Police Reports: June 19 - 25, 2014

Published on Wed, Jun 25, 2014
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June 19, 11:30 a.m.: An officer was contacted in the parking lot by a Blaine resident who reported that her child was not behaving. The woman stated she was to call the police any time her son was acting out to document the incident as part of the youth at risk process. The officer spoke to the young man about the possible ramifications of distracting his mother by kicking the driver’s seat when the vehicle is in motion. The lad said he would not kick the seat anymore.

June 19, 3:39 p.m.: Police received a report of a barking dog on a roof. An officer checked the residence and found the dog had exited an open second story window and chose to wander on the patio roof. The dog was seen going in and out of the window and was not barking. It appeared that no one was at the home. Since it was determined the quiet pooch could regain access to the house, thereby gaining respite from the heat, should he so choose, the officer saw no need to intervene.

June 19, 5:40 p.m.: U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Peace Arch entry called police regarding an individual being detained with an active Blaine warrant. An officer verified the warrant as active, responded to the port of entry and arrested the British Columbia resident. The man was transported to the Whatcom County Jail and booked.

June 19, 6:55 p.m.: A woman called police to report a possible theft of mail from her apartment. The woman stated UPS had sent her an email indicating a package had been delivered. Her father checked her apartment and found no parcels. An officer contacted neighbors who indicated the man in the brown van was seen delivering to a business across the street, but not to the apartment. The woman filed a claim and will be reimbursed by the company she ordered from.

June 19, 7:10 p.m.: Officers were called to a report of an attempted burglary. An unknown person, at an unknown time, attempted to force entry into a shed on residential property. No entry was made, and nothing evidentiary was located at the scene. At this time there are no suspects or witnesses. The residents requested extra patrol in the area.

June 19, 7:55 p.m.: Blaine police were dispatched to a report of a juvenile walking around with a pistol in the 4300 block of H Street. Officers arrived in the area but were unable to locate any suspects. Border patrol agents in the area advised that two juvenile males had been seen playing with airsoft pistols.

June 19, 8:28 p.m.: A passing motorist noticed a man standing beside a parked car drinking from a bottle of alcohol. Fearing that the car might contain a drunk driver, the woman called police. Officers, assisted by border patrol agents, contacted the car containing three college students from UC Santa Cruz. The driver had not been drinking. A passenger in the car was consuming alcohol. The alcohol was removed from the vehicle. The group had just returned from Canada and was back in route to California.

June 20, 2:24 p.m.: A Canadian motorist, a few car lengths from the Canadian border, called the police to say he was being threatened by another motorist bearing Canadian plates. An officer responded to the area and found the two parties most likely had entered Canada already. The complainant did not call back, and the officer had no further information to go on.

June 20, 4:50 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to Customs and Border Protection at Peace Arch entry for a person driving on suspended Washington privileges. The officer arrived, arrested and cited the British Columbia resident for driving with a suspended license third. He was released with a court summons.

June 20, 10:53 p.m.: Officers responded to the report of an in progress theft from an open area at an apartment complex. Officers arrived and contacted the involved parties. An investigation lead to the establishment of probable cause for theft and driving with a suspended license. The 28-year-old Bellingham man was also suspected to be in possession of a controlled substance, and the vehicle he used in the crimes was impounded as part of that investigation.

June 21, 9:52 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to Blaine Harbor for a welfare check of a resident at the marina. The resident had not been heard from or seen in a couple of hours and other mariners were concerned something had happened. Officers arrived and met with the harbormaster. Contact was made with the resident who was aboard his sailboat and advised he had stepped away for a short time because his neighbors were being too noisy. Officers cleared after making sure the man was OK.

June 21, 11 a.m.: Officers responded to a 911 call of a domestic dispute at a residence on Peace Portal. Officers arrived and contacted a male and female who had been arguing over the cleanliness of the home. Both residents were given a verbal warning for disorderly contact.

June 21, 2:50 p.m.: A Blaine business called to report receiving a counterfeit bill from a patron. The passer was on site. Officer arrived and contacted the B.C. resident who advised he had received the bill from his Canadian bank or from a casino within the past three weeks. Officers identified the Canadian resident and impounded the bill. The U.S. Secret Service will be contacted regarding the investigation.

June 22, 7:45 a.m.: A cashier at a business called police to report an unoccupied, suspicious vehicle parked in the business’ lot. An officer spoke with the cashier and informed her that the vehicle’s driver temporarily parked the car in the business’ lot following a collision that damaged the car’s steering.

June 22, 10 a.m.: U.S. Customs and Border Protection at Peace Arch port of entry intercepted a B.C. driver whose Washington driver’s privilege is suspended for an unpaid ticket. An officer arrested the woman for driving with a suspended license, cited and released her pending her appearance in court.

June 22, 7:10 p.m.: A bus driver called for medical assistance for one of his passengers. An officer heard the call over the scanner and responded to the area to assist fire and rescue. The passenger had declined medical services and wished to re-board the bus to proceed into B.C. The officer and bus driver assisted the woman with her belongings and in getting back onto the bus.

June 22, 1:10 p.m.: CBP at Peace Arch port of entry contacted a B.C. driver whose Washington driving privilege was suspended. The officer arrested the man for driving with a suspended license, cited and released him pending his court date. Case closed.

June 23, 9:32 a.m.: Officers received a call of a bad traffic back up caused by a train blocking the intersection. When officers arrived, traffic was moderate but was moving through the intersection without any problems. Officers cleared without incident.

June 23, 2:23 p.m.:  Officers responded to the Peace Arch in reference to a person in possession of prescription drugs without a prescription. Upon arriving, it was determined that the type of drug and amount present did not rise to the level of state prosecution. The incident was handled by B.C. border patrol inspectors. Officers cleared without incident.

June 23, 4:47 p.m.: A woman called police to report her car having been bumped by another car at an intersection. The offending motorist drove away without stopping after the minor collision. Police gathered information and will be in contact with the hit-and-run motorist. Case under investigation.

June 23, 10:30 p.m.: The owner of a rental apartment reported someone wrote “METH HOUSE” in chalk on the concrete sidewalk leading up to the front door. 

June 24, 10 a.m.: A woman came in to the police department to report that someone stole the flowers she planted in front of her business. Left behind were three perfectly shaped holes. The flowers were valued at approximately $9 each. There are no suspects.

June 24, 1:13 p.m.: Officers received a report of a person who did not appear to be a postal employee opening mailboxes near an apartment complex. The person was contacted and identified as a postal employee. Officers cleared without incident.

June 24, 4:39 p.m.: A concerned motorist reported children, including a toddler, running into the street at the intersection of 12th and H Street. Officers responded, and found three children, including a toddler, in H Street. A nearby concerned citizen helped officers get the children off of the street. Officers contacted the parents and had a long discussion regarding proper supervision of playing children. The parents were warned that the appropriate state agencies would be contacted should this event occur again. Officers cleared without incident.

June 24, 6:05 p.m.: A concerned residence called police dispatch to report a red pickup truck speeding in a residential area. An officer located a similar truck in the area and contacted the owner. The owner admitted to just returning home from work, however didn’t believe he was driving recklessly and stated he would be mindful of his driving in residential areas.

June 24, 10:05 p.m.: A person reported he was being held against his will at a residence. Officers arrived and determined the person was not being held against his will but was suffering from a possible mental breakdown and had assaulted his father and brother. He had become violent, so the father and brother were attempting to restrain him. The 30-year-old Blaine man was ultimately arrested for two counts of domestic violence assault fourth degree and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

June 24, 10:15 p.m.: Blaine police were dispatched to a report of a semi truck and trailer backing southbound in the northbound lane of I-5 after the driver missed his exit. An officer responded and with the assistance of U.S. border patrol the trucker was able to safely get off the freeway. The driver was issued a traffic infraction for unsafe backing.

June 25, 10:10 a.m.: A person called to report that his ex-girlfriend, who had a restraining order against him, was hanging around outside of the courthouse after court in an effort to cause him to violate the order. The girlfriend left the area as soon as police arrived and she was contacted at her home. There was no violation of the order, and no crime occurred. Officers spoke with both parties and then left the area.