Letters to The Editor: June 2-8, 2022


The Editor:

How would Blaine react to a mass shooting incident? We should work on issues of angst and community building. Let’s encourage “we” rather than “they and I” thinking. Our country’s founding was colonialism by the English, which we fought to be rid of. But colonialism is part of us now. It’s everywhere in subjugation, and acquisition for profit and fear/hope of control.

Is there a way Blaine can nurture the calm, beautiful community bond that has made our population love this little town and made it feel safe?

We can’t control that while gasoline prices skyrocket, the petroleum industry gains (70 percent or better) because they can charge what consumers allow. Our medical – highest in the world – costs are because of market. TV advertisers sell ads for audience size, not content so millions see what might be considered trash, misinformation or propaganda. We are suffering control over our bodies, minds, safety, and even social media for somebody’s profit. Who benefits by social, party, Wall Street, pharmaceutical, church and social media manipulation? Who benefits when gun production triples in 22 years as noted in the May 17 issue of The Seattle Times?

Make plans to participate in this summer’s farmers market, street fairs and community events. We can keep consumerism local. Let’s work to support and nurture our own community.

Donna Starr


The Editor:

When children and teachers come to school, they are expected to leave their “emotional baggage” at the door and focus. It doesn’t matter that your grandfather just died, or your precious dog just died, or your parents are getting divorced, or you just found out your mom has cancer and has to start chemo. Major, major emotional trauma ... but the message at school is loud and clear: Just ignore your feelings now and buckle down and focus on learning.

And to top it off, so much of what a student is expected to learn is meaningless and trivial and somehow the students already know they will never use it or apply it during their lifetime ... ever. And this takes precedence over the tragedies of their lives? Add to this severe bullying at school, an abusive home life and the crushing weight of academics, and you have a recipe for disaster. Then the biggest tragedy becomes kids committing suicide or killing others in mass shootings at school. School has become a pressure cooker of emotions with no release valve.

I believe our society as a whole is starving for meaning and connection, and so many young people are not finding it at home or in school. What is an education if it doesn’t make you a better person to have compassion for all living beings ... the environment, etc. They say as human beings we are hardwired to protect that which we love.

School needs to focus on teaching to the heart, not just the intellect. Only when what is being taught has true meaning because it speaks to the heart, will children find true meaning in school and their lives.

Cindy Kisska

Birch Bay


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    Thank you, Cindy. Your Uncle Steve and I couldn't agree more!!!

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