Police Reports: July 31 - August 5, 2014

Published on Wed, Aug 6, 2014
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July 31, 9:18 a.m.: Police were dispatched to a residence on Bayview Avenue for a reported theft of flowerpots in progress there. Officers arrived and determined there was no theft occurring, but rather a dispute between neighbors about the rules and regulations of where the flowerpots should be placed. Both parties were advised that they would need to settle the dispute through civil process.

July 31, 11:36 a.m.: Police assisted state department of corrections officers by detaining an individual after the DOC agents advised that the man was possibly a danger to the relative with whom he was staying in Blaine. Officers went to the residence on H Street, contacted the man and took him into custody and brought him to the police department to await the arrival of DOC agents. He was turned over to their custody without incident.

July 31, 12:01 p.m.: Police received information that an extensive amount of debris was strewn on a piece of undeveloped property in the city. An officer investigated the littering complaint on Bell Road and found that someone had ripped the shell of an old travel trailer and dumped it on the property. The trailer frame beneath it had been removed. The officer was able to track the debris back to its owner and charges are being pursued against him. Meanwhile the owner of the undeveloped land was contacted and advised that a cleanup was needed.

July 31, 3:32 p.m.: Police were called to a residence where a person was possibly trespassing without the owner’s permission and possibly wanted on a warrant. Both tidbits turned out to be true. The 33-year-old Blaine resident was located, removed from the property, arrested on a district court warrant and booked into jail without incident.

July 31, 9:49 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a store parking lot for a fender bender between two customer vehicles. An officer responded and assisted the drivers with exchanging information. The damage to the vehicles was very minor and not reportable. Vehicle 1 had been backing when it struck the front driver-side bumper of vehicle 2.

August 1, 12:30 a.m.: A woman called police for help when the suspect in a previously unreported theft from her vehicle at her place of work returned to the scene of the crime. This time the suspect drove away when confronted by the employees, but they gave dispatchers a good description and officers quickly caught up to his vehicle on H Street near the school. The man denied the theft even though the business’ security camera’s footage had captured the crime as it occurred. Written statements and a theft report were completed and the 38-year-old Bellingham man was arrested on charges of theft and driving violations.

August 1, 5:27 a.m.: An off-duty law enforcement officer reported to state patrol that a white Honda Civic was speeding northbound on I-5 at over 100 mph. A Blaine officer was near I-5 and monitored the watch-for broadcast. He was in position a couple of minutes later when a northbound white Honda Civic entered his radar at almost 40 mph over the posted speed limit. The embarrassed and apologetic driver explained he was rushing to get to work on time. His commute was delayed by the time it took him to receive a sizeable citation.

August 1, 4:25 p.m.: A citizen found a wallet with $120 and other personal documents and turned it in to the police department. Attempts to contact the owner of the wallet were unsuccessful, and officers will keep trying. The wallet and contents was booked into evidence for safekeeping and the happy owner retrieved it the following day.

August 1, 8 p.m.: Police were dispatched to the Peace Arch port of entry for a violation of a protection order. Dispatch checked with the out-of-area police department where the order originated. The order stated that both parties could be together as long as both agreed to each other’s company. An officer checked on the welfare of everyone involved, and all were happy to be together so they were wished well in their travels.

August 2, 3:30 a.m.: An officer on patrol observed a car that appeared to have been abandoned on a side street in a residential neighborhood. A closer look confirmed his initial impression. He placed a warning notice on the auto and tried to contact the last registered owner. The vehicle will be impounded if it is not removed.

August 2, 8:30 a.m.: A public works reclamation plant manager called police for assistance when he found two vehicles parked in water treatment plant parking area which is clearly marked as a “No Parking” area for everything except city vehicles. An officer responded, confirmed the signs were large and in place, and issued parking tickets to the offending vehicles.

August 2, 2 p.m.: While an officer was investigating another complaint on Marine Drive, a disabled man in a wheel chair flagged him down to report that he had been unable to park in a designated disabled parking stall because another vehicle had parked in the access area and blocked it. The officer located the vehicle, confirmed that it did not have a disabled parking placard and issued a citation it its owner for the parking violation.

August 2, 8:33 p.m.: A person called the Whatcom County Crisis Line and expressed a desire to commit suicide after having ingested several types of medication. Police were called and officers arrived at the residence to discover that find the victim was conscious and asking for assistance. Officers gave the victim a ride to the hospital to pursue a voluntary mental health evaluation. 

August 3, 12:09 a.m.: Officers patrolling Semiahmoo Parkway checked the county park and found a group of minors there after it had closed. Police contacted the youths and found that a couple of them had shared a bottle of alcohol at some point. They were processed for release to their parents who were called to the scene to collect their children.

August 3, 1 a.m.: A concerned resident called police dispatch to report seeing an intoxicated man sleeping in the grass along Peace Portal Drive. An officer responded to the area and found the man staggering down the side of the road. The officer and assisting border patrol agents determined that the man had meandered illegally into the U.S. from Canada. The federal agents poured him into custody for return to his homeland.

August 3, 6:59 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a report that a person walking on Peace Portal Drive was a convicted felon illegally in possession of a concealed weapon. Police contacted and interviewed the gentleman, who politely explained that he was not a felon and was legally and safely carrying his concealed weapon. His information was checked and he was thanked for his time and inconvenience then left to his downtown stroll.

August 3, 6:50 p.m.: Police were called by a parent who explained that their child was on juvenile court probation but had not returned home as required by the court order. Officers arrived, documented the incident and forwarded a report to the juvenile courts for review of the probation violation.

August 3, 11:55 p.m.: A concerned wife called police for help when her intoxicated husband wandered away from home on a walkabout then called her say that he had fallen and could not get up. An officer talked with the inebriate by phone, and the man directed police to him by shouting and flashing SOS using the light on his cell phone. He was perched on an embankment between the railroad tracks and Peace Portal Drive so officers cleared a path through the blackberries to the man helped him to his feet. He was released to his wife for safekeeping.

August 5, 1:33 p.m.: A Blaine officer was assisting a sheriff’s deputy at a residence in Blaine when the officer encountered property he could immediately tell had been stolen in a recent burglary. The resident arrived at a wrong moment and was arrested for stolen property possession. An investigation continues.

August 5, 4:45 p.m.: A resident called to express concern about a traffic safety problem. She advised that she has observed that an increasing number of cars are using the bicycle lanes on H Street between SR 543 and 6th Street as passing lanes. The information was posted to all patrol officers, and public works was notified for their information and roadway striping maintenance planning.