County auditor data: Ericksen, Larson leading in Blaine, Birch Bay areas

Published on Thu, Nov 10, 2011 by Jeremy Schwartz

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Jack Louws and outgoing Whatcom County Executive Pete Kremen may be leading in their respective positions countywide, but both candidates would have been defeated if the election was limited to Blaine and Birch Bay.

Voting precinct data from the Whatcom County Auditor’s Office show state senator Doug Ericksen and county council member Tony Larson led by at least  7 percentage points within the Blaine city limits and the four voting precincts that comprise Birch Bay. Ericksen captured 53.8 percent of the vote in these areas to Louws’ 46.2 while Larson pulled down 56.9 percent to Kremen’s 43.1 percent.

Click here to see a collection of PDF maps showing the voting precincts in the Blaine and Birch Bay areas. Birch Bay proper is made up of precincts 102, 103,104 and 109 while the Blaine city limits comprise precincts 301-303. Here's a breakdown in table form for Ericksen v. Louws:

 Precinct Percentage
 Doug Ericksen
Jack Louws
Total  53.8  46.2
102  50.2  49.8
103  58.4  41.6
104  54.8  45.2
109  55.5  44.5
301  56.7  43.3
302  51.8  48.2
 303  51.6  48.4

Here's a table for Kremen v. Larson:


 Precinct Percentage
Tony Larson
Pete Kremen
 Total 56.9
 102  58.1  41.9
 103  54.5  45.5
 104  60.6  39.4
 109  59.4  40.6
 301  51.8  48.2
 302  47.5  52.5
 303  60.3  39.7

The most current countywide voting totals show Kremen leading Larson with 51.7 percent of the vote to Larson’s 48.4. Ericksen conceded the county executive race to Louws yesterday afternoon after garnering only 46 percent of the vote to Louws’ 54 percent.

I’m still working on crunching the numbers for the county council races pitting Sam Crawford against Christina Maginnis and Barbara Brenner against Blaine City Council member Alan Black. Look for a full story with the most updated numbers in next week’s issue of The Northern Light.



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