious, as their young adult daughter should have been driving her auto. They filed a missing person’s report with police in Vancouver, Washington, while a search here was initiated. Six and half hours later the officer located her safe and sound in a nearby city. The young woman explained she had gone to stay with a friend overnight after accidentally locking her keys in the car, and had not thought to notify police of the problem or contact her family about her whereabouts.

January 11, 3:23 p.m.: Blaine police responded to the Peace Arch port of entry where two young adults returning from Canada were found to be in possession of marijuana. The two underage college students were arrested, cited and released with mandatory court dates. Case closed by arrest.

January 13, 3:44 p.m.: Police responded to the library on a report that a victim in a car there was suffering a medical emergency. An officer arrived with the fire department and helped prep the patient for transport to the hospital.

January 14, 10:11 a.m.: Police were notified when other city employees discovered that vandals had damaged a bench in Lincoln Park by lighting it on fire. The damage occurred sometime in the past, and is substantial enough to require replacement of the bench top.

January 14, 11:18 a.m.: An officer responded to a loose dog complaint in the 700 block of Cedar Street. An officer located the dog and contacted the owner. The owner said they had been searching for the canine all morning after it had escaped from the house.

January 14, 3:20 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to the port of entry for an individual in possession of a prescription drug without a prescription. Officer arrived and determined from the evidence the person was not only in possession of the drug but she was intending to deliver and use it in her business. The 47-year-old B.C. resident was arrested for being in possession of a drug without a prescription with the intent to deliver and sell and booked in to jail.