Letters to the Editor: December 18 - 30, 2014


The Editor:

To all who have returned a peace sign, smile or wave, my heart is warmer for you having crossed my path. For the past seven years, part of my job was getting our students safely across our streets.

Some days were tougher than others, but through it all, there has been one constant: the students. Each morning and afternoon the friendly faces that greet me lift me up. I need each of you to understand what you have done for me. Through some hard times your kindness and respect have kept me going.

My example I will share is the death of my sister, Colleen. On November 12 she passed away. After having said goodbye I had to decide what to do – stay home or work. My first thought was of the students I cross. That day I really needed them. As the peace signs flew, a ray of sunshine emerged and I knew all was good.

I feel safe knowing my future rests in your capable hands and hearts. Thank you for filling my life with love.

Steve Bedow



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