Letters to The Editor: April 14-20, 2022


The Editor:

Six hundred and twenty-one. That’s the number of jobs lost by the closing of Intalco. When the aluminum smelting plant shut its doors in 2020, amidst the pandemic, it caused devastation. Hundreds of well paying jobs disappeared and our local economy suffered. I, like many others, worried about the long-term impact of its closure. Accordingly, I am glad to hear that the plant may begin operating again, thanks largely to efforts by our new state senator Simon Sefzik.

Blue Wolf Capital Partners is currently negotiating the purchase of the plant. Sefzik worked to secure $10 million to improve the facility’s efficiency and make it more environmentally sustainable. These upgrades make the Intalco greener and add incentive to the purchase.

If the recent hostilities with Russia have taught us one thing, it is that now, more than ever, economic, energy and industrial independence is paramount. The reopened plant will bring us one step closer to this goal, be one of the greenest smelters in the world, and create hundreds of well-paying jobs (each which will support another estimated 2.5 local jobs).

Mr. Sefzik has been advocating policy through debate, and I am glad he’s advocating for us.

Daniel Johner


The Editor:

The Alaska Packer Museum in Semiahmoo Park opened for weekend business at New Years. In previous years, we have opened for the summer season on Memorial Day weekend. This year we discovered that people enjoy the museum in winter! It is a cozy place to visit on a blustery day and even better on a nice day. We need two more volunteers to meet and greet our


If you are interested in local history and Blaine’s connections to Bristol Bay, we’d like to meet you. Retirees looking for something to do are encouraged to apply. Training is provided. Come by Friday, Saturday or Sunday, 1-5 p.m. Bill, Brian or Sunny will tell you all about it, or call 360/920-7420.

Sunny Brown

Birch Bay


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