City of Blaine will vote to receive donated electric car charging stand

Published on Fri, Jul 22, 2011 by Jeremy Schwartz

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Bob McFarland, the owner of a Tesla electric roadster, has offered to donate electric vehicle charging equipment to the City of Blaine, and the city council will vote on whether to accept it at its meeting on July 25.The equipment would be set up near the G Street plaza at the intersection of G Street and Peace Portal Drive. Blaine public works staff would spend about $2,000 in time and materials installing it.

According to the proposed resolution, the city would become fully responsible for the operation of the charging station, but city staff have not yet decided how the operation of the station would be funded. Staff will present three options to the council: (1) the station could be set up to automatically calculate how much electricity someone has used, which is the most expensive option; (2) people would be put on the honor system and asked to truthfully pay for how much charge they used; or (3) the city or Blaine Tourism Advisory Committee could foot the bill.

This move fits in with the city council's decision in June to allow electric vehicle charging stations within non-residential-zoned areas. Blaine planning director Michael Jones said Washington state requires all municipalities along I-5 corridor to allow for electrical vehicle charging and battery exchange stations within their jurisdictions, and that Blaine was one of the first small cities to revise its code in compliance.  

Click here to see the full article about the council's June decision.

Sidenote: I've seen that Tesla zooming up and down I-5 multiple times and have always been a little envious. It's good to know the driver is probably a cool guy.


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