Police Reports: July 2 - July 8, 2014

Published on Wed, Jul 9, 2014
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July 2, 9:54 a.m.: A business downtown called to report that a vehicle had been abandoned in their parking lot for three days. An officer investigated and determined that the vehicle had been stolen from its owner in Florida. Miami PD was advised that the car had made it to the other corner of the country, and it was impounded for safekeeping until its owner could arrange to retrieve it. The people who abandoned the car were not located.

July 2, 2:31 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a business on Boblett Street where a patron had produced a counterfeit U.S. $20 bill. An officer interviewed the suspect customer, who claimed they received the bill from a bank in Canada. He impounded the bill and forwarded it to U.S. Secret Service with a report.

July 2, 2:43 p.m.: A motorist parked his vehicle on Clark Street, opened his driver’s door, and was instantly surprised when a passing car crashed into it. No one was injured in the accidental remodel, and arriving officers helped the parties exchange information and completed a state collision report. Both vehicles were driven away from the scene.

July 2, 3:39 p.m.: Police were notified that a collision had just occurred on SR 543 southbound, north of H Street. An officer responded and found that a semi truck had attempted to change lanes into the left turn lane, and collided with another vehicle, which was using the turn lane. Both vehicles sustained moderate damage. Police completed a state collision report and both vehicles were driven from the scene.

July 2, 11:45 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a business where a customer was attempting to pay with a counterfeit U.S. $20 bill. An officer contacted the man. He explained he received the bill from his sister and was unaware it was counterfeit. A case report was completed and forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service.

July 3, 8:20 a.m.: A homeowner on H Street called to report that sometime during the night someone came into his yard and turned on his outdoor water faucet. The water ran the rest of the night and was only discovered about 6 a.m. There are no suspects in the vandalism and no similar reports were received from neighbors.

July 3, 8:44 a.m.: A resident contacted the Harbormaster’s office to report that someone had pointed a laser at him late on the previous evening while he was working on his boat near the marina. A police officer was dispatched to interview the victim and then contact a possible suspect who was staying aboard a boat moored at the marina. The vessel’s resident denied owning or pointing a laser at anyone. Pointing a laser device at a person with intent to frighten is a criminal offense.

July 3, 9:52 a.m.: A person called police to report a collision that had occurred along Semiahmoo Parkway about 90 minutes earlier. The other driver had left the scene without stopping. The victim had not been able to get a license plate number or make and model of the silver or gray full size SUV suspect vehicle. Fortunately, the damage to the victim’s vehicle was minimal.

July 3, 10:21 a.m.: An officer was dispatched to a business on Boblett Street for a report of a customer there presenting a counterfeit $20 bill. The patron stated he did not know the bill was fake. It was impounded and forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service.

July 3, 10:49 a.m.: A business called to have a transient trespassed from their property. The person had left prior to law enforcement arrival, but he was located near Peace Arch Park and contacted by police. He was advised to not to loiter around stores unless he was conducting business and specifically warned to stay away from the two firms that had complained about him already that morning. He agreed to comply and explained he was headed to Canada to seek asylum.

July 3, 5 p.m.: Police were notified of a hazardous pothole in the roadway approaching the Marine Drive pier. Officers notified Public Works street department of the problem, and the Port of Bellingham placed a temporary blockade over the hole.

July 3, 9:28 p.m.: Police and border patrol agents where advised that a suspect wanted by the sheriff’s office for a felony crime was possibly in the Blaine area. A USBP agent spotted the suspect in the 200 block of H Street and notified Blaine officers, who responded and arrested the man without incident. The 52-year-old Whatcom County resident was booked into jail for multiple felony order violations.

July 4, 12:33 a.m.: Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office deputies requested assistance from Blaine police with handling a possible domestic violence malicious mischief incident just outside the city limits. Officers responded to assist with controlling the suspects and cleared when their help was no longer needed.

July 4, 3:48 a.m.: A Blaine officer assisted a sheriff’s office deputy with a verbal domestic at a residence east of Blaine where a highly intoxicated adult was arguing with her parents. The deputy and officer determined that no crime had occurred and separated the parties for the time being.

July 4, 10 a.m.: A good Samaritan found a wallet downtown during the Independence Day celebration and turned it over to an public safety team member who was directing traffic nearby. The wallet was brought to the police department for safekeeping 

July 4, 1:07 p.m.: A parade watcher who lost her keys during the parade contacted police. Another parade watcher had already found the key ring and had turned it in to an officer. The owner of the keys was very thankful.

July 4, 3:01 p.m.: An officer received a call from a man who reported that he had been parked on Cherry Street while watching the July 4 parade, and when he left he was passing other parked cars and thought he may have hit something. He was not sure what it was or if he actually did strike anything, but he did see a piece of plastic on the road and thought he should report his suspicions. A report was made in case it was needed later.

July 4, 4:05 p.m.: An officer patrolling a city street saw a car fail to yield right of way to another car, nearly causing a collision. The offending vehicle then failed to stop for a stop sign at another intersection. The officer stopped the car and discovered that both the unlicensed driver and her passenger were only 14 years old. They had taken the car for a joy ride without the permission of its owner, the passenger’s mom. The driver was arrested for driving without a license or other ID and released to her parents. An adult relative responded to collect the car and the passenger. A case report was forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor’s office for the license and infraction violations.

July 4, 2 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a possible animal cruelty when an anonymous caller reported seeing a person shooting fireworks at a dog on Alder Street. Officers checked the area and could not locate either a dog or anyone shooting fireworks in the area.

July 4, 4:30 p.m.: An unidentified woman contacted an officer and turned in a set of eyeglasses in a case along with some U.S. currency. The items are being held in impound in hopes the owner will claim them.

July 4, 5:50 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a report of a verbal altercation over a stray firework set off in a residential neighborhood. Words were exchanged, however the parties had separated before police arrived. Officers asked both parties to contact police in the future to settle their disputes.

July 4, 7:20 p.m.: A woman called dispatch to report that she lost a family heirloom during the July 4 events. She believes it went missing when she was walking in Blaine to watch the parade. The officer assisted in looking for the necklace, but it was not found. 

July 4, 10:01 p.m.: Blaine police were dispatched to a possible domestic dispute taking place in a moving vehicle in the 1000 block of H Street. The complainant stated the vehicle was last seen getting on the freeway southbound, possibly headed to Bellingham. Officers advised Bellingham police, state patrol and other local units to watch for the vehicle. The vehicle was not located, but the victim was later contacted at her parents’ home in Blaine. A voluntary statement was taken along with photographs. Probable cause was established for the arrest of the woman’s boyfriend for unlawful imprisonment and domestic violence assault 4. The 33-year-old Bellingham resident suspect was found and arrested later in the weekend by Bellingham police. He had an outstanding warrant for an unrelated crime in addition to the current offense committed in Blaine.

July 5, 7:50 p.m.: A motorist reported seeing a male driver turn around and slap his son multiple times. An officer contacted the witness and determined that the crime occurred in Canada, north of the Peace Arch monument. The witness and suspect vehicle information were relayed to Surrey RCMP.

July 6, 7:55 p.m.: Blaine police contacted a group of B.C. visitors discharging fireworks within city limits. The officer advised the group that fireworks were not allowed within the city limits of Blaine after July 5. The apologetic group opted to surrender their remaining fireworks as they were heading across the border and couldn’t take them into B.C.

July 6, 9:10 p.m.: A Blaine resident called police dispatch to report fireworks being discharged in her neighborhood. The officer patrolled the area and was unable to locate the offender. Case closed.

July 6, 9:10 p.m.: A Blaine resident called police dispatch to report the discharge of fireworks in her neighborhood. With the assistance of juveniles playing outside, the officer located the offending party at his residence. He was provided a copy of the municipal code regarding the authorized dates and times.

July 8, 3:40 p.m.: A purse was turned into Blaine police after a border patrol agent found it in a. An officer was able to contact the owner via telephone and notify her. She was surprised and grateful to learn her missing property had been recovered. The purse was placed into safekeeping until the owner is able to return to Blaine.