Sports -- May 13, 2004

Published on Thu, May 13, 2004
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by Jack Kintner

Trojans over Borderites, 42-20

Reality descended with a vengeance at Blaine Stadium last week as the Borderites fell to the Meridian Trojans 42-20, getting a graphic lesson in what happens when you lose even a little focus against the defending state champions, especially when led by an all-state quarterback. Make mistakes and they’ll score, early and often.

The good part is that the Borderites regained their composure over half time and came back to score twice on the bigger Meridian defense while shutting down their offense.

In Blaine’s first half play the ball might as well have been covered with Crisco. The fertilizer hit the blades in the second quarter, when five Blaine turnovers led to five Meridian touchdowns in just minutes. Blaine dejectedly headed for the locker room behind 42-8 at the half.

Whatever head coach Dave Fakkema and his staff said, the lesson was learned as the boys came back out a new team ready to play hard after the break, scoring twice while shutting out Meridian’s vaunted offense. They played as well in the second half as they ever have, Doug Goldsby shaking off two tacklers and scoring the first touchdown on a very nice 37-yard open-field run and Joey Paciorek getting the second on a nice bit of deception.

Late in the fourth quarter Goldsby threw twice to Paciorek on successive plays. On the first attempt Paciorek was quadruple-teamed and unable to hold off the four defenders converging on him and still make the catch, but came back to launch himself like Jerry Rice on the second attempt and caught the ball for the score right in front of the lone defender’s face. The other three defenders were nowhere to be seen.
Two halves last Friday, two teams, two mindsets. The direction is most encouraging.

Lyncs, 2, Blaine 1

Blaine played a hustling Lynden Christian at the Pipe Tuesday, losing to the well-coached Lyncs for the second time this month 1-2. Worse, they may have lost more than just the game, depending upon how x-rays of Andrea Harmening’s right ankle turned out yesterday.

“I was going for a ball in their corner, close to our bench, and went to knock the ball away with my right foot so my weight was kind of in mid-air,” Harmening said, “and a girl came in for the ball but couldn’t stop and knocked me out.” She added that she was sure it was not intentional. “This kind of stuff happens, but I’ll be OK,” she said.

Harmening scored the lone Blaine goal 15 minutes after getting into the game in the second half, streaking up the left side as Katie Jordan lofted a high arcing shot over the heads of the Lyncs defenders. “They don’t man mark so I got behind them,” Harmening said, “and took a shot and it crossed over into the right hand corner of the goal.”

Blaine head coach Dan Steelquist said, “Before she got put out of the game with that injury Andrea had really turned it on. She has the capability of making things happen.”

Blaine is now 2-3 in league play and 3-5 overall with a road loss to Lakewood last Saturday.

Blaine next plays at Nooksack tonight and stays on the road next Tuesday, playing Mt. Baker at Kendall Elementary. One week from today they return home to face a Meridian squad that was unbeaten and unscored upon until Blaine humbled them 4-1 at their home field earlier this month.