Letters to the Editor: February 3, 2015

The Editor:
I am writing this letter to highly endorse the February 2015 Blaine replacement bond proposal, which will address the facility needs in the Blaine elementary, primary, and high schools.
Wayne Vezzetti was most kind to give Pat Murphy and myself a tour of the high school area and we were most impressed with the new science center, a very welcome addition.
I was the vice principal of the present Blaine High School in 1970 when the doors were first open. The goal of the building at that time was to teach responsibility, thus the 43 doors and numerous locker halls all facing out. Students could basically leave if they so desired,
with public access at every turn. We are now in an era of student safety and having a secure schools and grounds. Three entry ways is a nice reduction.
The 45 year old facility was built for 350 students not the 650 of our present enrollment.
The new Blaine High School plan will further enhance the concept of separation of middle and high school students.
As a community we have an urgent need for school facility improvement.
They say timing is everything, this is our chance with the present bond being retired in 2016. Vote "yes" for our students.
Bill Murphy


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