Letters to the Editor: December 4 - 10, 2014


The Editor:

With all of the environmental concerns in Whatcom County, I have to mention the wintering Anna’s hummingbird. I moved from eastern Washington to Blaine, and what a difference there is in climate and bird species.

We left our hummingbird feeders out, and to our surprise we have hummingbirds still here in November. I sent off an inquiry to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, asking why these tropical birds remain in the Blaine area with winter coming on. The response I received was very surprising – apparently some people report seeing them at feeders daily.

I have questions for Blaine area residents. Is anyone else feeding Anna’s hummingbirds during winter? If so, how many are visiting your feeder? We have at least five here on Sweet Road, and all appear to be males.

I planted hardy kiwi vines in large pots. It’s really cool to watch the birds feed and then land on the vines to rest. Their head and necks are brilliant red with very dark green backs – they are very beautiful birds.

Are others interested in feeding the Anna’s hummingbirds to see how many remain here in the area? What about other hummingbirds? The temperature is now dropping into the teens; does anyone have suggestions to keep feeders from freezing? My plan is to bring my feeders in at night, put them back out until they freeze then bring them in again.

From what I’ve learned, Anna’s hummingbirds are quite rare. For us it’s a real treat to see these magnificent and brightly colored birds surviving in a cooler climate year-round. I consider the Anna’s the Blaine Christmas bird.

Charles Smith


The Editor:

The 2014 CAP Thanksgiving Basket project provided turkeys and fixings, pies and milk for Thanksgiving dinner to a record-setting 338 families in Blaine, Birch Bay and Custer.

Through the commitment of hard-working volunteers and the generosity of this community, 2,039 people (1,199 adults and 840 children) enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner. This is a 10 percent increase over the number served in 2013.

We are grateful to the many individuals and businesses that provided generous financial support and product donations to ensure the success of this annual tradition.

We are especially grateful to the Northwest Dairy Association for Darigold butter; to Edaleen’s Dairy for milk; and to Bedlington Potato Warehouse for potatoes. We deeply appreciate your heart-felt generosity.

To the firefighters of North Whatcom Fire and Rescue, for hanging the banner; transporting turkeys, milk and butter, ensuring that everything arrived on schedule, and literally putting the muscle into the program, we extend our sincere thanks for your extraordinary support.

To all the volunteer team members who took reservations, returned calls, bagged onions, yams, and potatoes, set up the baskets, managed the distribution, served coffee and ensured the success of the program, we are greatly indebted.

Thank you one and all.

Jerry Williams, 

executive director

Blaine Community 

Assistance Program

The Editor:

The Blaine Food Bank volunteers want to thank everyone who has donated toward our matching grant this winter. We have reached about half our goal and still working hard toward the December 20 deadline.

We are serving more hungry families every month and appreciate any and all food and money donations. One hundred percent of the donations are used for food and maintenance of building and trucks.

Our address is P.O. Box 472, Blaine, 98231. Thank you!

Jerry Bladies

Blaine Food Bank

The Editor:

Last week’s “Photo of the Week” was great. It showed the energy and enthusiasm that Blaine’s volunteers have for projects that have measurable results. But I want to mention that this wouldn’t have happened if a grant from the Blaine-Birch Bay Recreation District 2 had not been given to the city of Blaine. This is a good example of the synergy that can happen when citizen volunteers, levy funded programs, and city government work together.

Janet Pickard


The Editor:

It’s Toys for Tots time again. On Sunday, December 7 from 2 to 4 p.m., Santa will be at the party at the Lakeway Best Western in Bellingham. He will accept letters to Santa and refreshments will be served. We are not giving away toys that day, but we are accepting new, unwrapped toys and cash donations.

The following organizations are collecting donations in the Blaine area: Border Patrol Blaine, Border Patrol sector headquarters, Capstone Physical Therapy, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Rite-Aid, Woods Coffee in Custer, Tony’s Tavern and the Sandcastle Resort in Birch Bay.

Please help a needy child have a nicer Christmas. Drop off donations! Thanks from the kids and the Marines.

Jerry Mullan

Toys for Tots



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