Blaine High School loses second basketball coach in two months

Published on Wed, May 9, 2012 by Jeremy Schwartz

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Just a few weeks after the Blaine girls’ high school basketball coach resigned, the boys’ coach announced he also was stepping down.

Blaine athletic director Wayne Vezzetti said boys’ basketball head coach Dougal Thomas decided to resign because he couldn’t devote as much time as he wanted to the team. Thomas, who owns Bellingham-based West Mechanical, was having a difficult time managing his business, spending time with his family and giving enough attention to the boys’ basketball team.
“It was a really hard decision for him,” Vezzetti said.

Such is the plight of Blaine’s off-campus coaches.

Roughly half of Blaine’s coaches also hold teaching positions at one of Blaine’s schools, but the other half maintain jobs outside of the school while devoting evenings and weekends to coaching duties, Vezzetti explained. These off-campus coaches often find it challenging to maintain enough contact with their athletes, especially since they’re not able to see them every day at school.

“We have quite a few off-campus coaches, and every single one of them will say it’s a tough job,” Vezzetti said.

Both Thomas and former girls’ basketball coach Jeremy Hinchey were off-campus coaches. Vezzetti said finding coaches the caliber of Thomas and Hinchey will be a challenge.

“I was hoping they would coach my kids some day,” Vezzetti said. “They’re really going to be missed.”

Vezzetti said he’ll spend the next week or so reviewing coaching position applications and plans to start interviews by May 18. The coaching positions pay between $5,000 and $6,000 per season with the exact salary dependent upon coaching experience.