Letters to The Editor: June 30-July 6, 2022


The Editor:

I want to let you know that we enjoy the newspaper for local activities, entertainment, and restaurant information, gardening sales, real estate happenings and more.

Plus, living in Blaine after 17 years of living in Ferndale, there is always something new to learn about our community too. I also use the weekly information of events to share in our Homeowners Association Loomis Trail monthly newsletter too.

Thanks for a well-written newspaper and happy to donate again and appreciate seeing this form in the paper to remind me it is worth the read every week.

Kathy and Ryan Barnes


The Editor:

I recently read about state representative Sharon Shewmake telling the four Democrats on Whatcom County Council who they should appoint to the vacant 42nd district Senate position after senator Doug Ericksen passed away. It was particularly interesting to see her involvement because Shewmake already had announced she would run for election to that position this year.

Republicans could nominate three people for the interim position but county council, with a majority of Democrats, would pick one of those three. Most people assumed the Democrats would choose the candidate least likely to defeat Shewmake in this year’s general election.

It was no surprise that Shewmake wanted to run against 22-year-old Simon Sefzik and the Democrats on county council appointed him. He’s an intelligent, well-spoken young man but was the least known of the three nominees and had worked for only a year after graduating from college.

I’m supporting the candidate who Shewmake doesn’t want to face – Ben Elenbaas. Elenbaas was elected to Whatcom County Council in 2019 with 59 percent of the vote. He received more votes for the charter review commission than any other candidate in 2015 and also has served on the county planning commission.

Elenbaas has worked in the Cherry Point industrial area for 20 years. He’s also been a farmer during that time, the fourth generation of his family to farm in the Nooksack River Valley. That experience drives him to seek practical solutions that preserve jobs and protect the environment.

Please join me in voting for Elenbaas for the 42nd district state Senate seat in the August 2 primary election.

Dana Stuth


(Ed note: Whatcom County Council are nonpartisan positions.)


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