County Council to vote on Harbor Shores sewer agreement

Published on Tue, Jul 12, 2011 by Jeremy Schwartz

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The Whatcom County Council will hold a public hearing and vote tonight, July 12, on whether to grant a franchise to the Harbor Shores Sewer Corporation for eventual installation of sewer lines for the Harbor Shores development off of Blaine Road. The franchise will give the sewer corporation the right to access county rights-of-way for installation and maintenance of sewer lines for 25 years.

According to the agenda bill, the developers of Harbor Shores want to start a sewer line under Hall Road, which runs east/west, 300 feet east of Blaine Road and run it into the Harbor Shores development, which is just across Blaine Road. Since the county owns Blaine Road, the developers need permission to do so. The developers would still have to get the proper permits from the county to actually start construction of the sewer lines.

This county action fits hand-in-hand with a Harbor Shores development agreement the county approved earlier this month. From my story on that county decision:

"On June 21, county council unanimously approved a development agreement between the county and Harbor Shores LLC that will allow wetlands mitigation for the Harbor Shores development to take place in an area across Blaine Road rather than in the development itself. Harbor Shores is located at the intersection of Blaine and Hall roads just south of Dakota Creek.

The agreement details what wetlands mitigation is necessary if more homes are to be built, said Skip Jansen, president of Harbor Shores LLC. The company will now be able to construct wetlands in a large area of land – the plot across Blaine Road – instead of potential landowners having to add wetlands to smaller areas within the development.

The mitigation work planned for the area across from Harbor Shores is slated to start this fall and finish next spring."

Tonight's county council meeting will start at 7 in the county council chambers in Bellingham. The Harbor Shores vote is the first item on the agenda.


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