Letters to The Editor: February 10-16, 2022


The Editor:

According to CBC reporting, 90 percent of Canadian truck drivers are Covid-19 vaccinated. Therefore the recent anti-vaxx’er support rally was weirdly misinformed. A super-spreader event for malcontents. 

Why maximize publicity of such a display of ignorance and irresponsibility? A death count of over 34,000 people in Canada and 900,000 in the U.S. should be considered significant. Give the protesting truckers what they deserve: Unemployment? We should be sanely celebrating the vast majority, 90 percent, of the responsible Canadian truckers who value their health, their family, friends and those they meet daily.

Don Starr


The Editor:

The last few months you have carried a number of articles, letters and ads, not to mention charts from the Whatcom County health department, dealing with climate change, green jazz and the “safety and efficiency” of these so-called vaccines. All presented without questions or pretense of objective reporting. 

The opinion page is, after all, opinion, which serves as a catalyst to promote healthy dialogue and the advancement of differing viewpoints. But certainly you know others in the community who could articulate in a cogent and logical manner questions and counterpoints needful in any intelligent discussion over issues that affect – that negatively affect – all of us? Remember when cheap plastic bags were going to save the trees? How well did that work out?

A one-sided narrative does not serve us well.

At the end of the Vietnam War we went to an all-volunteer military. There was an ad on the radio for the National Guard, presented as a conversation between the advocate and the doubter. At the end of the ad – the very end – the doubter says, “You know Charlie, that’s food for thought.” Immediately the DJ chimes in, “Ya, but you gotta be careful what you swallow!”

You know, Editor, I kinda think we’d all be better off if more people would take that DJ’s advice. But then, truth seems to be an unpalatable and indigestible component in our modern diet.

Mark Aaron Aamot



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